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The only windows general we'll ever have
enjoy it while you can
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Windows are technology.
Post your windows.
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Hows everyone finding the creators update? Couldnt get it to work on my older install i had to re-image my pc fresh

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Mods are asleep. Post Lain.
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lain bear.gif
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Is it a meme or is there actually some real benefit (even if only limited to competitive usage)?
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Yes, your brain has the ability to locate things based on sound, and it really works
Depends on how it's implemented, most solutions I see simply wrap 7.1 audio into a virtual surround, but real positional audio uses HRTF so that you can tell if a sound is coming from any angle in space, including above and below you.
The problem is that ever since the death of hardware audio, game and engine developers actually have to implement HRTF into their games themselves on a case-by-case basis, which of course no one wants to do. Even when a dev can safely assume that most of their audience will have GPUs that can support a specific accelerated feature like physics, hair or fluid bodies, more often then not they still chose to ignore those things even with easily accessible middleware to add them in, for 3D positional audio there's not even that.

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>tfw fell for the 16GB ram meme

I realised that I need to stop whining, and accept it. 16GB is the sweet spot

>tfw 16GB ram meme general when?
>/g/ chan daisuki general when?
>owo general when?
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Link me to everything ahh
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>the legend
Noone needs more than 256PB of RAM.

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My dad just gave me a WOW machine, but he has a lot of crap programs stored on it. I want to zap it without having to reinstall windows. Can I get some help getting all the shit programs off of it?

>P.S. the space ghost I just posted is the first image I saved on this computer.
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nvm figured it out
eat a dick
use /sqt/: Stupid Questions Thread next time

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Best website or program to test line quality?
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I don't like lens hair
that's not len it's me with len's clothes
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what do you mean line quality?

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All things Smartphone related ITT

>phone experiences


>reactions to recent news / leaks

>what is /g/'s dream phone
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Anyone got an opinion on the librem 5?
What does /g/ use as their daily driver?

How is it operating now compared to when you unboxed it?


Would you recommend it?


I'm using an S6 edge,
running really well after ~2y now

Speed - is good considering how old it is now
occasionally lags but not severely / often enough for it to be an issue

Battery - is decent enough, still wish it was longer though
I'd say an avg of 2.5-3.5 hours of screen on time

Glitches - it started glitching a lot around ~1 year of owning
(mostly apps crashing so badly I had to regularly restart phone)
but since then all of that has been fixed and it has been very consistent

Considering how it isn't classified as water resistant, it's very durable.
has never been submerged, but has been splashed many times and gotten sand in ports

I've also dropped it many times with and without a case
glass is in near perfect condition
(no regular / spiderweb cracks, only a few barely visible scratches on display)
never heard of it before now
looked it up, and I'm interested in a privacy / security focused phone

I wouldn't use it as my primary tho cus it won't have as many apps as a droid

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Hello /gee/
Has anyone here used the Yandex web browser for Windows/Linux and Android? Is it really a russian botnet/honeypot?
What about their search engine? How good are the results compared to Goolag?
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Russian botnet
It's BASED as fuck. Stop with the Russophobia.
This is what they claim to be gathering from you.

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This is hands down the best adblocker addon available.
Post any better adblocker.
Protip: You can't.
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im gonna turn off my computer and spend the day with the window open just looking outside
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AdNauseam is actually faster, not to mention a better approach.

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You do use encryption for your operating system and external storage don't you /g/?
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>You do
>don't you
Caмый yбoгий язык вo вceлeннoй. Гocпoди, пoмилyй пиндocoв!
I always keep my gore and loli hentais on my usb flash drive alongside with my puppy linux operating system so I can jack off even in the library or even in my cousin's home
And yes I also keep the gore to scare shills out of /g/ and also to also masturb8 to it
No because I am not a fucking pedophile.

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This new layout design is obviously catering to mobile users and is horrible for desktop users.
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Looks fine on my 2560x1440 monitor and my Retina MacBook.
i see it as an attempt to use material design. nothing wrong with that
waste so much space, so I just revert back to old interface

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Site activity.png
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How's your site going anons?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Is this book a good book to learn java from?

What about head first?
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/g/ - Technology

do i have too many packages
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I have 707 packages on my 14GiB HDD, so you're fine.
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I need to start sifting all the bullshit out, thanks for the reminder OP.

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Alright /g/ I need you to level with me here:

What the hell is wrong with monitor manufacturers? Surely, you can keep whatever ratio of monitor you like all to yourself, but some fuckhead thought it was a good idea to not keep the ratios in powers of two. Pic related. There exists exactly five formats of monitor that have an equal scaling by a power of two. There are three more that can be made by adding two or more monitors to your set.

So why do we have shitty resolutions like 1920x1080, 1280x720, and so forth. Who the hell makes this shit up?
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For the cinematic experience
Cinematic experience?
What do you mean by this?
This. Kinofags ruined computer resolutions

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