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Why do bad things happen to good people?
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Install Gentoo
Are you a good person?
Install funtoo

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I spent the last two weeks using Pale Meme and its awful, why do you recommend this, /g/? I just installed Firefox and its so smooth, and probably every bit as private and secure.
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Use opera.
The only fault I've found with it so far is the shit homepage and the add-on block list. Both easy solutions. It runs faster than Firefox and about the same as nightly on my system, but with far less ram usage and no connection to mozilla. So that's why I recommend it. But if it doesn't run that well for you, you can do your own research and figure out which browser best meets your needs.

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What laptops have a better screen? Because I was at the store and I was blown away by the clearity. I could not see a single pixel and it was honestly like i was looking through a glass window
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Consider whatever resolution/size the screen is
Run a search on newegg
Refine it to a better resolution/size ratio
>ppi is the only measure of quality

It's the best, that means there are no better.

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CRT vs LCD.jpg
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Why did we let the monitor industry go backwards?
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its the cia
>muh size
>muh power consumption
I love my CRT.
>Comparing TFT to a CRT

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what the f****ck is this? https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1066116/000129281410001304/0001292814-10-001304.txt
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The key to the Gibson
>M1TE&.#[email protected]+,`?<```("#P0-*PTC.2L6%24<)C4C'C$J,@<[email protected]>[email protected]
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post better speakers + subwoofer in the $150-$200 dollar range

i can't find any
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Used pair of Bose companion
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Buy Other Sound Equipment
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these look pretty good too, although i know /g/ hates logitech

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Now's the time to do some Chinky Halloween shopping (if you want to get them in time for Halloween) Found cool Halloween themed tech or gadgets? Post them itt!
• Anon lists some cozy shit >>62352666
• Anon is in need of a remote for his Nexbox A95X Kodi machine >>62354737
• I make the mistake of listing old news >>62356250
>>62356357 Why not try a Le Eco phone anon? That company is going through tough times with their US launch being a failure, so a lot of their phones have been going on sale with deep discounts >>62356450
• A look inside Gearbest's warehouse shot with the cheapest and shittiest chink shit camera they could possibly find
• Anon is happy with his new straps >>62360803
• Anon bought a heater to place under his mousepad to keep him warm this winter >>62361477
• Anon's new Headroom MS16 came in >>62361999
• Xiaomi unveils the Mi Mix 2 >>62363001it has Global LTE >>62363008
• The Mi Note 3 was also shown >>62364197

Previous thread >>62352599
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first for cs cucks
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What do you guys think about these? Might grab a few ($1.30 each) as gag gifts and hope they show up by Christmas.

Any chink ink for go printers out there?
Good deal?

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cool, I didn't know mining cards could play games too

This is fucking shit. How can people use this?
I needed something new because VimFX will stop working soon and only found this and Saka-Key. I went for Vimium-FF because it seemed closer to VimFX.
Holy shit is it bad. Not only does core functionality not work (opening in new tabs), but it also randomly stops working and it doesn't register until the website is loaded. That means if you accidentally open an empty tab you're screwed and have to use the mouse.

How come no one is working on a new VimFX? It seems like such a useful feature, but it's doomed to die with VimFX (and Vimperator or whatever those slightly worse ones were called).
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you can contribute here: https://github.com/philc/vimium
stop using vim
oh wait this is actually in fucking coffeescript what the hell

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explain this to me.
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low quality bait
>explain this to me
The reason it looks like something people used 20 years ago, it is because they want it that way.
If you want something pretty, use kde or gnome.
>linux has the best looking desktop envir-
I'm glad you stopped right there because no one has said it ever.

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>2GB of RAM
>glass back panel

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>protruding camera
*shatters into a million pieces despite landing on its back*
>implying you need more than 2GB on a phone


I want to learn C# so I can make games in Unity nothing to big 2D mostly for android, for art I only know GIMP, was thinking of a pixel approach.

Now I already have a book about C# will learn from it as well but I think this course in which you actually do something might be good and 10€ isnt much.

Anybody had prior experience with simillar courses ?
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The most important rule about programming: you don't need to know everything. In fact, you can't. Learn what you must, and learn it well. In this case, you want to learn c# for unity game programming. Therefore, download one of the unity example projects and read the relevant tutorial: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials

You will quickly get something that compiles and runs, so you will find it far easier to stay motivated. And motivation is honestly by far the biggest obstacle you'll ever encounter.
thanks yeah was thinking in similar terms
I can attest to this, any time I attempted to learn c# and started making shitty console ups I quickly got bored and gave up because I'm a faggot.
I got gamemaker from one of the bundles and the fact that I could script up a moving character in 10 minutes was a great motivator. And going back to learning proper programming afterwards was way easier too.

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Why does some people on /g/ still insist on using Firefox. It's currently the worst web browser available in both pc and mobile
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I use waterfox did I fall for the meme?

Give it to me straight, whats the best and most secure, private browser but most of all quickest? I want to be able to watch netflix and do normie shit on it while having close to the above.
I get great performance, customizability, and privacy. I imagine others feel the same.
It's not the best, just the least shit option overall.
>great performance
yes, and so does other browsers
no, and sadly this is the case for the majority of browsers

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Why aren't you using bing.com as your default search engine, /g/?
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>signed in to goolag
>not signed in on Bing

why aren't you, shill?
Meh, I was only checking my email.
I do not have Microsoft account but now I'm thinking about making one.

Printers are rarely talked here, im in need of a new color, seldom use printer.

I've had an on HP inkjet from like 10 years ago. The ink is $70+ and lasts like 3 months. I don't even use it, it just dries up cause I print once every 2 months.

So, is this printed here good for seldom home use?
It's surprisingly cheap, I have it at work here, and it prints nice and fast.
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While that printer is cheap, it don't come with toner. Looks like it's another $180 for all the colors.

If you use it seldomly you won't need to worry about buying toner anytime soon. I don't think the expire either.
get a p3005
Not wireless. The printer won't be near any Ethernet ports, so must be wireless.

Yeah, it's goddamn $550 after all the toner, and taxes. So much for a $200 color laser.

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