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You literally do not need anything better unless you're an engineer or system administrator.
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>what is music production
>what is advanced graphic design
>what is animation
Or a computer enthusiast. Or someone who wants their computer to last them a long time, this one might not make sense to you because you're 13 and have never owned a computer with a more powerful cpu than that celeron, or for longer than 8 months.
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You literally do not need anything better unless you're an engineer or a mechanic.

are monitor arm mounts a meme?
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don't install it so far back that it's outstretched like the image or it will shake up and down while you type.
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Clamp mounts and Ikea arent a good combo.
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Are desks a meme? Do you lack the intellectual capability to decide whether a FUCKING MONITOR STAND is good or not? It's a piece of metal with a clamp and some fucking hinges. Are you underage?

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Have you ever lost a /tech/ job ?
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Yea tons of restructuring hit my department. I was offered either a new job in a different department or severance

took the severance and found a new company

Tech and especially IT isn't that stable of a market except for the very skilled or very specialized

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He claimed it was the year of the linux desktop as he delivered a simple presentation using a Mac
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That's not ironic at all. Apple shamelessly "harvest" (rip off) open source.
Just r****t at move on. Op is incapable of not shitposting
this fucking thread again

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>open windows start menu
>my activity is sent to vortex.microsoft.com
>start typing Google Chrome
>every keystroke is sent to microsoft
>open google chrome
>sent to m$
>start typing BBC news
>my ISP logs the DNS lookup and sells it to highest bidder
>BBC is starting to load
>300 requests total, 50% of that are javascript files
>after 3 seconds it loaded
>Facebook/Twitter/Google all tracking every move I make due to "social media" cookies/js
>3 ads on each side, all showing products that Google AI thought I'd buy
>every mouse movement is tracked
>all the tracking cookies are stored forever
>I start to scroll down, but a popup asking for my email comes, I can't press decline because its worded and packed as anxiety "I don't want to be up to date with world news/No thanks, I'll pay more"
>Since I gave my email all big companies now know what I'm interested in, and will keep tracking me.
>I want to post this on my favorite board, but they have google captcha so a tracking cookie is injected and Google tracks my activity, plus I train Google's AI

How did we get to this /g/? Why did normies ruin the internet?
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Normies didn't ruin the internet. Money did.
You cant earn money from intelligent people, only from normies
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Use Qubes OS, ublock Origin, https everywhere and block all third party cookies. Use the torbrowser-qube if necessary.

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Is there anyway to get kindle on a chromebook? The playstore says my shit isnt compatible.
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Fuck you /g/ I bought a t440p and this piece of shit has a weird fucked up trackpad I will never buy a thinkpad again or fall for your memes!
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Fucking retard nigger, are you so retarded that you actually use a mouse??
I have a 440p and you can swap the trackpad dump OP
I don't even have a thinkpad and I know people swap the track/touchpads. Also, get a USB mouse already.

>inb4 not comfy for bed

What would you do to avoid an android phone?
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go back to tumblr
As we can see Apple can get away with selling absolute trash every year and people say they would tolerate even more abuse, just to keep their jurassic protocol. A person buying Apple products is crying for help.

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What's the best way to store a bunch of text/paragraphs, then let a user select from those paragraphs and create a template out of them from a webform?
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> write and save a yasnippet of the form
> open org-mode
> * Webform
> C-c C-l
> <path yo yasnippet>
> Description: May St. IGNtius bless you with the Freedom to complete my form
> Enter
> "Please email your response to: <email address"
> "Mwa"

And then you are done!


Why not just some JS form validation like QuaidJS?
MySQL text field

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is this /ourwatch/

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>blatant marketing for low budget startup shit nerd watch horseshit

Fuck off.
>"Real time clock" is now a feature worth advertising in a watch

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ubuntu is the only distribution that has attempted to make a fully automated user experience similar to windows. and for that reason it should be appreciated.
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>fully automated user experience
try arranging your shitpost in a sensible way next time
archtard detected

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VPS users of /g/: What service do you use and what do you use it for? Im thinking about setting up an email server and maybe hosting some webpages/applications
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Cmon /g/ i even got satan quads
digitalocean: hosting znc, prosody, and nginx to serve a few static pages. 5 bucks/mo never had issues
I wish they had a DC in tokyo though
is that the 512 mb RAM one? Im assuming the "droplets" are vps'es?

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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>an entire DE with lots of control panel utilities, all configured together, its own theme and wallpapers adnd graphical package manger

>litteraly just a package manager lol

how do these both get the name of 'linux distro', Arch doesnt even count as a distribution it just a package manager wtf
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Wait, I didn't know you could make threads without posting an image.
how did you post this w/o an image
where is the image lol

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Here's my upgrade. Feel free to comment on anything I should or shouldn't get. Case, 1050Ti and fans are the only things staying.
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>4x fan
why are you getting a 90 dollar case? get a cheaper one less than 50 and than you can get a 20 dollar fan and get a 1060.

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Been a NEET for five years, what are some 80k+ tech jobs with no programming and webdev involvement? I'm looking at CCNA and other Cisco certificates but it seems to be a waste of time now that everyone relies on the cloud and everything is automating.
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street walker in nyc. you'll need very high profile clients, but i doubt you are pretty enough.
RHCE seems to be a good cert to get.
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>NEET for five years

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