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Case A - Browse the net with:
- Windows OS
- Chrome/Chromium/unGOOGLED Chromium
- TCPView by Sysinternals(TM)


Case B - Browse the net with:
- BSD, GNU/Linux or Windows OS
- TTB, GNU Icecat, Waterfox, Vanilla Firefox or Palemoon
- TCPView by Sysinternals(TM) or analog Free/Libre tool

RESULT: TCPView does NOT lists any svchost CONNECTION to: GOOGLE IP
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Tcpview works on freebsd?
kys win nigger

Hi dee hi Zee no
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Hello world
What a great IDEA?

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Hey boys, got a question and I'm asking here because I don't feel like waiting 3 days for a response. In my rig I have one AMD Radeon 280x and one GTX 750ti. I have both connected to separate 24" displays. My question is this. Would it be better to just have one hooked up? And if so which one? In my opinion the r9 280x runs better. Thoughts everyone? Pic unrelated.
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Come on daddies.
fuck off senpai
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Why baby.

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hacker news.png
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is this literally Dunning-Kruger: the community?
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it's the community where autists talk sanely for the first time after a miserable long day of work
This is commercial technology forum, what do you expect? You think tech 'journalists' are actually smart? They are monkeys that only know BIG NUMBER GOOD, LITTLE NUMBER BAD.

You need to go elsewhere to find anyone that knows how to program or engineer.

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Why is it that fans on the side panel have gone out of fashion in the past so many years? Do they actually suck at cooling or do people just want to stare at their RGB guts all day through their case window?
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They don't do a lot for cooling unless you have multiple expansion cards. A front intake and top/rear exhaust work fine for most setups.
They just don't make a big cooling difference.

I have a 140mm side panel fan and honestly it maybe drops the GPU temp under load by like 2C is all.
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Would be a good idea for me , look how close my rear fan is to my desk.

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I recently attempted to create and ecosystem/evolution simulator on the unity engine, because i was familiar with it. But as I progressed I found that its not the best tool for the job.
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Why not?
This. Is there something about C# that's limiting you?
It depends on what the fuck you are trying to simulate. You trying to simulate evolution of sex and what not? Unity is not the best tool for that. Trying to make virtual creatures that go FAST, you can probably live with unity.

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Does anyone use Slackware any more?
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Usually the people that use slax aren't the type to start autistically screaming to let you know about it.
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They're a different kind of autistic.
Basically Arch people then.

Visual studio pros and cons?
Is it a good IDE?
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for a n00b like you even Notepad is good enough
Its /godtier/ in C#, not sure about anything else.
This and that's the only reason why I'm using Windows.

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Who's your favourite tech CEO / founder / entrepreneur?
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they're all shit bougies

except maybe musk, i like musk
Steve Jobs, because he was a visionary who actually made shit happen and changed the world. All these other fucks are dotcom 2.0 do-nothings and venture meme capital scam artists. Bill Gates is also a massive sneaky piece of shit. I don't even know who 5 of those people are.
Adolf hitler founder of the 3rd reich

Guts thread

Show off your inside part!
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So much space?
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Change each instance of linux to GNU+linux.
Very tendentious...
Make the words 'game' and 'video' filter to 'my cock sucking lust'.

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Now that delicious is dead (killed by that communist antifa piece of shit), how do I save my bookmarks?

Using FF is not an option since my bookmark file is like 4MB in size and has tags.
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But firefox bookmarks has tags and I have a big history with no slowdowns
how do you add tags?
is xmarks still a thing?

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Ask them here, after looking around on your own first.
Old one is here >>61411587
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Give me a converter to reverse mp4 files online so that they play backwards. No sketchy shit either.
How can i get a swipe keyboard (swype, gboard, swiftkey etc) on my desktop running windows? There are a lot of times I find myself reaching to my keyboard only to type one or two words, and I think it's an unnecessary effort.
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I asked this in the /dpt/ thread already but they're currently discussing Islam.

Left side, with the blue brush = my painting program. The blue 1 was made in one stroke of blue color first. Then, the 2 was made with a second stroke that first goes through the blue 1 but then also goes through itself. It's easy for me to make the old color bluer since I know I haven't modified it yet with the current stroke. But how can I tell that I can modify the color made by the current stroke when I go over it again within the same stroke? Like how can I tell the difference when it's okay to make the color darker? Because as the brush moves, say, left to right, the leftmost part of the brush would try to paint over pixels that were already painted blue by the rightmost part of the brush.
And it gets even worse if the brush is say, two colored. Let's say the left half of the brush is green, the right half is red. Then, if I go left to right, the rightmost pixels will always be painted red, but it should be followed by an increasingly longer "tail" of green, if you know what I mean.

Right side is how it's done in MSPaint. As you can see, even in the top left example, if the yellow brush goes in one stroke through itself, the color gets slightly darker.

Am I missing some blatantly obvious solution here? How can I tell if the brush should paint over pixels that the brush just painted within the same stroke?

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What's so funny?
bezels are a bit big and front branding is bad. but otherwise looks fine
Generic chinkphone #63737

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Come on niggers
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heres template
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OS: Windows
DE: Dwm
Browser: Chromium/Fuckfox
Language: C++
Text: Visual Studio/VS Code
Torrent: QBittorrent
Graphics: GIMP
Music: foobar2000
Video: smplayer/vlc/mplayer/mpv
Backup: Google Drive/Dropbox

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