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What's the simplest way to share files with myself/my (Linux) server
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install samba

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What's the Ubuntu Linux of *BSD?
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>>>61254855 (OP)

What if the point of that thing

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>It says here you have no work experience.
>Why should we hire you?
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I know how to efficiently shitpost on /g/ by maximizing the amount of (You)'s.
You shouldn't but I'll scream inequality if you dont
Ill work for less money because i have no idea what this job is worth.

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Why is Fedora the best distro?
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GNOME. Thats why
Because it just works?

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>get new laptop
>have bizarre diagonal screen tearing I've never seen before in my life
>do research
>apparently it's an issue exclusive to mobile Nvidia GPUs and has been around for years
>there is no fix. You just have to deal with it.

What the fuck? I thought Nvidia was supposed to be better?
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>mobile nvidia gpu

Yeah I better listen to you, you seem like a smart person.
>meme wars 2

you have to go back
You need to limit your fps to be smaller or equal to your displays refresh rate. That "fixed" it for me anyway

There is no ThinkPad of phon...
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...es anymore, since the first Moto G is out of production
>can't upgrade Inner components like soc, internal storage or ram
>can't remove camera at will
>non-removable Li-Ion 3510 mAh battery
indeed, there isn't a thinkpad of phones.
I felt like nexus is the chinkpad of phones before they killed it

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any jscripters?
I want to decrease the width of the tracklist window on the right, but the window is a jscript plugin and idk how to code

this is the jscript
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love 50
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What kind of relatively cheap laptop would you get for an old person? The only criteria is an IPS screen (they watch movies).
I don't know where else to ask this
I'm graduating in December as CE/EE, when should I start applying for jobs? I've heard like 2 months before graduation but I really need to try and land one as soon as I graduate

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beyer ear rape.png
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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.
For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61238172
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>HD 600
Lmao. That kid's going to be disappointed.
125 CAD
>Open or closed
Don't care
>Comfort level
Has to be comfy, I'll be wearing these for hours.
>Sound Signature
Preferably not too bassy
Thinking of buying the Sony MDR-7506 and get someone to mod it for me, to make the cable detachable.


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Android has fundamental flaws which cannot be easily fixed short of rewriting the entire operating system. The concept of allowing vendors to modify and customize their system is fine, however letting them to choose whether if they want to offer updates or not is a retarded gaping flaw which is the primary reason why Android is seen as a pajeetware among the general public. The idea of having to hack your phone and flash an image made by an Indian is comical and tragic. It has been built into a virtual machine where the processor not only has to transcribe the retarded pajeet code into binary, it also has to operate this virtual machine and somehow run the code seamlessly. The security system in Android is a joke. It has come to a point where developers can distribute data mining apps in the official repository of the operating system and go unnoticed by Google. Apps can refuse to operate if you don't let them access to every part of the system, which is a bannable offense in the App Store. Android apps can inject root kits into the firmware and persist between factory resets, which is impossible to do on any iPhone.

Now, I can understand defending Android for the freedom it provides, torrenting, third party repositories and customization is some of them. But, in the sake of preserving the hipster attitude and looking down on fruity toddler toys, the community overlooks the fundamental flaws in this operating system that needs to be addressed. You may scream and cry but its an indisputable fact that Android tries to be jack of all trades master of none. The engineers at Google somehow got the idea that shitting out new features without properly auditing them is fine. They can't comprehend the idea of throughly auditing Android and addressing the security flaws in their system. Make sure to address these issues before claiming a contrary opinion to the title.
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Of course it is. It fucking works. There's a reason why all the rich people use iphones and not Lagdroids.
Because it's a status symbol, buy a high end android phone and not Chinese garbage and you'll have a similarly great experience.
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I'm not autistic enough to give a shit. My phone calls and shitposts. Works fine.

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Why aren't you browsing /g/ from a T420?
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But I am. Not sure why you posted a T61 though, aside from it being sexy.
>posts a T61
Why can I barely run OSRS on my T420

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Long story short, I'm still a quite newbie to modern smart phones.
Had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for 3 years, my first "true" touch-screen toy and Android device ever, but its battery, USB port and screen all started to fail in numerous ways, so it was time to update.
Got the Xcover 4 for muh rugged design + physical buttons, and I do love it. Feels great NOT having to recharge the thing every single day too.

But now I've come face to face with some pretty shocking revelations, that probably are totally old news for most cellphone geeks: the SD card no longer is directly "supported" by new Android builds, as in only factory installed apps can directly use it as their storage media.
Apparently, in order to remedy this issue, you either need to let the system "adapt" the entire card (format, encrypt, make it useless in other devices...), or root the whole phone, install fishy hacks (or brand new OS), and hope that the few sensitive daily apps I might actually need (ie. bank and credit programs) don't shit the bed afterwards.

...And this has apparently been going on for a few years now?
CyanogenMod, the only mega-hyped savior of Android freedoms I knew, was also killed just recently?

Are there ANY smart alternatives for this bullshit this day and age? I now really want to get off Google's ride, ASAP.
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LineageOS is the continuation of the CyanogenMod project, worked on by the same developers (citation needed). Aside from that there are other Android ROMs.

Yes, get off Google's dick ASAP.
yeah, already managed to spot the Lineage with my furious Googling for solutions to this bullshit.

Anyone got any first-hand experiences on their builds? I'm not seeing Xcover 4 on their supported lists just yet, but it is kinda new model still (and apparently somewhat Europoor only thing??).
New Samsung phones still use the old model for SD cards.


Google hate SD cards in general because it is a barrier to them tracking everything possible about you.

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>no results
post 'em
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Upgrading to a 6800K very soon, since I got a great deal on a brand new X99 Designare motherboard.
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so someone spoofed ID on Ryzen CPUs so they report as intel, resulting in pic related

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This is why we can't have nice benchmarks.
AyyMD finished & bankrupt
Intel has its own opencl driver which the benchmark uses when an intel cpu is detected

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The image is an average of 500 pictures taken free standing with a cell phone.
The corrected average are the images aligned and then averaged. The resulting picture is like a long exposure.

In the graph one can see the movements my hand did in pixels and the angles (the angles could be calculated in a preciser way although it's really resource intensive since is an iterative solution)

The image registering is done with a cross-correlation algorithm. The process is time expensive but I'm trying to make it better.

For who is interested in the code:

Here is a video of the images taken:

What you think are possible applications of this technique?
Do you think light painting will work?

I tried already noise reduction from low exposed pictures, noise and quality improvement of digitally zoomed images
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Long exposure of a busy road
You create a thread on >>>/x/ because they'll think it's ghosts
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One of the original pictures of:

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Why have you not joined the G203/G102 master race, /g/?
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But I already am.
Because you haven't evolved to patrician tastes.
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Because I'm already using a superior mouse.

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