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How dare you post my waifu

Delete this right now!
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She's my waifu too jerkoff. She's my tulpa so I can hallucinate touching her cold pale skin. Feels nice. You should really make a Dorothy tulpa.
Once there are androids as in male humanoid robots the women will not go after all of you guys

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Anyone know of any good electronic utility watches? What I want is this:

-Heavily waterproof
-Maybe even fireproof if this is even possible
-Utility watch with a wound-up rope band
-Has built-in storage where you can plug in a micro-USB cable onto the watch somewhere and inside is a 128GB flash drive. This is my primary ask
-Maybe a secure slot to slide in a micro-SD card for storage on the body
-Maybe just some sort of secure rubber waterproof area on the band itself to hide a micro-SD card

Anyone know of anything like this? Is a cheap smart-watch the only solution?

I want a rugged, sturdy, and comfortable camper's utility watch with some method of storing data on it (in my case my bitcoin wallet, backups of various personal data, etc, all heavily encrypted).
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I'm slowly getting the pace of being an average laptop user instead of being a amateur. I'm getting more into the depth of my shitty computer and such and I can use it at its peak.
I have an intel core i7 integrated card and some nvidia cheap card with it, I can alternate without any problem but I can't seem to understand its use, in fact, the nvidia graphic card is so cheap I don't even use it when playing games, I use intel... You would think that with its reputation, the nvidia card would impress me lol
The only recent utilisation I've found for my nvidia is working with bluestack, somehow the intel card can't seem to emulate that properly so I end up doing it on the nvidia.

So what are the use of such cards ? Does anyone have more info on that ?

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I suffered a stroke from reading your post
nani sore

Anything related to e-ink e-readers, reading e-books on other devices, software, or the services and bookstores that sell them.

Can anyone tell me about the Kobo and Rakuten store, because I never hear people talk about them. I have a Kindle Touch from years ago and I've been happy with it, but I've been curious about the other major store.
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bump with cat

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I took the time to type this shit out in response to a thread that fucking died before I hit send.

I'm still posting it
Most of the anons who know anything about Android applications will recommend you download the the dated Quickpic v4.5.2 APK - which happens to be the last version of a once fantasic gallery app that doesn't have the Cheetah Mobile botnet """cloud""" baked in, and requires very few non-threatening permissions.
*IMPORTANT* Do not mistake the old version for what's currently on the Google Play Store... the new version is what I would consider malware.
>If you do go this route, find a REPUTABLE site to download the Quickpic v4.5.2 APK. (note: while this app is well designed and boasts a functional, quick, intuitive interface - it is a bit dated and known to crash on newer devices. It also may lack a couple features that some power users want/require.)

I personally don't recommend wasting your time with this app, tbqh.

Look up F-Stop instead. It's an up-to-date gallery app on the Play Store. It's every bit as good, if not better, and doesn't require sketchy permissions. The only downside is that you need to purchase it if you want access to some of the better options/features (the free version is still really good.)
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More news next week. Was going to get the Moto G 5 plus but looks like the new phones are coming soon. The laser focus sounds cool for the updated 5Gs


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>The most comfy player ever
>The most comfy OS ever

Why aren't you on this?
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Bye bye VLC, you bloated piece of trash.

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How am I supposed to get this piece of shit to work on a Windows PC, let alone a RetroPie or whatever?

For those of you who are reading this, I am trying to install and setup Basilisk II on my Windows PC. I have no access to a real system with 7.5.3, so in order to play Bolo or any of the classic Bungie games, this is the only way for me to do it.
Problem? I can't get the piece of shit to recognize the mounted 7.5.3 disk image that is currently in HFVExplorer.
When I boot it up, it asks me if I want to initialize it.

Is there anyone with experience in emulating classic Macintosh?
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give it back Glen


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Crowdsourced voice library. Have fun bois

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>"do you have the time to talk about free software and GNU/Linux?"
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shut up and kiss me you beautiful bastard

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Hey /g/ I'll be making some changes on my PC ( not too expensive though, I'm looking for some cheap-ish but good quality ) so I'd like some suggestions
1) Mouse
2) Keyboard
3) Graphics Card ( I'll spend the most on this one )
4) Any other stuff that will improve my computer's performance.
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Aren't there a million stale posts on plebbit you could simply search through with the word budget in it?
I guess so but I'm a lazy cunt and want help & suggestions
dland zelotes is good if you dont mind the gaymur aesthetic. about $10 US on Amazon and fantastic for the price.
mechanical or membrane? do you need backlighting?
>graphics card
do you plan on playing games? if so then what resolution? and what's your current cpu?
>any other stuff that'll improve performance
you provided no info about your current build or where it's falling short

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torrent is replicated millions of times
it never changes
never become sentient life

therefore evolution cant be real
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>"The blockchain is an amazing technology anon"
>Worldwide disruption
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ITT we post God-tier software for non-autists.
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Discord is by no means god-tier. Even ignoring the privacy ramifications, you still have the fact that it's written in javascript and runs using electron. That means that whenever you use discord it starts up an entire chrome process just to run a chat application that renders pictures well. Mumble may not be perfect, but it's certainly better and is still cross platform.

Only thing it has going for it is persistent chat

But otherwise the entire thing is built for the lowest common denominator - you click a button to join a server and it "just werks"
I think software just werking is probably a major feature for non-autists. Honestly, I'm a major autismo and even I have come to accept there are better uses for my time than screwing with a piece of software for 45 minutes.

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>try to watch linustechtips
>it's boring and seems to cater to retards
Why did you recommend this to me, /g/?
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>bait status
I mean if you were recommended something that caters to retards, perhaps you are a retard?
Nobody recommends it here. Ask for youtube channels here and you'll get autists like druga.

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