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What the hell is this? I thought AMD was supposed to be the budget alternative to Intel, yet their cheapest CPU costs more than twice as much as Intel's.
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Those aren't official prices (TBC = to be confirmed), and the G4560 is already up to $80, due to market demands.
The Celeron G3930 is $42.
>i thought
Well you though wrong.
Now kill yourself.

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Core i7-8700K 6C/12T 12MB L3, 95W
Core i7-8700 6C/12T 12MB L3, 65W
Core i5-8600K 6C/6T 9MB L3, 95W



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>15% better performance on sysmark tm.
so it's fucking nothing and just rebranded sky kek?
But what about the mayo?

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>There are "people" on /g/ right now who unironically believe that Linux is better than Windows
Are we being raided by reddit?
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Windows is botnet.
>but it has other cool things
Yeah, but it's botnet.
>but you can turn the botnet off
Yeah, but the fact that there even is botnet to turn off tho.

Linux is superior for this reason.
>>There are "people" on /g/ right now who unironically believe that Windows is better than Linux
>Too autistic to change a single option
Freetards everyone.

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>follow hype and buy one of these g9 dragonwar
>gone within 6 months
>restarts everytime after 2-3 minutes of no movement
>tried the red colour thing (the lens that accepts colour should be lit with red colour)

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Throw it in the fucking trash and buy a decent mouse.
>follow hype and buy one
Who hype this mouse
any h/w problems/solutions might be good enough

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Check out my new phone /g/
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>No botnet tho
Sorta want
>using cow
enjoy your botnet

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Why would anyone use Windows?
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For gaming?
maybe someone likes the good interface, support and the fact that it has a lot of instore apps
Because it's the most productive OS to work on.

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Can anyone that owns this chair give me some input

I am about to buy a steelcase gesture..found a local dealer selling them for $400 w/ a full warranty. (usually $1000+)
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Not a Meme.
Dont know this model, but i own a Steelcase Please which i bot cheap as a company went in to bankruptcy. Its the best Chair ever, but I doubt I'd pay €650 for.
On the other hand, ihave some shitty Topstar at work which is very uncomfortable.
So if you sit 8h+ plus and can afford it, give it a try.
I think I will give it a try and then try and sell it if I really don't like it. Only $400 so I could even make some money on it
Stop being a jew worshiping consumerist and just buy a cushion or blanket and sit against the wall its just as good on your spine as your little millionaire chair

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Why is OpenSUSE the best GNU/Linux distro out there?
>just werks
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It feels clunky and uncomfy. I rather use ubuntu
It feels clunky and uncompy. I rather use debian


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Sperm donation has never been easier because... tech.

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this kills the japanese sex drive

i wonder when they put mouthmode and analmode.. i give 2 years tops
>A Chinese company says its automatic sperm extractor is helping clinics collect semen from donors reluctant to masturbate in a hospital setting. The Jiangsu Sanwe Medical Science and Technology Center says their device, which has been sold to clinics in the US, Germany, Russia and France
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sure beats the electrode they shove up cows assholes

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>hurr drones will deliver everything

Let's think this through.

>Regular delivery truck has some technical problems
>Oh well. The package will need to be transfered to a new vehicle while this issue gets fixed. A slight delay.

Drone delivery:

>Drone has some technical problems
>Drops your fucking package from 20 meters in the air and crashes into the ground
>Civilians and cars are occasionally hit by shit falling out of the fucking sky
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Using your own logic:

Regular delivery truck has some technical problems with the breaks and slams into a crowded side-walk killing 5 people and injuring 17 more.

Delivery truck driver has a technical problem with his pace-maker and gets a stroke/clot in the brain and drives off a cliff with your package.

Airplane has some technical problem and falls from the sky into a residential area killing all 318 passengers and 75 bystanders.
>implying trucks never crash into civilians and cars

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design patterns.jpg
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Describe your sex life using a design pattern title.

I'll start:
>Inversion of Control
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Dependency Injection
File: me on the right.png (775KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
me on the right.png
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Observer pattern
File: 1440812258431.gif (182KB, 168x159px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 168x159px

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What's the best desktop speaker for under $100?
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>sub $100
Dayton B652 Air or Micca MB32X if you're buying new. Any 15 to 20 watt T amp will suffice but the Daytons don't really come into their own until you're feeding them lots of power.
>Micca MB32X
Not op but thanks I was looking for something like this.
Top Advice. Thanks Anon. You're a Cutie :3

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 function(table1, column1, table2, column2)


function(table1, table2, column1, column2)

well, which is it, /g/-tards?
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function(table1, column1);
function(table2, column2);

but what about when you need to do something with both?
const f = (table_column_tuple1, table_column_tuple2) => {
// code goes here

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Why you're not using Pentium /g/?
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Because I'm not poor.
Ryzen 3 is coming out in like a week. (No, Poorfag pentium won't have better single core, especially not after you OC the Ryzen 3 CPU)

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Five years ago, I jumped cold turkey in GNU/Linux waters and haven't looked back since. I used an old HP laptop with Arch+i3wm.

Today I wanted to play some good old Diablo 2 on my old man's desktop...... and I almost cried when I turned it on.
I haven't used Windows for so fucking long. I miss it. I miss how comfy everything was on my huge ass CRT screen, I miss the whirling of the tower fan, I miss the clunking of the keyboard. The way I have to use mouse for everything, the way I have to wait a few seconds for every single thing I want to do... It makes me wanna go back. I fucking miss Windows.

I even miss the fucking games.
How do you guys deal with Windows nostalgia? (gnu/lenix users only - winblow fags gtfo)
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>I fucking miss Windows.
no you don't

what you miss is being yonger

the nostalgia you feel is the realization you wasted years and won't get them back
I miss MS-DOS
not consciously of course. that's why it's a feeling

plus a laptop with gnome-shell is much comfier than your nasty old noisy tower and cancer inducing monitor

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