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What is it about this language that attracts such smug retarded faggots?
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Elitists who think they are better than everyone else because their programming language is more fucking convoluted.
Don't use words you don't understand kid.
You're the smug retarded faggot OP is referring to.


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I remember awhile back someone from /g/ emailed tweaktown a bait story and they made an article about it.

that being said the 56 looks to be the best of the lineup. didnt amd say 56 was late august though?
finally, rip 1070, you had a good 1 year run
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>yfw miners buy them all up at launch

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What email service do /g/ use? I use GMX for a long time.
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If you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear.
I want to use cock.li but I am afraid they will one day think fuck it and kill their services. Gmail etc are here for long.

Also is their any way i can get my gmails forwared to another email service automagically?
migrated to proton mail

got a 4 letter handle

best personal and professional move i have ever made

Old thread: >>61701466

What are you working on, /g/?
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>I am too stupid to use a better language, therefore I must complain about it!
t. The entire C & Python community
Exactly. Next time you see non-brainlet langs arguing don't bring you garbage ``collected`` language

How do you use your laptop?
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How do you type??
Same, but it hurts my boobs

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i am not a robot.gif
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>Having a specific problem
>Look it up on www.google.com
>Find forum posts with people having the same problem
>"Edit: Fixed!"
>"Thread closed: Use this thread instead"
>"You must be registered to view links!"
>Make an account to post about it
>"You must wait for a moderator to approve your account. This process may take up to 14 days."
>Account finally gets verified
>Error: You must have 10 posts to view links
>You have been warned! Reason: Posting too much
>You have been banned: Bumping old threads
>Get unbanned and accumulate 10 posts
>Link takes you to adfly
>Please turn off your adblock
>Turn it off
>Reload the page
>Have to back to the previous page and click the link again
>Link takes you to www.megaupload.com
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>Wojak poster too dumb to understand forums
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>Want to interact with other users
>go on to 4chan.org
>get malware on the front page
>go to /vip/
>this board requires a 4chan gold account to post
>go on /g/ to discuss technology and point out Stallman runs a shit computer
>get banned for 3 days and cannot appeal it
>finally unbanned
>hiro is on /qa/ begging for money
>sells my personal data
>can't post due to upset janitor who is mad I defamed the glorious leader
>post about moot
>go on /x/ and get told the earth is flat and tulpa ponies are awesome
>try to talk to /g/ about anything tech related and it's anime, video games, or someone shouting to install gentoo
>be absolutely staggered at the amount of stupidity and ask where I can find people who care about techology
>"nice buzzwords!" "reddit!" "freetard!" "install gentoo"

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>Coffee Lake i3 4 cores 8 threads


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Someone fucking nuke fucking CPU & GPU threads.
Nice! AMD is finished. RIP.

Also will Coffee Lake support Z170?
>Also will Coffee Lake support Z170?
>he doesn't know

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HolyC edition


Archive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JvKvUmoWdtE55ta15a3tg/videos
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Leave Terry alone.
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>tfw some /g/fag pretending to be a mudshark version of Dianna is controlling Terry and creating all these memes like "nigger orgasms" and "righteous reich" for him

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>nice design
>good build quality
>unix-based os
>every non-retina model is easily upgradeable
>can be had for like $300 used
>doesn't make you look like an autist using them in public

What is there not to like about MacBook Pros?
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Eh. Soon the used ones will be heavily used with keyboards full of hard, crispy cum, and you're stuck with the un-upgradeable Cook-era shit.

Even the Mini and Pro have fallen from grace. macOS's market share declines—Linux's is slowly rising. Just dual boot Linux with Windows for whenever you need to use video editing software or have your personal data pilfered every 15 minutes.
Late 2008 to Mid 2012 models are easily upgradeable. When you take off the bottom cover you have access to everything. I see MacOS as the best of both worlds -- you get Unix stability and near Windows compatibility. I still prefer Linux but I don't see what the purpose of hating Mac is when it isn't all that different from the ThinkPads /g/ loves.
Pre retina versions have shit screens

1st generation retina has failing gpu

2nd gen the screen fucking flakes

3rd gen fucking throttles.

I'm not a gaymen faggot and only occasionally launch overwatch to unwind but it's literally fucking unplayable on my 2017. It throttles within 15 minutes and even at manual max fan speed (6000rpm) and throttle stop it still clocks down.

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Is the hp EliteBook 8540w a good laptop? I found one in our "disposed" stack at work and I am reinstalling it atm. Thinking about saving it. Should I?
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Better than a pavillion g4.
depends on it's specs, but potentially
its about 6 years old so it depends
better than chinkpads

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>rich normalfags wasting their money on over priced trash
What else is new
Shut up, poorfag
Reminder that correlation does not imply causation.

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Ask all of your stupid questions here
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What is the proper way to escape a / character using sed?

for example:
sed 's/find/replace/'

will replace all instances of 'find' with 'replace'

but what if I am replacing hyperlinks that use the '/' character?

how to I escape the / character so sed recognizes it as part of the term to search for or replace?
I've been having momentary hallucinations of objects that aren't there vibrate and shake violently only for them to warp out of existence a few seconds later especially when I observe them carefully.

Anyway is there any tech that can help me? Or I am destined to rot in a mental hospital for life?
you can escape them with a '\' before

What are the biggest public trackers now? Have any of them become successors to Kickass or Pirate Bay?
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>using public trackers
Dude MEGA, Zippyshare, File Directories, Private Trackers and programs designed to steal straight from company/website servers all exist and are all a million times safer.

Public trackers are dead now. Get with the times.
What private tracker has cracked iso of matlab?
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I do miss public trackers.

Have them completely gone the way of the dodo or is there at least unlicensed things we can share?

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I bought a chromebook at walmart because I desperately needed a computer and it was the nicest looking netbook and decently priced. How badly did I fuck up lol? This thing can't even torrent but overall I'm not completely dissatisfied
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Jesus fucking christ.
Meh. Install a *nix variant and be prepared to use an external hard drive. Past that, it's only mostly shitty.
i'd like to borrow this thread to ask if chromebooks can get on tor. the x64 ones that is

A moment of silence for my first ever owned gpu.


Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 1GB gddr5

Oct 10 2010- Aug 3rd 2017
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What are you going to replace it with?
How do I unsubscribe from you're blog?

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