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I have a very shitty connection with 2.2-2.5 MBit/s down and 1,5 MBit/s upstream. For me, watching Youtube over 480p is justi mpossible and when I upload 4K videos it takes 1-2 days.

My router says I'm getting 3.4 MBit/s down, 1.9 up. I know there is a slight overhead, but not by 50 %. So I guess there might be an option for improvement.

I use a Vodafone (Huawei) EasyBox 904 xDSL. It handled my previous 50 MBit VDSL connection with full speed and its rated up to 100 MBit/s. Is this a shitty router? I never saw a reason to buy another expensive one as this thing just works and it even has dualband Wifi.

I wonder why it doesn't give me more speed. Has anyone experience with a similar case?

I'll probably get LTE Hybrid by next year but the contract still runs so I have to hold out. Currently there is no other options to use download managers which I can remote control in order to download up to 600 GB a month when I download 24/7, I only turn it off when I need the bandwith for other tasks (Its normal to wait 10 or 20 seconds to load a website and I download videos in the highest quality even if it takes hours).

>Picture somehow related
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Kiwis out, this is a white man's board
Are you in Australia or something? I'm paying 45 bucks per month for 20 MBit/sec down, 1 MBit/sec up, no data cap, and I feel like I'm getting raked over the coals.
No, Germany (Yes New-Africa, the colonies strike back). I pay 32 € for this. Of course no datacaps.

While other European countries and the US has affordable LTE contracts, my 3rd world country only has one LTE contract without caps, Magenta Hybrid. Most contracts are 60 € for 30 GB and reduction to 32 or 56 KBit/s after that.

I live rural so there is no other option than LTE.

Hello guys. Last time I came to you to get a new phone and you guys told buy to buy a LG G4... Its been a pain in the ass... Battery wont last and it gets hot as fuck. (leather back was a cool touch tho)

Whats the recomendation for this 2017?
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duane the rock johnson
>buying lg phones ever
it's like you want your phone to randomly die in 5 months

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>is from a vb, c and c# background
is this shit just a meme? flavor of the month?
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Go goes right in the trash and rust is for homos
I'm waiting to see what becomes of Mozilla. If Mozilla fails, Rust fails.

Go is fine, but some people use it for a lot of incorrect things. Those people are Rails developers who decide to use it for their APIs or try to reproduce the "Rails experience" because Rails developers can't into performance or understand why a programming language would exist without a Rails-like framework.
ruby looks like shit too

I need help with fixing my gaming pc.

My gaming PC broke a while back ago. I first noticed the CPU fan wouldn't spin. Kinda just let it go and thought I'd buy one later on. Later on comes...

I was playing Rust and my RAM was in the 80 and 90%. And then It shit itself. I couldn't get it back on. It would load my windows 7 up and load all my programs then die and power off with a blue screen of death.

Today trying to fix it, seeing what parts i need to repair. I got the CPU fan spinning again by greasing it up. I got it to load up as much as I could and I realized that the CPU was hitting 97 degrees Celsius (207 degrees Fahrenheit) and the blue screen of death gave me an over heat code. So it's obvious that it's the CPU liquid cooling fan over heating it. But what gets me is, is the motherboard what caused the fan to fail? The heatsink was like corroded and had some yellow stuff on it. Also did this do any damage to the CPU? If the CPU and Motherboard were fried, would I even be able to turn the pc on and load a few things at all?

I'm planning on taking off the liquid cooler, how do i determine if I need to scrap the CPU and motherboard?
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>I need help with fixing my gaming pc.
>97 degrees celsius
yeah, you're fucked.

Gpus come with certain gigs, but what's a standard one? Is 6gb enough? If I'm trying to build a 1000+ pc will a gtx 1060 6gb bottleneck ? WHAT'S A GOOD GIG AMOUNT
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If you don't work with 3D rendering a 1050Ti should be plenty.
Judging by how retarded this question is I'll assume you want your computer to play videogames. If you want to play games released in the last couple of years, you'll want 4GB. 6GB is overkill for videogames most of the time.

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I need to encrypt a string of 12 words securely with certain requirements:

- base64 cyphertext should easily fit in a QR code.
- brute-force hard due to lots of key stretching. I'm not going to use a crazy complicated password because I need to be able to get it in 10+ years if needed
- decryption software has to run on GNU/Linux (amd64) CLI
- can decrypt using only ubiquitous software. no scripts or custom shit. bonus if it's in the Debian repo

How can I do this?

inb4 openssl: no keystretching
inb4 gpg: has that stupid gpg-agent shit for gnome
inb4 truecrypt: botnet and won't fit on QR code
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scrypt or bcrypt after axcrypt
Just remember the fucking words.

>be me
>installing windows 10 after having to wait 8 hours to download iso
>find out the installer required blood sacrifice
>go out and find a jew to kill for blood sacrifice
>build altar, give offer, hope it doesn't smite me for not offering a middle class white male
>installer has to restart twice, get to setup after waiting a moment
>setup is guided by text to speech at near maximum volume, waking up entire household
Who thought this was a good idea? Why 69% volume? Why not the entire installation, because then at least you could make the accessibility excuse?
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>third worlder internet
>le pol joeks
>whole new thread for this
>blaming someone for your incompetence
Kill yourself
>what is snipping tool
the main body of your post is indecipherable, please consider repeating it without hamfisted reddit jokes

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Hey /g/oys, serious question, where can I find an up-to-date ungoogled-chromium release?
This one here is old
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Just use firefox jesus christ, Google probably doesn't give a fuck about "ungoogled" branches as long as they can keep pushing their shit standards with Chrom* itself

Why are you using a picture of the racist merchant meme?
>Just use firefox jesus christ
I'd rather use iridium if I want to be a in a botnet. Firefox botnet is worse right now
How so? It doesn't phone home and they have pretty transparent intentions

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Redpill me about this company /g/
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They make the best handheld moba
It's the Chinese Google.

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>not having a mechanical keyboard


what's your excuse?
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Muh trackpoint.

Where can i get one of these?
Looks like a clitoris

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gonna do some coding what environment that i use

emacs is ugly
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get the fanciest pen and paper you can find then retard i can already feel how fucking picky you are
Now while that cock appears small, it's actually massive. Think about how much fat it's surrounded by.

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Would you disable Adblock for him?
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>Depending on website ads to feed familiy
>dating women and siring offspring before you're financially stable
Why do nonwhites do this?
There's a manga scanner out there that adds "Send moneyz my mom has cancer" (not verbatum) on the bottom of the page randomly, it's awful it breaks my immersion

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What are some good 'night mode' extensions for chromium/firefox? pic unrelated
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This site can’t be reached

>no desktop thread
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
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you are an embarrassment to the linux community, please uninstall gentoo.

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How will the future think about us? I think they'll be pretty pissed 'cause we already took all the good memes. They won't be able to think of any dank original content.
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they will look at the way we eat animals the same we look at people in the past who had slaves
AI's will just develop the memes in the future
envy them?

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