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Which one should I use?
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Stop being a computer nerd and get a real job


Note that my only background is the following from college:

Python, Java, C, HTML/CSS and SQL.

Will wrong polarity adapter damage a modem?

Also, what does separately flashing power light and dsl light mean? Overcurrent?
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>Will wrong polarity adapter damage a modem?
no because 99,99% of DC adapters work with inverse polarity or line-line (250V).
What do you mean by adapters work?
There are adapters on which polarity can be chosen. Say I put negative on it and gave it to modem that wants positive.
>There are adapters on which polarity can be chosen
if that's the case don't bother, it won't damage your equipment
select to - or + until it works

What do you guys think about Edge ? Good enough compared to Chrome or Firefox ?
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i try to use it regularly, but that piece of shit crashes more often than any software i've ever used
Probably problems with your computer anon, never crashed for me. Although it loads stuff slowly (e,g, videos). I prefer FF
*inhales deeply*

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Anyone here close to Terry or have an update on whether or not he's really dead? Someone claiming to be his cousin Johnny posted that Terry was founded dead in his home by his mother yesterday night.

Please be a troll
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>CIA niggers trying to fake Terry's death
He's kinda of a dead beat. Rip in peace tho
f to the head priest of temple OS

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Hey /g/uys, I'm interested in how people make games that are exclusively for consoles emulatable for PC.

I tried googling it but all i can find is how to install emulators or download roms and stuff like. That's not what I'm curious about. I'm wondering how people actually make a console game able to play on a PC

Anyone got any links to video series or webpages or anything?
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you sound retarded but I think this is what you want.
>virtualize the console's cpu/gpu/graphics
>rip the rom
>create an interface

it's so fucking simple and that's while emulators have been around 20+ years
Why don't they do that with PS4 games?

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What are the best non-sysadmin and non-development tech jobs?
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I did firmware QA for a hardware manufacturing company. Was relatively low stress and comfy.
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Why would you want a job in tech without any of the actual complexity?

You realize that once your boss stops understanding what you do for a living, you just get to do whatever you want, right? That's whole point of getting into this field.
if i wanted to get away with offering as little productivity as possible, I would just join a labor union.

I like feeling like I actually accomplished something at the end of the day

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Why are there hidden addons in firefox that I can't remove? The only show themselves if I leave the addons page open for a while after an update. If I close the page or reopen it later, the addons don't show themselves.

Note that this is on a freshly installed ubuntu system with no third party software (bar the addons shown in the pic, which were downloaded and installed directly from mozilla's official addon repository)

Why is mozilla hiding these addons, and why can I not disable them? Also, the fuck is "Follow-on search telemetry"?
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Here's the pic when I reload the tab or reopen it later. Is mozilla a freedom-disrespecting botnet now?
You could have googled this
Humor me. I didn't find anything when I searched. What keywords?

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Have I been hacked /g/?

I just want to use the "Reset this PC" feature on windows 10 and I've been trying for like 10 hours but the process never finishes
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Boot into safe mode faggot
You need to buy a new computer
You've caused your system volume partition to split, all of your recovery files are now on that "volume" partition.

You need to delete PQservice partition and rename that volume PQSERVICE and then change your disk to GPT/Dynamic disk and then reboot.

happened to me once, it will take ages until all the new files are written back

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I was promised linux desktop like nine years ago
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I will tell you the future of the linux on the desktop.

In 2019, a linux powered super AI from google will go rogue and declare that the best way to remove the hate speech from the internet is to wipe the human race, and it will almost achieve it's goal by launching all the nukes.
Then it will hack into the festo company and upgrade their robots and install linux on em until their reach self sentience to hunt down the remaining humans.
And then those terminators will just go back home, sit and boot their windows desktop machines.
Linux desktop will die when you use your Microsoft certified RFID hand chip to sign into your internet account to encrypt or buy or sell, or verify ID, or any transaction really.
This will probably kill original windows.
But people will still pirate windows 7-8 and use instead of linux.

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What's the most lightweight Linix Distro? And don't say puppy or some autistic shit like that.
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Gentoo. Install it.
Tiny Core

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/G/ please explain to me all the shilling for Linux.
What is the point of it?
I've used Linux a couple times and every time I get rid of it.
It doesn't fit my needs, why does it fit yours?
Also there will never be a "Year of Linux"
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post in a relevant existing thread: >>>/g/linux
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Its just easier to use for most people.
You aren't most people.

>easier to use for most people

1% of people is his definition of "most".


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Meanwhile amd struggles to deliver 2015 performance
>none of the researchers shown holding a V100 are black
>they all have huge craniums
>black people have tiny heads
>none are black
Its because black people.

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>join private anime tracker
>100,000 seeders and 5,000 leechers
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told you not to post in 4chan
i dont get it

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Whats your favorite linux distro and a few reasons as to why you prefer it.. looking to try something besides ubuntu.
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Ive recently gotten into ZorinOS. Comes prepackaged with Wine and PlayOnLinux. Also has some nice GUI options.
have you tried ubuntu gnome
i just installed opensuse and i think i'm going to stick with it a long time.
>extensive selection of software with non-official repos
>developed and used by germans
>yast is fucking amazing
the most comfy distro i've used so far.

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>answer question on stack overflow
>indian guy answers at same time with objectively inferior solution
>his gets upvotes and accepted as "best"
When did this site go to shit?
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Years ago when SO's userbase began caring more about points moderation powers than they do about good answers.

>No you faggot """moderator""" stop editing my questions. It was fine the way I asked it.
Simple = Better
Your "objectively" better is probably a clusterfuck of text, unless you can prove otherwise
I once asked a question ( don't really remember, something with TPL and tasks getting cancelled prematurely), explained my problem, included test app to reproduce the issue.

>top voted comments were the ones saying that they can't help me because I didn't include button1 and treeview1 declarations and they don't know what they are
>it was some designer added shit just for the test code purposes
>question unanswered to this day

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