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JUST in: Nvidia probably fucking its customers by loading lower level quality tesselation and other tweaks when graphics in motion (more gaming fps on 1070/10x0). More tests needed! Test it! Test it!
>pick a game
>load high/ultra graphics
>run in said game
>check what surroundings look like (ground especially)
>check again

More in moon language: https://bbs.io-tech.fi/threads/amd-vs-nvidia-kuvanlaatuvertailua.42779/

Leather jacket man y u do dis?
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This was a known issue for Prey aswell. Nvidia cards didn't render shadows correctly or at all in some cases and therefore looked better in benchmarks
>miksi posti ei kulje
Google translate has no chance against this moonspeak

I removed parts of my laptop and am now tryin to apply some thermopaste on laptop's GPU and CPU, problem is, there's some thermopaste stuck under the GPU's covering 'plastic stuff'? Question is: if I remove that stuff, are there similar thingies on the market? Like, on Amazon or shit like that. Nonetheless, is it even safe to remove it?
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nice shit acer
It's shielding
it's captive tape, leave it alone, vitaly.

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Why does Chrome's scrolling becomes so laggy when you have a lot of images on the page? For example if I go on Twitch and start scrolling the page so more livestreams/games are loaded, scrolling starts to feel as if I have 30fps in that tab.
Firefox scrolling is smooth.
Is there a chrome://flags tweak that may fix this issue? I don't really have any other complaints besides this retarded scrolling performance.
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Firefox does not have this problem :^)
Have you checked chrome://gpu ?

I have no issues with that that I couldn't reproduce on firefox (actually, on firefox it's kinda laggy to scroll on sites like youtube on my end)
works on my machine

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Hello /g/

i need your best advices pls
i bought this notebook last year sec handed for the university only...i take it with me sometimes for little tasks only... ( i use my PC mainly ! )

the fans getting too loud sometimes after i work with heavy raw files on photoshop after 40min

my question is :
should i sell this for 800€ and buy a sec handed mac book pro ? a retina 13 inch maybe
so it fits into my camera bag too and i'd carry it more around lol
and can you install cracked softwares on macbooks for example ?
thx in advance
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these are the specs
are the temps normal for a notebook here ?
i also rather use OSX than windows 8 or 10
and since windows 7 won't go well on the newer xps ultrabooks should i really get a macbook ? lol
>open it
>clean it
>save yourself some money

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Finally frontend web development makes sense.
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How is this better than React?

Vue.js can be used on (existing) non-SPA websites as a modern jQuery replacement.
It's not.

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ITT post how much mp3s you got in your music library

files=`find . -type f -not -path "*/iTunes/*" -not -path '*/\.*'`
dc -e "
`grep '.mp3' -c <<< "$files"`
`wc -l <<< "$files"`
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I don't need that command to tell you that I have zero MP3 files in my music library.
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bro just use a fucking gui wtf is that nerd shit lmao
>he has only mp3 in his musics folder
absolutly barbaric

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How do I implement a WebSocket server in Rust?
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You dont
Use golang instead
rust sucks at everything io based especially network related tasks.

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So basicly in a nuclear thermal rocket a working fluid, usually liquid hydrogen, is heated to a high temperature in a nuclear reactor, and then expands through a rocket nozzle to create thrust, wich has realy higth specific impulse compared to chemical rockets used nowadays. So do you think that danger of these rockets could be justified to use them for space travel (if they are reusable, you could get much bigger payloads much cheaper intro earths orbit). but there are always risk that rocket might explode in earth's atmosphere and contaminated area with radioactive material.
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Launched from the Moon the risk scenario is better. Launching 10s of kg of nuclear fuel in a near critical geometry from Earth is not safe.

Use as first stage is insanity. Second stage also dubious. Third stage might be OK.
What's the point? How is it better and cheaper than just building a bigger normal rocket? Remember anon, cost of the fuel is negligible, it's mere 200 000$ for the biggest space X rocket right now, that's nothing.
Adding more fuel adds more weight which means you need to add more fuel, and so on. Eventually you hit the point where building bigger doesn't work as your rocket can't even lift itself up. NTRs work because they are incredibly fuel efficient

i know about nsa backdoors and microsoft datamining even on win 7. but for the average consumer/non-criminal are there measures that one can take to minimise the privacy invasion? or its just completely fucked no matter what you do with it? ive been trying to go linux only but it's just so buggy even for basic shit like installing drivers, keeping a clean set of packages, basic net and office suite apps...
wondering if i should just go back to pirating windows 7 and office and running a strict firewall or something
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Interested on this
install gentoo
Fresh Win7 SP1 install, only download security updates- no optionals, and no roll-ups
Also, you can use Ancile to automatically block known microsoft telemetry domains and uninstall updates that add spyware

I need computer
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you should learn how to use one first. posting thumbnails, seriously nigger?
Than buy one, faggot.

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Tried /adv/ first, but thought I might get more of a response here.

How do I deal with this shit? It's been like this on and off for a few days now.

I'm assuming it's only something my ISP can look into, but how do I even phrase this issue to the random call-center guy I'll get through to?
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Post traceroute
First you might wanna check where does this happens, i.e. get trace to see where you connection start to fall off. It might be cable before your router - in this case it's a simple fix; or it might be something out of your and your isp reach, like transport isp above your isp having this issues.
Anyway, mtr and see.
Try pinging your router. (Ipconfig /all, the gateway) if it is still patchy try using a different cable. Otherwise complain about it to your ISP.

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WWY when VEGA was confirmed for being an absolute turkey.
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is that the 64 or the 56?
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Source and other resolutions



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So, I'm fucking tired of W10 so I started looking for a Distro to install in my hp 840 elite book, so I have to ask you /g/:
Is Solus a good?
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Manjaro. Arch. Fedora.
Ubuntu. Debian. All those are better.
Install OpenBSD
840 Elitebook? Is that one of the new slimbooks that are super overpriced?
I can recommend these
Manjaro KDE
and maybe Fedora if you enjoy having issues.

How can you check what ports are listening in your system?
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friendly linux thread

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