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Xiaomi won
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Still no Mi Note 3...
Also, where's the specs, you, fucktard?
> how do I shot google?

neo-/g/ everyone.

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Sup /g/? I don't know if this the right place to ask this but is there a laptop that can at least can run games at a constant 60fps and on medium settings because i know asking for top of the end graphics is retarded for a portable device or is that still asking for too much?
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It'll run games on high reliably at 60fps 1080. Comes in many trims.
>muh gaymen
Go back to >>>/v/eddit, manchild.
Thanks m8

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Hey fags i have a problem.

I'm trying to play on pokerstars but they have looked my account(s) because I have opened another one in the past. (on the same computer/user)
I asked the wageslaves at the support, but they were useless.

Now here is the deal. As a /g/ member I deleted the app and cookies( or so I believed) including all files.
When I downloaded the app again, my old credentials popped up and every time I try to create a new account it says that I can't.

I don't have Flash or Java, but the only explanation are 'supercookies' or eventually Iesnare

How the fuck I fix this ? It is making me mad
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Accounts are stored on the server, get a new IP.

Also kys for online gambling.
Probably registry and appdata folder.
>I'm trying to play on pokerstars
There's your problem

>laptops still use a fragile twin hinge instead of a single uniform one that handles sudden movement much better

I'm never buying this kind of flimsy piece of shit again.
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>I am a complete retard and i know nothing about mechanics or structiral analisis but i still talk about consunerist shit on Technology imageboard - the post
Enjoy your fucking toy.
Then get a Yoga with the special hinge that goes all the way and has gears.

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>generates POSIX Makefiles
>generates .deb packages (debian)
>generates .rpm packages (fedora)
>generates .tar packages (arch)
>generates Mac shit
>generates Windows shit
>generates Android shit
>generates iOS shit

How can other build systems even compete?
Protip: they can't.
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I use Qmake
Why don't you build an statically linked ELF binary instead?

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User Scripts (including opengl shaders):

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):


Post your system specs and config if youre asking performance related questions.
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that's a lion though
Encoder list for that anon that was interested, I'm not sure about Anime but I've had good experiences with FFF
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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for newbies:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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Are those frederique constant watches Shit meme tier or decent cheap watches?
I would say they are decent.
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Is the guy with the gold Luch and Seiko here?

What do you think about this?

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ITT: Post your designated shitting app
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I seriously hope you guys don't reply to this.
But anon the cringe over there helps with my bowel movements :^)

Ideas for iOS 11?
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Gentoo mobile edition
Make it open source.
Make it an exact copy of iOS 10 and sell it for double the price.

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Need advice /g/.
My brother is doing his second year in uni and just got his new laptop. For the last 4 years he and I both have had the shittiest dell prebuilts you could get your hands on.
I've since upgraded and i'm more than comfy, but his new laptop somehow managed to be worse than the old ones. It's wicked fucking slow and overflowing with bloat.
I want to help him /g/.
I'm not sure if any of the components can be swapped out, I'll find out eventually, but I want to know if installing linux will make anything better. Currently it's running windows 10. Would installing any distros help his computer run better in terms of freeing up processing power? He's also majoring in music, so will switching OS's make certain music programs unusable? Pls halp.
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Try out a live distro.
Install gentoo

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What's the most aesthetic graphics card?
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Render a pic of a GeForce with a Vega, I'm sure it would look better.

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I'm writing to request your help 4chan. I need to create a powershell script what starts to archive log files from a folder to a specific location over the network.

Has anyone done it before or have any good ideas how to make the thing happen.
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Learn English or kill yourself, shit stain.
It'll probably be easier to do it with Linux and Bash desu.
Sorry mr asshole. I didn't realise that everyone in the world is on the same level in english like you. You should go to harvard and teach your knowledge over there. If needed i can start a kickstarter campaign to send you over there. Just let me know and I'll make the arrangements.

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Anyone do them on tha reg? gonna do one tonight. What should I expect?
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I dunno but they burn me out and make me eat like shit... I'm about to do one as well

fuck I thought I was done with this shit after college
Waste of time, you won't get any work done.

Sleep well and wake up early.
Why would anyone need to do them on the reg?

Quit jerking off and playing gay ass video games during the day and get your fucking work done.

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Got an Interview later.
Job is for students working on embedded development. Do I need to know how do invert a binary tree?
Learned this in first semester, but literally can't remember right now. Pls help

If they ask for fizzbuzz, should I implement it in ARM assembly or is C good enough?
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Fizz buzz only counts if you can prove it using coq
It's literally just recursively swapping the left and right nodes all the way down, you're fucked if you can't figure this out anon
just go dressed on girl's clothes. don't shave, but mention you are transitioning

My friend wants to upgrade his old PC. I had a look for 4x 2gb ram. I just want to know if these on eBay are legitimate and I'll get the capacity advertised. Anyone got experience with this?
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Check if his machine is intel or AMD first.
There are certain (very popular) high density DDR2 modules that only work on AMD machines.
Make sure the RAM speed is supported by the mobo.

>Anyone got experience with this?
I recently upgraded my DDR2 from 2x1GB to 4x2GB, but I bought it from Newegg.

I just go around neighbourhoods and look for old computers kicked to the curb - literally - and harvest the parts. Generally, the RAM and CPU are perfectly fine. Hell you can use the whole thing. Nothing beats free.

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