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Applefags will defend this.
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that can't be how it works
no way this is real
Holy shit, please let this be real

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Honestly though, how can a community be THIS scared of getting hacked. Yes it's possible, but it looks like 75% of us are running linux anyway, what are you so afraid of? If youre pirating movies the most you would get IF ANYTHING is a slap on the wrist and your ISP might call you an asshole. If you're emulating old games litterally nothing will happen to you. Tell me what you're honestly so afraid of /g/
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Jews rule the world
Well,I'm paranoid because I recently found the IP for the USAIC in my network logs. When something like this happens, I think it's rational to worry.
The US gubbament might find out I post frog pictures.


>macOS High Sierra 10.13 GM candidate (17A362a) Now Available

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I don't keep up with Applel news and I have a Mac Mini from like 2011 just sitting in a drawer. Tell me what this means and whether or not it's worth installing to try it out, shill.
New filesystem that isn't HFS+, already worth it for a filesystem that isn't way past its age.

Fuck off Suhkdeep.

Hi /g/
I need free antivirus for windoze;
-Must have low memory footprint
-Must be a(i)ds free
-Must have real-time protection
-Must be login-free

Is such a thing even exist?

pic semi retarded
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Microsoft Security Essentials.

Just use Windows Defender, or MSE if you're < windows 8. Those are the best options really
Pretty much this. Or you could switch to Linux. Those are your best options.

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>run linux for the first time on live USB
>monitor goes off right after boot screen
i guess they weren't wrong when they said that half the time you are using linux, you're fighting the OS to get it working.
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maybe your pc isnt compatible? rly makes u think..
headslinux is supposed to be compatible with all machines, plus many people are having similar problems, just google "monitor shuts down at linux boot"
Are you using a recent Nvidia GPU? If so, you'll need to disable Nouveau hwaccel with a kernel parameter because somebody decided that whitelisting compatible cards was a bad idea

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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated - blame /csg/)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

LG V30 review

Rumored Snapdragon 635 to use Kryo cores on a 14nm process

Google Pixel 2 XL pops up on FCC, LG will be making it

LG V30 initial review: The no BS flagship

Pixel 2 XL rumoured to be even larger than Pixel XL

Huawei Mate 10 to come in three variants

Nokia 9 shows up on GFXBench running Android Oreo

A11 Benchmarks

old >>62420811
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Use this image for the next thread.
Did Apple really remove the online icloud status checker?

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Hello /g/, I don't lurk here too much, but now I could use someones help in my PC build.
>I need to build PC for my parents.
Their PC is old and slow, it was bought some 5 years ago with label "Gaming PC" - It was trash back then, and it's trash now. So I need to put something together to make their web surfing and youtube experience faster and better.
Ideally I would want something that boots fast, runs basic shit like Microsoft Office and Internet browser with no issues. Be able to play movies in Full HD.
In general, I want something that runs as fast as my PC, except gaming. My junk:
>RX480 8GB
>16GB DDR4
>500GB SSD
>I5 6600K
>Z170-P board
>32 inch monitor
So looking around on amazon I came up with something like this:
>GTX 1050
>16GB ram
>500GB SSD
>I5 6500
>any skylake motherboard
>32 inch monitor
Is it good? Will it be fast enough for day to day activities like youtube? As well, maybe there are better/cheaper AMD builds?
All comments welcome.
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just wait for Raven Ridge to come out
ill bite, its extreme fucking overkill mate. like killing an ant with a flamethrower.
go here >>62424448 idiot


>Phone review has a female in it
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The fuck is wrong with pajeets

Those are paid anon, you can just tell by the look of it.. Reminds me ofan episode from Slicon Valley
It's mutlipart:

>average mental development of a 12 year old (this is the country that worships Microsoft)
>most of their women are ass-ugly, so a normal white girl is a goddess to them
>garbage-tier culture surrounding the interaction of men and women in India/Pakistan
>they've been lead to believe that western women are all ultra-sluts ready to fuck anything, anytime

So you have Pajeet, who has never really been allowed to interact with any of his country's ugly-ass women, presented with an average white girl (over the internet), who he's been told is probably a mega slut. In his mind, he just needs to tell her she's sexy and casually ask for some nudes.

It's a wonder that country hasn't devolved into civil war yet.

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Has anyone ever read or seen anything that would reveal what OS the NSA runs?

im super curious.

Someone said maybe openbsd. But ive also heard things about openbsd having backdoors. Which would make sense because it only has on developer. And its run on routers, etc. So it would make an easy target for backdooring.
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If I've done nothing wrong then why are you spying on me? Creepy stalking fuckers.
temple os. it's the only secure OS because it lacks support for networking.
There's no spying if the one spying on you is yourself, right?

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Is there a reason why the wiki is down? Was I the only person who used it?
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Is that even actively maintained anymore?
Last time I checked it it was extremely outdated already.
>try searching via google in the meantime
There were some nice links at least.

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Is it me or is everything on Github now?

Every piece of software, every script, eveything. It's taking over. How come?
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Millennials are too retarded to know how to host their own git repositories.
Hint, if your question can be rephrased as "Why does everybody use <massively popular service>?" the answer is pretty much invariably "because there's not enough wrong with it to make people use alternatives."
because that's where all the developers are. also everyone is already familiar with the interface. it just werks

Is there a single thing in this world that's more comfy than installing slackware?
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Unironically, installing windows 10.
Installing Server 2012
I really can't, it's very simple and won't break on you

Why do poorfags so often have Applel products?
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Apple is for poorfags that want to spend a high amount of money on something but can't spend an actually impressive amount so they save up for a little while and buy something slightly pricey. Apple stuff is basically bulky poorfag jewelry.
Because they think its a sign of wealth, obviously. Just like poorfags so often have $200+ Air Jordans. Just like poorfags so often lease a Mercedes Benz, but will get the CLA 250 (their budget $30k car), because that's all they can afford. Just like poorfags purchase knockoff rolex's, despite the fact that any idiot can tell that they are knockoffs just by the movement of the second-hand.

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this guy right here has the best screen to body ratio of the market


>Apple iPhone X 81.49%
>LG V30 83.24%
>Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 82.63%
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Faggle btfo
/g/ doesn't believe in proof.
chink btfo
fags btfo

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>Want to watch full screen video on my iPhone X
>Top bezel ruins the video
>Software video scaling fucks up the aspect ratio or doesn't allow you to use true full screen

How did Apple FUCK this up so badly?
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I would never even consider purchasing an iPhone, but this meme has got to stop.

They didn't fuck up, lmao. They increased their screen size and there's a small cutout. It's not a big deal famalam. Quit shitting the board up.
probably due to diversity hires
Who let Tyrone into there? he's about to steal that phone.

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