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what are the best command-line arguments for ffmpeg if I want to produce the most compressed, high-quality webm possible?
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rm -rf -no-preserve-root /

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How does Mommy do it?
She buttfucked intel, and will buttfuck nvidia in a few days.
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She used a strap on.
OP claiming ID.
It's the first time AMD has good management in like over 10 years.
>How does Mommy do it?
Laser-like focus and delivering everything roughly on track.
AMD is doing almost everything perfectly besides RTG marketing (but it's basically ATi in everything but name so that's given).

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>tfw you'll never be Terry's puppy.
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If I was his puppy I'd be afraid he would kill me

Alright I'm sorry for jumping in here and /pol/luting your beautiful zone of binary autism but I've got a serious question.

I need a mind mapping type software that I can use to collect and display data regarding long lists of names, their deeds, and their connections to others.

It's a hella'va task, and I need help.
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Xmind. Thanks for visiting.
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is it known well enough to be easy for oth--
>The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool on the Planet
well fuck me right.
install gentoo

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Is there still no good package installer/tool that helps you install things on Windows without clicking through a bunch of dumb shit every time?

I'm thinking something like nuget/

Except has an actually good repo with every program I'd possibly use?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I'm thinking of making a machine for genetic algorithm stuff (cpu only), the budget would be 700-800 dollars. Any recommendations for what parts i should get?

I'd like to have at least 4 gigs of ECC ram on the machine and I'm planning to use some linux OS. The more raw computational power, the better.
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Get a cheap decommissioned server from eBay. The best you can get for your budget.
Lookup used Dell R710 or better on ebay. Good price/performance and good support because there's so many of them.
Ryzen threadripper.

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Evening /g/entlemen
Is there a way to see custom flags on pol yet with the clover app?
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latest version (2.3.1) reportedly does show them. go back to pol though.
Noice now there are 3/4 clover threads up.
Got 2.3.1 and it isn't showing them, not for me anyway. Don't worry I won't be here long, but thanks anyway.

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>this software is licensed not sold
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You mean like literally every paid software ever?
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fuuuuuck d00d

But no really monthly/yearly payments

AMD is going to launch the radeon rx vega at siggraph this year. do you think nvidia is going to retaliate and announce volta gpus?
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You're either getting Pascal refresh late into this year or Volta early Q2 2018

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>Cookie: CAKEPHP=`rm -rf $HOME/*`
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We need to dumb down high-level languages even more so Pajeet can do his job.
I laughed
is that... really? in 1999 + 18 ?!?
cve id pls

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Firefox more like Firecliff, lel.
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4chan more like 4 fags lel
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>mom found the ThinkPad with Programming Penguin OS installed
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she'll think you're one of those anonymouse
>mom found the ThinkPad
Heaven forbid, she might actually think that you got a big boy job.
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>Programming Penguin
You mean the Frosted Flakes Penguin?

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Why did running "sh studio" on a terminal produce these pics (ps documents) on my home folder? does this give similar results for you guys? I was trying to run sh studio.sh for android.
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you are part of the botnet now. good luck
%%Creator: (ImageMagick)

This is what appears in a text editor.
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This is the file that's producing the image, but how?

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What is the smartest thing you ever did using your smartphone? Do you REALLY need one, really?
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I solved P=NP
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I use it for calls, texts, maps, shitposting, taking pictures, browsing the internet when out about, paying for stuff with NFC, music, watching videos and movies, playing games while I take a shit, and watching porn.

I don't need it but it's nice to have.

Maps, drive, gmail...

Use that for work and getting shit done all the time.

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"meatballs is not in sudoers file. This incident will be reported"

I tried
- ssh [email protected]
"Permission denied, please tried again"

su: Authenticaiton failure

I typed my password correct i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong.
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That's a funny username.
>su: Authentication failure
You have to type roots password when you use su not your password. Also you should add meatballs to the wheel group.
Add wheel group to sudoers file too
>This incident will be reported
I still wonder who the passive aggressive dickbag who felt it was necessary to add that line in was.

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