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Is there an easy way to build an interleaver in an 8 bit microcontroller, or do I have to "pick up" every single bit in a data block and place it into another position?
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Depends on how many bytes do you want to interleave. CPU cores usually don't allow you to use a quick way to do it unless they have built-in dedicated interleavers using CPU registers.

But if is 2 bytes you can try with an array.
void interleave(byte* input, byte* output)
const byte ntable[] = {

byte nibble[4];
nibble[0] = input[0] & 0x0f;
nibble[1] = input[0] >> 4;
nibble[2] = input[1] & 0x0f;
nibble[3] = input[1] >> 4;

output[0] = (ntable[nibble[1]] << 1) | ntable[nibble[0]];
output[1] = (ntable[nibble[3]] << 1) | ntable[nibble[2]];
Thanks. It's 250 bytes though, so I guess I better start typing shit.
This technique works better on 32-bit microcontrollers though.

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>tfw fresh Windows 7 install with the classic theme enabled
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so that's how win xp fags look in this generation
>Not installing POSReady
gentoo theme is better

>first Helio X30 benchmark available
>Roughly on par with the Snapdragon 820/821
>Almost twice as fast as the Helio X30

What does /g/ think? Will it be a good mid-range performer or is Mediatek going to get fucked by Qualcomm?
It does appear to be a much better performer than any 600 series processor from them so far.
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Seems to be almost 150% as powerful as the Snapdragon 660, if they price it right I think this could be a great processor.

Is anyone even interested or will this thread get ignored because it's not another cheap Intel/AMD/Nvidia/apple/Google/Microsoft bait thread?

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>have the decency to wash my hands after using the bathroom
>soap container is empty
>it's always empty
why hasn't something been invented yet that purges bacteria through use of energy?
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It exists, but soap is cheaper.

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>i7 3770 has VT-d
>i7 3770k doesn't
explain this
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Artificial market segmentation is the best!
New Intel CPUs all have VT-d now

Your trolling is meaningless

k cpus up to devils canyon generally didn't have vt-d and it only became available on every lower end k type cpu as of skylake, see also: >>61752672

>mentions something bad about intel
>must be a troll

fuck off shill

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I just got robbed and disrespected by a vendor on a dark net market.

How do I find where they live so I can fuck up their pets?
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Look up union routing
Reevaluate your life choices
you're a liar, I have only ever gotten good experiences and customer service on the dark net market. In fact, those faggot junkies are more helpful than eBay or paypal.
call the polis

What can I use 6GB of RAM for?
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the answer is always porn
you could leave apps open instead of closing them

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Well /G/? How diverse is your team? You don't mean to tell me your hack3r group isn't 40-50% female with at least one african american member right? What kind of things are you guys hacking together with the power of diversity?
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I'm so diverse my cr3w consisting of 200 south Sudanese black hats is hacking your white ass right from a lifeboat off the coast of libya
Actually a lot of hackers I've seen are blacks, because niggers are very good at anything stealing.

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Should I use GNOME 3.24 or KDE 5.10?
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It doesn't really matter if you're going to alter the look and behaviour afterwards.
If you leave the stock settings, choose whatever you think looks better.

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Stop disliking Red Hat right. fucking. now.
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difficult not to when their logo is a literal fucking fedora
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>proprietary Linux
I've never disliked red hat.
Dumb frogposter.

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Is there anywhere in london where I can try different keyboards and switches so I can pick one I like?

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not that i know of.
This is also a reason they sell things called "key testers", which are small boards with one of each switch kind on it.

I think you can snag one on ukkeycaps or mechanicalkeyboards for around 18 pounds
oh ok cool thanks
Just get blues and if you're a dumb babby get browns which are like blues but shit

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How accurate is this /g/?

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The database, get me into the database! What a legend.
---Initializing brute force algorithm---
And of course, Windows is the hero
Maybe those scrub10rds should've been using macs

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(furious laughter)
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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what is safer: woolyss stable builds or iridium?
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/g/ official browser is PaleMoon
Lol, so funny! ^.^

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there are already 2 threads about this you retard
Yes but how about another?

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