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Every programming language is viable in the situations they were built in.
No one language is superior to all.
Prove me wrong.
>protip: you can't
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No matter what language you use, you can never program happiness.
gender is a social construct

prove me wrong
>protip: you can't
You're right. Different languages are best suited for different tasks.

Don't let anyone, especially autists on /g/, tell you any different.

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>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who think SSDs are a meme

An SSD is literally the most cost-effective computer upgrade you can buy.
>b-b-b-but i never reboot my computer!!!
>why do you need fast startups for???
Having a beefy CPU and maxed out RAM slots doesn't mean shit when your spinning rust drive is still being thrashed every time you do anything.
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B-b-but 5400RPM is a-all you n-need
This is a terrible shitpost.


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So it seems that most people that have a little extra money or care about image quality, buy IPS panel monitors. Viewing angles, more accurate colours, better uniformity, etc all comes to mind when thinking of advantages.
Strangely though, there is downside of IPS which people rarely mention (and its not response time), IPS glow.
Do you not care for it? Or do you just think it's less annoying than the gamma shift/poor viewing angles you get with TN or the smearing you get with VA?
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From what I've read it's more of a lottery, whether you get glow or not.
I'm considering buying an IPS. Is the glow noticeable except for on black screens?
it's weird. IPS glow is part of the tech, it's basically present on every panel. There are some professional(and expensive) IPS monitors that have a workaround to reduce it, but its rare.

The thing is, it varies quite a lot... some monitors have glow that is just absolutely ridiculous, others are not so bad, and limited to a single corner. Usually reducing the brightness, sitting a little further away or having an extra light source in your room can help negate it - but it never goes away fully (unless you literally sit 5 metres away).

Personally, it annoys the shit out of me, but then again, over 24", TN panels are just shit, the difference between the top and bottom of the image is just way too fucking much, even if you sit at the most perfect angle.
VA? Forget it, if you actually play games, it reminds me of LCD monitors from the early 2000's with its awful ghosting and smearing. Even "gamer" VA monitors have it, the response time between certain colours is just too high. Though for movies, VA is actually fucking amazing due to the contrast - and the lack of glow. With IPS, watching a movie with black bars can be quite distracting.
blb is lottery
glow is just a drawback of ips

Is she /our girl/?
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Why does she have a machinists tool chest (kennedy?) behind her?
He left ifixit.

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What was the last time you browsed /g/ without reaching at least 30% annoyance, sighing while closing threads in disgrace?
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not since they "banned" desktop threads
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me on the right
It was when I was still new to the board and didn't see shilling in every post and thought people had something to offer. Now I know everyone is their own brand of stupid and this is a worse home to outright lies than even the most dedicated /b/ thread.

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whats a good robot vacuum cleaner for around 200 dollarinos?
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Just helped set up a Deebot for a family member. Seemed just as good as a Roomba.

The pain of these things is all about having to clean out the hair. If you have pets that shed, you might want to find a design that is especially for pets.
Spend 300 and get the xiaomeme. Literally better than the most expensive iRobot.
>phones home to china
no thanks

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What's the cheapest laptop I could play Hearthstone on?
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A thinkpad with an i5
a 2017 macbook with retina display
2017 17 inch macbook pro with quad core i7 kaby lake

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>tfw fell for the Ryzen Meme

Who else fell for the Ryzen meme? I'm getting worse performance with writing speeds on my SSD and I'm not fucking impressed.

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I ditched my 6700k for a 1700x
Never been happier, performs incredibly minus the memory issues.

You fucked up
>make up a random lie
>post it on /g/
wow I thought paid intel shills at least had an IQ over a tyrone's
Enjoy your page 10 thread poojoo

I spent close to 2,200 building a top of line rig in 2011 and I'm looking to upgrade.
The budget for a new rig is 1500-2100 though I can add more if need be.

I have a monitor, keyboard and mouse already so it's not an issue. I want at least a gtx1080 gpu; the monitor itself can be bought later and doesn't factor into my initial 1.5K.

I want top of the line future proofing as far as the gpu and cpu is concerned and a nice mobo.

I have little time to decide; it's now or never otherwise that money is going away.

Please help.
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Wait for Nvidia Volta GV104 GTX 2080
I don't have the time to wait for its release.

The money will be gone as soon as month. It has to be now or never.
If you can spend $699 then go for the 1080 Ti

If not, $499 GTX 1080

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The app InstaView, supposed to tell you everyone who has viewed your instagram page. Is this shit just totally a scam and fake?
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Install Gentoo
You suppose the app hacks in**agram's servers and gets the data from there?
simple XSS would be enough

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What is legitimately the best browser?
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Chromium or ungoogled-chromium if you have autism

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>post yfw Vega is so fucking bad that AMD won't livestream the release event for RX Vega
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Daily Mozilla cringe thread
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>discover how to be a better internet citizen
Straight out of Stalin's handbook. The mentality of thinking of the Internet as a "place" is fucking retarded.
I was up at a Canadian university in Ottawa once for an onsite deployment (was working at Dell at the time) back in 2014, and it was at the beginning of the semester. They had some kind of student orientation thing, and they had the future SJWs all lined up like cattle watching Simpsons episodes.

It was kind of frightening really.
>Internet Citizen
smells like some kind of dystopia

how can intel even compete?
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They can't :))))
Athlon/Pentium 2.0

Intel rests on their laurels just enough for the joke that is AMD to actually pull a decent product out of their ass. Then Intel puts its shekels together and BTFO of AMD for another decade.

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What does /g/ think of them?
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Both are irrelevant and won't become popular but Rust is probably slightly less so.
Templates and UFCS are nice. Everything else is not.
D seems like a total shitfest.

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