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I know there are quite a few Defensive Security Podcasts. But does anyone know of any good BlackHat/Offensive Infosec Podcasts?
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/b/ are the black hat hackers that did the fappening, hacked Sony, and other shit. Ask there

If Pajeets are such bad programmers, then why can't white freetards create any "free" software that's even close to any of these programs...
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or these...
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Because we're too busy shitting into toilets instead of in the street
Pretty sure all those were made by white people.

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>every time my GPU updates its drivers I lose 1gb of space
>deleted the downloaded drivers
>deleted the container directory
>deleted entire NVIDIA directory
The fuck is taking up all of this space?
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Nvidia spyware.
There are two folders that get fat with files from nVidia updates. Just run a file system analyzer/visualizer and you'll see them. You can delete everything except a folder called "latest" or "current" or something. There are guides online. You just missed them.
sweet logs of what you are doing in your PC maybe

This is some kind of sick joke right?
I actually really wanted one.
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just go with Nvidia, always more reliable

have been on both fields for quite a while simultaneously
cryptocurrency craze should die down wait till next year


plus if you're getting one for use on Linux full support for Vega won't come in the open source driver until AMD finishes refactoring their drivers for inclusion into mainline, predictions put it at around kernel 4.15.

So just sit tight and wait for the inevitable sales.

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Did people use to shitpost on ham radio before the internet?
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>tfw no qt "nerdy" radio horse face gf
fucking end it my /g/oogles
fuck yeah, prank shit to. back in the day you could even intercept police/fire chatter to. Shit used to interfere with old style tv attena so you could sometimes get radio chatter coming out your tv
phone phreaks

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what does /g think of linux-2.2-ac?
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>activist against DMCA
Cool guy

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I want to make my own bluetooth headphones but I was wondering what module was best to use.
I want to build them inside a case that will be the size of regular headphones
(Pic related)
With that size I shouldn't have any problem getting a battery and some good speakers.

I've been watching some modules on amazon and Ebay. There are some UHJ modules but most of them are kinda lame.I know there are better ones out there.

I want a module capable of handling several functions like stop, play, next, volume and so on. Basically a headset but without that lame-ass box design.

It'd be nice if I can have a module inside each headphone and make them communicate with each other.
(If possible... I mean bluetooth can be pretty slow)

You get the idea.
(I bet those already exist... It would be fun to build them myself tho)

So yeah.
Any recommendations?

(BTW I'm from Mexico. I know it can be shipped)
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wait you can build your own headphones?


just tell me how right now!
Get yourself an Arduino and a bluetooth transmitter that's designed for audio playback. That way the device you're using can send the audio info over bluetooth.
You literally just need a jack, cables and speakers, and from there you can build a case around that.
> Arduino and a bluetooth transmitter that's designed for audio playback.
what? the BT transmitter is receiving digital data and the arduino would be the DAC wired into the audio jack.

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>don't listen to me or my son ever again

ITT: post (real) old and weird/cool tech
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I want something like that or the nvidia gpu usb, cute tech interests me
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sup /g/, why is vlc shit?
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idk, i use bomi
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It's designed to play every video format badly instead of some formats well. If you got a video in a good format, a proper player like mpv (+ frontend of choice) is ideal, but if it's some obscure or archaic bullshit, VLC helps.

Press F to pay respects
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>toms hardware
Religion of peace, everyone

How do I hack a computer /g/eeks?
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install gentoo
You put up an ad for your phishing site on Bing.

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This is my third attempt at learning haskell. Give me a project to implement so that it finally sticks with me.
Carmack reimplemented Wolfenstein, I'm not a game dev. I'm more of a Large Scale Distributed Machine Learning engineer.
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You fell for the "boy pussy" of /g/. No one here unironically uses Haskell, we just shill it to laugh at people who believe it. Like you.
Frogs are stupid, what a surprise
>no one here unironically uses Haskell
how new

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What App is the icon to the left of facebook messenger from?

Thank you.
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How important is the CPU on a tablet? I can't decide between 1st gen iPad pro or 2nd gen, and the only main difference is the 2nd gen has A10x.
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it's the only important aspect of any device you bait!
Quad core cpu ftw.

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for newbies:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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helo i posted this in the other thread but is this alright for $20, im not sure how old it is
It's beaten to shit. Look more.
i dont think there are many that are in better condition than this. for some retard on a $50 budget, could i swipe any good condition seiko that still keeps time accurately?

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