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I have been watching 8 bit guy for a while.
He explains a lot about retro /g/ without memes, jump cuts and other shit.
He even quit his job to do more videos.
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He is a macfag tho...
Don't be silly, /g/ hates retro technology.
Linus will always be /our guy/.
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no it's this guy

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Alright /g/ time for a consumer-based brand wankfest gogogo.

What's the current best out of Taiwan for motherboards/gpus what have you? What taiwanshit has shit the bed on you?
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From best to worst:
Alfa Network cards
assrock Mobo died and took my 6600k with it. Never again, assrock.

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how hard would it be to Frankenstein a desktop graphics card unto a notebook motherboard?
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How did AMD manage to make such a huge piece of shit?
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because of the Chinese
>implying AMD has made anything good in recent years
Their last decent chip was the Athlon 64x2. And even that got its ass handed to it when Core 2 Duo arrived.
Fuck off, unless you were a 12 year old faggot gamer Bulldozer absolutely raped Sandy Bridge. People who actually used their computer to do things other than play homosexual games used AMD FX.

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What was the most difficult interview question that you successfully answered?

What was the most difficult interview question you were asked?
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Can you do anal?
pic would definitely be the hardest question
>why is there a 6 years hole in your resume?
>what do you mean by neet?

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GNU+F for you, bub.
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F es de Familia con la que haces cosas juntos.

U es la union tu y yo

N es de no dejes de gozar en todo lugar

Aqui en el mar azuuuul
Did he died?

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Realistically, what can Windows 95 install/be used for today?
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posting screenshots for a e s t h e t I c points online.
/sqt/ is --> that way
muh nostalgia
It was shit then, and it's shit now.

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I'm safe now right? The botnet can't get me anymore. It doesn't have permission.

Please tell me this is ok. Libreboot + Qubes sounds like a pain in the ass.
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This better be bait

No, you are not safe. Your OS is lying to you and giving you a false sense of security. The idea is that you will now lower your defenses and spill more personal info for them to harvest.

You cannot trust closed source software ever.

>you'll be sending Microsoft... data
>The number of ads you see won't change

You can not escape

Introduces a native C++ text buffer implementation that improves responsiveness and memory usage. Saving a file now happens asynchronously without blocking the UI, so that you can move smoothly from one task to the next. Large files now consume less memory, marking another step in our continued drive to provide an excellent experience for all files big and small.
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>Saving a file now happens asynchronously without blocking the UI, so that you can move smoothly from one task to the next.
Save file
Editor crashes
"Oh thank God I remembered to hit save file first"
File wasn't saved
>Introduces a native C++ text buffer

Wow, dropped. Should have used Rust.
great, too bad it doesnt have intellisense for javascript/typescritp (go to definition, symbols)

although, this shit is actually written in javascript

>Our relationship to computers has changed, instead of programming them we now show them and they figure it out. That's a completely different way of using computers and computer science departments are built around the idea of programming computers and they don't understand that this "showing computers" is going to be as big as programming computers.


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How is "showing computers" what to do not programming?

t. non-professional programmer
OP is retarded

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> http://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/the-man-behind-those-annoying-password-rules-now-says-he-was-wrong-1.3537319

> Bill Burr was a manager at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) when he authored a guide to protecting computers and digital accounts with what he believed to be hard-to-guess passwords.
> “Much of what I did I now regret,” he said.

> ThisIsMyPassword is more secure than [email protected]$$w0rD&%
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are you that stupid?
Will be cracked in nanoseconds by dictionary attack.
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Except it won't. The dictionary attack will, however, easily crack "[email protected]$$w0rD&%".

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Anyone else who are beginning to see ad*s on youtube even though you have ublock origin.
It's only from one company so far and it's a separate video that is about 15-60 seconds long.

Anyone know how to filter this garbage shit with ublock?

pic related a fucking ad?!??
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Go into your uBlock settings page, purge all caches and update all. Also take a second to review which lists you're using.

Even if it doesn't work immediately, the above procedure will eventually work. Ad-serving domains just change sometimes and need to be updated by the list maintainers.
lol no, update your repos >>61814613
Hmm yeah thats strange I'm running umtarix and despite that i get an ad now and then. Until like a week ago never had any

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who /devilish/ here? Post your /devilish/ stories
>work at company with high security
>all traffic goes through proxy for filtering
>4chan and online vidya blocked because random ports
>no admin rights to set up a proper VPN
>host my SSH server on port 443
>putty into my SSH server and enable tunneling
>redirect all blocked traffic through tunnel
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Great, another blog thread
>Cashier tells me to have a good day
>I don't

How is that devilish instead of just risking your job over lurking at work.

Alright. I need to know. What's the best android browser?


What's your poison, /g/?
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AOSP browser with thumb controls enabled.
I've been using lightning, pretty good. Firefox is not that bad either because of add-on support, it's just ugly.
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I have completely converted to Naked Browser starting sometime last year. It is far and away the best browser in my opinion. I think once you spend some time with it you will agree.
I only use apps for stuff that actually benefit from it so I have foobar2000 for my music, discord because everyone I talk to is on it, clover because it's one of the best things about android.
For simple web browsing which you don't even need to do that often on a phone(the websites you use the most will probably have an app that offers a better experience) it is great. I also like the fact that the dev seems to be based(maybe one of our users?) and that there is no gimmicky bullshit with the browser.
It's okay if you disagree with me but if you haven't tried it I really suggest that you do.

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>ask a Python question on stackexchange
>get 101 different methods suggested to me on how I can approach the problem

Why doesn't Python have a set standard for anything? I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck about all the hundreds of little libraries that could make my code shorter or elegant. Jesus fucking Christ this is the only thing that annoys the hell out of me for Python. When I was doing C++ or Java I faced none of this bullshit because there was always a set standard on how to do something.
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But Python does usually only have one way to do something, it says so in the Zen of Python

Ruby is the opposite
just use php 7 bro
Static-typing envy

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