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Well... how?
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If you can survive terminal velocity, you're pretty much set.
Because the s5 is stupid durable.
My sister has gone through 6 iPhones and I'm still rocking an undamaged slow ass S5
looks like it landed safely in some bushes

not very impressive

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I usually browse 4chan on my ps4 browser but today it stop working entirely. I can access all my other websites but when I hit any link that goes to 4chan the browser just craps out and won't load it.

Anybody ever had this problem before? Or know how to fix it? it's pissing me off quite a bit.
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Clear cache and navigation data.
You're welcome
woah I found the problem
sony designated 4chan as a hate site

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>order item on amazon
>use prime 2 day shipping
>arriving today by 8:00 pm
>it's literally 7:59 right now
>still out for delivery
>tracking info says it's in another city
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Congrats dude
Now go complain to Amazon and get comped a free month of Prime
>>use prime 2 day shipping
lol cuck
oh holy shit it's 8:13 and it just got here

So /g/, if Coreboot still contains proprietary software, why would I even choose it over my laptop's native BIOS? Startup speed is not an issue with my SSD, or let's say, it doesn't justify the risk of bricking my computer.
Convince me of Coreboot, Libreboot is not available for my system.
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and microsoft literally employs scary brownies and other (((people))), time to just kill myself I guess!
Coreboot itself does not contain proprietary software, in fact, *technically* it's possible to run with open-source firmware. What coreboot is though, is packaged with binary blobs (non-free) which are required to initialize your cpu. The only reason libreboot exists is because some hardware hackers went to the extreme on rewriting that code (basically black-box reverse-engineering cpus which is a feat to say the least) from scratch

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*sighs* All I wanted was an RX 580 or RX Vega 56. It's not going to happens senpai. Been waiting 2 months and the prices just won't go down on the 580. I saw Microcenter just got in a huge shipment of MSI RX 470 8GBs at $270 but that's still a 200 card. It took me a long time to save this money and I refuse to throw it away on artificially inflated prices.

Is the end in sight? Realistically, how much longer am I going to have to wait for prices to come down? My bday is coming up pretty soon...
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I'm just amazed that they are able to make idiots fall for that pump and dump twice.
Take your rant to:

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>PC starts to make noise it's never ever made before
>does it for 5 seconds
>never does it again
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Clean and/or replace your fans.

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Why can't this be integrated into a smartphone? Yeah, I know they suck, but it can't be worse than screen typing. I'd buy one. And if it had a 'touchpad' area I'd be even more happy. Do you think the hardware is too bulky to fit into a smartphone? I think it is mainly batteries in there, but can't be certain.
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No they are WAY worse than screen typing. I asked for one when I was a kid and they first came out. Holy shit, worst birthday present waste ever. Fucking awful.
it's nothing more than a gimmick. If you know that you'll need to type extensively on a desk you'll take a laptop with you. And you mostly use your phone to type on the go, so setting this shit up on a train or somewhere else would be a pain in the ass.
Similar thing with the S-Pen in my phone - I use it once or twice a week to make some writings on a screenshot, nothing more.
I'd imagine it's like using a tablet as a keyboard, which is certainly worse than just using your thumbs on a smartphone.

Please help me out /g/, here's the situation:

1. I have no bootable media, no USB sticks, no CD-R(W)'s, DVD-R(W)'s no nothing.

2. I'm running GNU/Linux and want to install another Linux distro, booting from my harddrive and perform a netinstall.

3. Is this possible at all? Am I embarrassing myself by asking? I googled 'sum and found nothing, no how to's, no wiki entries. If it is possible, please exlain it to me like you would to an idiot, I've never done this before.

TLDR; Can I install a GNU/Linux distro with absolutely nothing but my HDD and an internet connection.
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Of course you can you numptopus.

You can also leave your basement and buy a USB stick for like 20$ instead of making it overly complicated
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Thanks a bunch.

Anybody know what Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is up to these days?
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Fighting to secure the Islamic caliphate.
Ayy brother
Rotting in a 5 star Scandinavian prison.

Hey /g/ whats your opinion on android and android custom roms.

If you have a custom rom which one do you use anon.

Also post a screenshot if you riced your phone
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Also OP here,

I use lineage OS
I wanna say for the most part on budget devices if you can root, debloat, and xposed you will get better performance than most custom roms
Flagshils and high end stufd roms are usually better put together.

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>i5 4460 is clocked lower than an OC'd R3 1200 and ryzen has a slightly higher IPC than Haswell and both CPUs have the same amount of cores and threads
>the i5 4460 still outperforms it in gaming
What is this shit?

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Didn't watch the whole thing but I figure RAM speeds might have something to do with it.
Yeah he's running the RAM at 2400, that is going to gimp Ryzen's gaming performance quite a bit. 3200 is optimal.

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download (2).jpg
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What do you guys think about these as a budget ssd?
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3Gbit first gen 7 year old trash. Expect buggy firmware and shit performance If you want to lose your data so badly why don't you just right click on it and select delete.
These SSDs are actually pretty good.

They just can't push sequentials above 300MB/s as they're SATA 2.
Write endurance is decent on both and they don't seem to dump data on hard resets like old crucials, adata, and kingstons.

Reliable but a little slower.
It is used flash though, don't trust it 100%, RAID 1 or RAIDz1.
You are retarded trash

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Why do normalfag media outlets always run scare articles about public wifi?
MITM can be mitigated if you use HTTPS everywhere. Assuming you're not a retard and you don't blindly accept bad certs.
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They do sensationalist reporting to get the most talk about their stories because it gets them the most money.

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I've been looking into buying a 144hz monitor for myself lately mainly for competitive gaming purposes (and because my current one has shitty ghosting problems).
Any model you guys would recommend? I use Nvidia cards so i guess G-sync monitors are prefered if those do anything worthwhile
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Forgot to add, i'd prefer 1080p resolution and 24 inch minimum
If you suck on a 60hz youre gonna suck at a 144hz too, keep that in mind. And G-synch raises the price quite a bit.

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>disable animations in android
>much fast
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>Install non-carrier bloated firmware
>Phone starts up 5x faster and overall runs smoothly

Why do they do it? They take a perfectly fine firmware, bake in a 10 second loadscreen of their brand logo, install bloated apps you cannot remove without rooting your device? For what purpose? To remind you who owns you? Or so that your colleagues and friends can see who is fucking you?
Because most normies don't care or notice and it makes them money
>buy nonshit phone
>even faster

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