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what does /g/ think about this campaign
is it a campaign run by jews just to collect data or is it legit
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fuck off, commie bastard
>an actual communist who enjoys state monopolies calling others muh gommie
wew lad
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faggit gtfo

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Hey /g/ , why aren't you playing Pump It Up rn? It's a good way to meet qts
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I'm pumping my dick up right now
But i don't want to meet 3dpd whores.

I liked playing that shit though but never managed to get gud.

Found this piece of shit D610 next to garbage, took it home & gave it refuge, thought it was dead but alas it wasn't when I plugged it in my universal charger, had some turkish family pics and tranny porn in it.

any cool ideas what to do with it ?
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Post the trannies.

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i dont care who you are or what video player you are developing the left and right arrows keys should ALWAYS be frame step not ten seconds ahead not five seconds ahead ALWAYS fucking frame step nothing is more annoying than needing to CHEAT and use , and . for frame step

fuck SMplayer for having absolutely shit default settings what a piece of fucking trash
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You are wrong.

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Meme resolution thread. HDMI 2.0 60Hz, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3. 10-bit color depth, high dynamic range brightness, wide-gamut Adobe RGB / DCI-P3 color. Show me that UHD goodness.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Be honest with yourselves /g/.
How many are you actually Indian and what is the population percentage of Indian posters on /g/?
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>Be honest

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Linux uses Devicetree files for ARM quite a while now. Did the change hold it's promise and unify the arm platform?
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since they made the change I wasn't able to build even one kernel for any of my arm devices. they collecting dust now. thanks, linux!

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Ive done a bit of googling to try to figure out how to host a website, but most point you to Wordpress to set up a website with a template.
I understand how to purchase a domain and web hosting, but how exactly do you upload your css, html, and js. To the host (any) for it to become a website.
Without using templates just code.
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You get a vps, setup apache and or nginx, and dump your css/html/js in the path your webserver is watching. /home/wwwuser/www is common. This is just for a static site. For dynamic content, you have to point your webserver to the code, or reverse proxy to some service. This depends on the language and deployment.

You've got a long way to go son. If you want to get running quick, just get a full service hosted environment with cpanel or some shit.

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How did linux end up as the fat autistic guy that nobody likes?
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it's called legacy syndrome. Use core components for 2 decades without upgrading them. Once they become annoying to use, put some wrappers on it but don't remove the old interface completely. Then let RedHat replace everything with monolithic something that you really need a intensive week training to wrap your had around.

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Anon FTP server is back !
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Anonymous login or post credentials?
Stop watching Kong : Skull island

also is hetzner good compared to other services like vultr or digital ocean?
I forgot to mention; smb has too many vulnerabilities. Use vsftpd instead.

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I heared someone was able to replace windows 10 UI with xfce. I'm not so goodin programming and reverse engineering, but I would love a Windows 10 xfce edition.
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why not just....use xubuntu
Or Fedora (now 26) has xfce. Good too.
Is it even legal?

sup /biz/
i work for a small, established, brick and mortor business in a niche industry. we offer shit tons of products, and i'm relatively new here. i redid our website from the super outdated trash it was to, still trash, but a quick, rough, needed update.
but i want to setup e-commerce, an actual system with a shopping cart and everything. i'm in a good position, because i am the only full time employee. i have one part time co worker, and my boss is hardly ever around except the last couple hours of the day. so if sales grow due to this website, i will be directly recognized and rewarded accordingly. we don't do much business anymore that's why he's cut back on employees, due to the online shopping boom killing half of his business. we do alright, but i think with e-commerce we could double or triple our revenue.
i've started with a 50 order trial of shopify, and have been slowly and tediously adding our products to it, once i have a decent foundation of at least all of the categories of our products, i'm gonna pitch the shopify idea at my boss and probably just use the buy button feature to keep our current website but with the shopify products and shopping cart embedded.
so basically what i'm getting at is, anyone have experience with shopify? is there a better alternative i'm missing? any tips/tricks to maximize effiency and grow this business with e-commerce?

sorry for not making a typical shitcoin thread, though i am hodling for dear life at the moment.
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>posted in /g/
god fucking damn it
>sorry for not making a typical shitcoin thread, though i am hodling for dear life at the moment.sorry for not making a typical shitcoin thread, though i am hodling for dear life at the moment.

bitcoin or out!

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I like procedural programming in PHP.
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I like you <3
I like OOP in Python.
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I recently saw on Facebook a Site that is posting Videos and Photos of people who are fighting against each other. The have a Facebook Site and a Website ( www.kofights.info )
I scanned the Website and found out that they run an outdated version of ssh. More exactly
I know that there is an exploit for this version but i am not able to find it on the internet.
Can someone help me out.
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WWE is perfectly legal, you dumb monkey.

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My dad wants a cheap laptop that can send emails and search dating sites. He insists it have an at least 14 inch screen.

What do you suggest, guys?
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Go on eBay and search for "Probook i5 4gb". There's fucking hundreds of cheap HP probooks (and some elitebooks). All 14". All 2nd or 3rd gen i5 with 4 or 8GB DDR3. Plenty fast enough for anything a standard dad will need.
thanks senpai.

got one on the way for $95
g saves the day again!

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