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Ok so i xame across a dell laptop the other week and had to wait until i found a working adapter for the computer to even see if it worked, planned on just attaching a monitor and using it if it still ran and THE SCREEN WORKS. computer is fully functional, except it is in Korean. I looked online about how to change the language because i only speak english and have no idea what the fuck is going on, besides the few recognizable icons. I apparently need to get Windows 7 ultimate to be able to change languages, but i was wondering could i just install any version of windows i wanted as long as its windows? Like windows vista, 7,8, hell even XP... right? Or is there another way i can accomplish getting this into english without knowing any Korean? Would appreciate the help
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Give it back Jamal
find out how to change the language on a english version and do the same thing with the korean one
>I apparently need to get Windows 7 ultimate to be able to change languages, but i was wondering could i just install any version of windows i wanted as long as its windows? Like windows vista, 7,8, hell even XP... right?
are you literally retarded?
yes you can install anything, even gentoo, start with that

I have an Orange Pi Plus 2[0] and a 500 Mbps upload, unlimited data, broadband internet. Any advices on how to build and self host a lightweight website like a local ebay where people put/see offers for selling stuff in their region? And let's say there would be 100 000 users online at any given moment.

Can I use JavaScript or should it be a JS-free website?

[0] http://www.orangepi.org/orangepiplus2/
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>not using JS in 2017
>I have an Orange Pi Plus 2[0] and a 500 Mbps upload
>100 000 users online at any given moment

lmao, that thing couldn't even keep up with 300 users at the same time

Would't that be to hard on my Orage Pi taking into account there would be 100 000 users at any given moment?

I learned java with netbeans and later moved to using vim +various plugins for simpler and more efficient workflow.
Now I want to learn python (heard good things about beautifulsoup), so what is the best way to get the equivalent of maven + java compilation and running? In java everything just werked. Do I need an IDE? Netbeans was cancer.
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>using an IDE for python

Why though?
why? well i stopped using an IDE for java once i learned enough, but i guess there are many reasons why IDEs make life comfy like autocomplete code and debugging

just wondering if there are suggestions, I want to know what you gentoomen use
visual studio has python support

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/g/ BTFO This guy creates a video game without using loops or Arrays

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>guy creates a video game without using loops or Arrays

Sounds like a typical indie dev
>all that code for a shitty platformer
he's just shit at programming you idiot
he's probably too stupid to understand how loops and arrays work or doesn't know they exist
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I can't really imagine writing a whole game without using loops or arrays unless it effectively runs itself and doesn't accept user input of any kind, because how else would you accept controls?

I don't even see any gotos in this code.

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Want to upgrade to a mesh network. Currently have a wifi router + 2 other wifi access points. what I have works, but switching between access points is not ideal. Devices hang out to access points when I'd really want them to switch to another closer one if I'm moving around.

Whats the opinion of /g/ on this one?

Inb4 botnet hur hur.
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Enjoy your botnet.
Just buy ubiquity stuff
Enjoy your botnetâ„¢.

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Is this an Ultimate Gentooman g?
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is that Jordan?
wtf is wrong with that dog?
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So when you think of an introductory book about C, The C Programming Language comes to mind.

What is the C++ book that every C++ programmer should read?

Hell, let's list every language's must-read book.
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Programming in C, Kochan
- Stroustrop's C++ (dont read it back to back, just as reference)
- Modern C++ Design
- any book by Scott Meyer
- Exceptional C++ by Herb Sutter
Watch out with other books, usually introductory C++ books are low quality garbage
How to program in C/C++ by Deitel & Deitel

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How did /g/ react to Steve Job's dead?

Can't find any screenshot or archive from that day.
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some old computer programmer guy
he died
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How do you learn to code? Tips tricks? Trying to learn c++.
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1. Why C++
2. Learn C
just do it.

mainly find something interesting and make things around it.

try making a 4chan c++ interface and customise it for your browsing pleasure

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What's the point of using Gentoo if you can't easily build HEAD/devel (trunk/master release from git/svn/whatever) of the software you want to install? Why bother to build the packages yourself at all?

>Muh performance/disk space matters more
It's pretty much irrelevant to most users. Computer parts are cheap. Not even the people who actually care about, and directly benefit from, I/O and storage optimization (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft) care enough to install Gentoo.

In the embedded space, people are much more likely to use OpenWRT, LEDE, VxWorks or NetBSD (several of which you are also streamlined to build from source, but are arguably much easier to work with for embedded use cases).

>It isn't a package manager's job to install the HEAD/devel branch because a source tree on github isn't a package.
That's irrelevant to the end user. End users use package managers to install software. They don't care about the technical details of exactly how the software is wrapped up and shipped to them. The entire point of a package manager is to abstract this process.

Building from source every time isn't a solution because it often requires reading the github page for each project and configuring the build environment accordingly, including resolving dependencies. That's a huge hassle to maintain, especially when you will likely need to build the HEAD/devel version of a number of the target software's dependencies.

Homebrew for macOS at least does this partway with brew install --HEAD. You have to manually upgrade each package instead of using "brew upgrade" as you can with normal packages, and packages aren't automatically rebuilt when dependencies change. For example, if I build ffmpeg and mpv, when h265 changes I have to rebuild ffmpeg and mpv manually.

At least if Gentoo streamlined the process of working with the HEAD/devel branches it would have a tangible benefit for developers. Why hasn't anyone bothered? What's the point of Gentoo?
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You don't install Gentoo.
Install Gentoo

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oc /g/ wall papers?
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Pajeet General?
I guess not then
yeah, a solid black background on every device is my go to wallpaper.

I'm never looking at it.

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This is the worse YouTube content I've ever witnessed. Why does this human piece of shit have 2 million subscribers? Nothing is original, funny, entertaining or worth clicking unless you accidentally stumble across it while drunk on a completely unrelated video due to clickbait.

Why do weak, limy, pretentious neets like this sit back and have an audience for their useless shit show?
Maybe I am missing a point here, help me find one.

>pic related; uploaded videos
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Why does the cash me outside girl have a million dollars?

You think every consumer is rational like you. For some reason there's a bunch of retards who like the content. Maybe actual children.
>Why does this human piece of shit have 2 million subscribers?
h3h3 rule : if you don't get it, the answer is "kids"
The biggest YouTube audience is the 10-14 age bracket

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What portable laptop/ultrabook do you prefer as sysadmin/developer?
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Thinkpad X1 Carbon
as developer, x230. Portable, good docks, doesn't look much worth stealing when in east europe. the processor is not that good for c++ compilation, it might be necessary to look into distributed compilation soon.

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I've seen a couple old PowerPC Apple computers on Craigslist going for pretty cheap. It seems like a sorta neat thing to own, but I'm not sure if there's anything you can actually still do on them or if they're mostly just tech relics at this point.

Is there anything you can actually do with a powerpc computer these days?
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If you get one of the 800MHz/1GB of RAM laptops you can install Debian with Openbox and have a nice little shitposting machine to show off on /g/ and do some programming on. You can dual boot with PowerPC OS X and run some cool games.

Mac OS 9 sucks ass as a day to day OS though. If you're just nostalgic for it then run it in an emulator like Sheepshaver or QEMU.
Not really. I've had one for years with tiger and you can't really do anything that a modern user would need. Maybe use iTunes to make it a speaker. I've kept it though because they're so beautiful. I wish apple would do a throwback iMac or something with the colorful designs.

>dat power consumption

Just get a raspberry pi.

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If you had to learn all three in under a year, which would you start with? Why?
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Java or C/C++. You want to start off with a strongly typed language.
Thanks. Can you recommend learning material?
Because is the easiest

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