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Le Apple is BAD meme XDDDD

>save up $4,000
>gonna build a rig and ThinkPad
>gonna get the best bezeless ChinkPhone
>it all arrives
>nuThinkPad display washed out and LCD puddles every time the hinge moves
>desktop fans sound like fighter plane on boot
>temps fluctuate too much tone accurate
>android crashed again
>touchscreen feels like a bus window, not smooth or silky
>desktop monitor is flickering again
>return all the shit memes
>buy an iPhone 7 Plus and iMac 5K
>literally never have to configure a thing
>total silence
>total power
>aesthetic too

Running Xubuntu on it now
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Nice but if you are buying a mac you may as well use macOS even the Linux memers don't say to install it on macs
>I bought terribly and had to turn Apple because I'm too retarded to do market research for products that I want
>he doesn't know
the iMac 5k goes well above 70C (even the newer models)

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I have no idea where else to put this. I don't fall for the "gaming" gimmick when looking at products. I need a chair for my 6'1" 260lb ass to sit on for mulitple hours at a time.
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Find a local used office furniture place. I had a ton of them around with Steelcase/Herman Miller shit for around that price in excellent condition.

Leap v2 was particularly comfy and like $250 around me. Things last for more than a decade as well.
I got a used leap chair from a company that liquidated for super cheap.

I love it.

I would never work/hire with someone with a poverty computer chair. You could be brilliant, but if you're rolling around in some Office Depot chink chair, I would fucking torpedo your interview.
Just get a big and tall chair off of officedepot, your budget is already that high anyways you'll find a good ass chair

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Are game engines technology?

Is ok for unity to already have a monopoly on gamedev?
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Yes, you'd find slightly better conversation though in /agdg/ on /vg/ cause nobody on /g/ actually knows how to operate a computer let alone program for one.
>less than half the market share
>a monopoly
>already more than the other engines combined except for unreal
is already a monopoly.

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You know that this is the only real candidate for a year of the linux desktop
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It ain't great, but it's probably the best.
screen tears and is absolute garbage on a high resolution display

otherwise its easily the best
>implying anything good can come from a normie invasion.

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Phones are absolutely atrocious. They are everything thats wrong with the modern tech industry. They are sick shrines worshipped by those infinitely into the screen as they walk, hang out as a group with friends, or in restaurants. Even software has adopted this shitty lifestyle with social media. These temples of sycophantic voyeurism are self destructive and are like a cancer festering. Webm related. Fuck phones.
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I really wish I could play these webms on my iphone
Very funny image OP, have an upvote

>mfw lubuntu becomes unusable (have to reboot my pc) if you let the screensaver turn off your screen
wow, linux autistic superior quality.

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lol on arch if my laptop hibernates theres no way to open it again unless you pull out the battery and plug back, the power button doesnt respond whether you press it a short time or a long time as many times as you want kek
The only thing autistic in your post is using a screensaver in current year.
Dumb frog poster.
It's on by default retard.

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What should the hostname for my work computer be? It's at Google if you can come up with any related puns. I wanted to do something like Bill's PC, but you can't have spaces and apostrophes =(
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Im turning my old PC into a gaming machine for the old games. There are a couple 95 era games like Driver, NFS most wanted and NHL 2004 but most are dos era like kings quest, police quest, treasure mountain, operation Neptune and the like. My old PC has a gigabyte 7600 era GPU but im pretty sure it has 512 MB graphics memory.
My question is am I better off using windows 7 or xp for this or using Linux and wine? I am not inexperienced in Linux but this will be for my sister and I want it to be click and play.
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You're better of using Windows.
For such old hardware there's a slim chance the proprietary drivers for whatever GPU are going to work properly on Linux because both Nvidia and AMD have a silly habit of abandoning drivers after 2-3 years.
Oslo try using XP, you're going to get much better compatibility because most of these games were made when XP was still "in charge", even if most of them could potentially work on 7.

Just don't connect it to a network.
Use xp, it'll be fun!

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Leak :

> NDA lifts tomorrow at 9:15 AM PDT
> Announcement
> Live launch event July 11th 2017 (Tuesday)
8:30 a.m PT / 11:30 a.m ET

Intel's answer to AMD's EPYC

One more salvo from AMD w.r.t Thread ripper and the landscape offerings will be complete.
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Supposed benchmarks here : https://www.google.com/search?q=xeon+platinum+site:taobao.com
>less cores
>less PCI express lanes
>less memory channels
>less cache
>higher power draw
>likely much more expensive
>"Mesh Interconnect" can't hope to compete with Infinity Fabric
>no TSME
Nah. Anyone who was looking at EPYC will still buy EPYC.

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whats a good not bloated, not slow as fuck, easy to use 2d engine to make games? just c + sdl? or something shitty like gamemaker is fine?

ps: do not say unity...
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Microcontroller thread
What are you working on goyim?

I am working with an stm32 to make an HTTP file server (using an ESP8266) to serve files in a thumb drive. For starters, I've figured out how to use stm32 (first time with 32 bit ARMs, I just gave used AVRs and 8051/2s before)
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Why don't start using RISC-V microcontrollers instead?
In time, I will
you should think about using MQTT to save yourself a lot of overhead. if you're doing what i think you're doing you can set up a few MQTT topics corresponding to directories and send chunked binary payloads to those topics in a recursive fashion.

Samsung decided to recently stick a "close all tabs" button on their browser in an easily-clickable-by-accident spot, and I just lost my three month backlog of porn. Recommend me the best in current browsers for my S7 edge.
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how exactly we're you storing this porn? in open tabs?
Watching porn in mobile devices is a nigger as it gets.
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Firefox focus

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So google fiber is letting my city design t-shirts. I need some clever things I can put on it.
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less botnet
Private again
A big truck

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This is the new king of /g/

his specs
>rasperry pi a+
>shitty old monitor
>vortex core
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That's a cute monitor.
That old chestnut chair looks pretty comfy desu
I'd take it over my gaming chair anyday
where can I get a monitor like this? this thing is awesome

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Old thread: >>61308604

What are you working on, /g/?
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>If an infinite number of monkeys will type infinitely long on a computer, one will eventually write a valid Java program.
Will they though?
They already do in India.

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