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Look at them
Look at them and laugh.
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are they not one and the same?
Just laugh at them
Show me another ISP that offers 2gbps for under $200 a month AND provides a $7000+ Juniper ACX2100/2200 L3 switch on-site.

TWO static IP addresses, SFP+ 2.2gbps drop and 1gbps ethernet drop.

Comcast is by far the highest performing ISP in the country currently, at least in areas where they have FTTH presence.

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What certifications should I do so that I can find any job in tech? I want to break out of the near minimum wagecuck job loop...
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just get rope
A+, then see what else your employer would like such as MCSE or Cisco or whatever
Are Linux certs any good

Should I do Microsoft azure

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check em
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>>62487777 (checked)
> Sit down to take a shit
> Package arrives
nnice good jnobv

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I would have bought one if it had TouchID on the back, android style.
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>huge side bezels
>top indent

Looks like shit

Only thing I like about it is the navigation gestures
>huge side bezels
Apple putting TouchID on the back was never going to happen. They're too prideful about being innovative. Copying Android's design would've been counterintuitive. They'll probably find a way to make TouchID work on their next release. Might as well wait for the next gen of iPhones after X.

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If I dual boot Windows and a Linux distro, will Windows spying shit be able to look into my Linux files/folder? I thought of making 500GB for Windows and partition the other half 500GB for Linux. Should I encrypt the Linux partition side?
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no it'll just reformat it for you unexpectedly instead
#1 no if you use ext4 windows won't even be able to tell #2 if you're keeping windows for games don't split 50/50 depending on the distro you can get away with less space without problems (I dual boot win10 and antergos and I only gave it like 90gibs and I have no problems at all)
>windows can't see into partitions it doesn't let users access but are extremely easy to access
what the fuck anon you stupid sack of shit

You literally do not need anything better unless you're an engineer or system administrator.
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>what is music production
>what is advanced graphic design
>what is animation
Or a computer enthusiast. Or someone who wants their computer to last them a long time, this one might not make sense to you because you're 13 and have never owned a computer with a more powerful cpu than that celeron, or for longer than 8 months.
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You literally do not need anything better unless you're an engineer or a mechanic.

are monitor arm mounts a meme?
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don't install it so far back that it's outstretched like the image or it will shake up and down while you type.
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Clamp mounts and Ikea arent a good combo.
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Are desks a meme? Do you lack the intellectual capability to decide whether a FUCKING MONITOR STAND is good or not? It's a piece of metal with a clamp and some fucking hinges. Are you underage?

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Have you ever lost a /tech/ job ?
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Yea tons of restructuring hit my department. I was offered either a new job in a different department or severance

took the severance and found a new company

Tech and especially IT isn't that stable of a market except for the very skilled or very specialized

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He claimed it was the year of the linux desktop as he delivered a simple presentation using a Mac
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That's not ironic at all. Apple shamelessly "harvest" (rip off) open source.
Just r****t at move on. Op is incapable of not shitposting
this fucking thread again

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>open windows start menu
>my activity is sent to vortex.microsoft.com
>start typing Google Chrome
>every keystroke is sent to microsoft
>open google chrome
>sent to m$
>start typing BBC news
>my ISP logs the DNS lookup and sells it to highest bidder
>BBC is starting to load
>300 requests total, 50% of that are javascript files
>after 3 seconds it loaded
>Facebook/Twitter/Google all tracking every move I make due to "social media" cookies/js
>3 ads on each side, all showing products that Google AI thought I'd buy
>every mouse movement is tracked
>all the tracking cookies are stored forever
>I start to scroll down, but a popup asking for my email comes, I can't press decline because its worded and packed as anxiety "I don't want to be up to date with world news/No thanks, I'll pay more"
>Since I gave my email all big companies now know what I'm interested in, and will keep tracking me.
>I want to post this on my favorite board, but they have google captcha so a tracking cookie is injected and Google tracks my activity, plus I train Google's AI

How did we get to this /g/? Why did normies ruin the internet?
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Normies didn't ruin the internet. Money did.
You cant earn money from intelligent people, only from normies
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Use Qubes OS, ublock Origin, https everywhere and block all third party cookies. Use the torbrowser-qube if necessary.

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