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>buying an iPhone Final Fantasy X II when you could get a Mi Mix 2
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This is a fascinating thread I wonder where its going.
>tar xf
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So, blueborne came to fuck everybody in the arse.

What are you guys doing about it?

Is there already a exploit to it?

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I am on iOS10, which already mitigated it.

If you actually use Bluetooth you don't belong here

Hey guys, I'm a sound/video artist who's trying to set up a bot that will post a link to Facebook groups that I select once a day so as not to spam but still take care of my promotional needs so I can focus my time and energy on my art instead of trying to gain an audience for it. I know a little bit about coding and computers and I have been trying to find an easy tutorial online but have not had much luck. Does anyone know of any good sites or tutorials that can help me? I use a MacBook Pro that utilizes mac OS SIerra:10.12.4.
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Spam is spam, regardless of the frequency. If you're not getting clients, maybe your work is just subpar.
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When I post my work manually people seem to like it, until you get clout no one cares about what you do and its a long arduous process to get to that point, I just figured a bot that posts when I normally do anyway could help me. Maybe you're right though.

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Hey /g/, stupid but interesting concept, what would happen if you were to take a something like a modern toyata camary, and develop your own software for the car's internal computer, i know it would be tedious and pointless, but there would it even be possible? can i install Gentoo
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bump, with a further question i suppose. Are the current OS's used in cars based off the linux kernel?
I know there are some hacker groups that work on things like that. Search the Web for them.
You'd need to develop a real-time microkernel for a resource-constrained environment, and be ready to interface with decentralized controllers, sensors and servos which will communicate to you in encrypted form and with data that only the manufactured knows the meaning of.

There's some material out there about hacking the CAN bus if you're still interested and not put off.

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While working as the sole developer for a small company I setup bitbucket repos. These were mostly for WordPress sites with the exception of an in house web app and a couple phone apps. I put in my two week notice and before these two weeks were up I transferred them to my personal account for my portfolio and future reference and in preparation of setting up fresh repos for everything the next day. The company got wind of it somehow and had bitbucket lock my account while investigating (they found that as the admin I had the right to do so and unlocked my account the next day). Now the company is threatening to sue unless I sign a ridiculous severance agreement and this is all being done out of spite because I decided to leave the company. I plan on getting a top notch IT lawyer if they pursue this but wanted to get some opinions. Do they have a case? All code is still in production and they still have copies of everything (including the repos which I imported back to my work account). There was no non-disclosure, copyrights, or anything.
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If you developed it for the company it's 100% the IP of your former employer.
I do understand that but I'm not claiming ownership, don't plan on reselling it, nothing like that. Just wanted a reference of my work.
Not yours to show off

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What is /g/'s search engine of choice?


What are the pros / cons?

Any other comments?

I'm currently using google, but thinking of switching to DDG
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Bing for sure... it's heaps awesome...
DuckDuckGo currently. I know I'll get hate for it, but it's the only one that keeps up with Google well. ;-;
DDG = google tier shit that censor results.
Try searx, qwant or startpage.

With face id coming soon, are we about to enter a new age of identity theft?

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Only if we actually use our face of other body parts as a password which is the biggest security catastrofuck imaginable.

People can't be this stupid, right? Just use a password/code. I assume Apple ships its new phones with a warning about not securing your phone with properties that cannot be changed and can be captured by anyone in your presence.
>what is "liveness" detection
stay brainlets /g/
>People can't be this stupid, right?
The average global IQ is about 90. Half the world has an IQ of less than 90.

...and average global IQ is projected to get lower.

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> end 2017
> On /g/, the Technology board of 4chan
> All people talks about buying new things.
> All the posts are about mass consuming technology.
> "Lol you don't have money for iDevices, you're such a looser"
> Everytime I post something about real technology all anons reply me with "install gentoo"

What the fuck, /g/? What happened? Reddit is becoming better than this shit hole.
Daily Programming Thread, Simple Question Thread, Gnu/Linux Thread seems the only Technology related posts.
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Shut up pajeet
So let's talk about technology here. So I've been compiling the Linux kernel for and Allwinner V3s, working on a project that will allow multi-room audio streaming from my NAS (V3s uses around half a watt idling, so it's good for that). I need to add CIFS support (done, easy) and support for the RTL8723BS wifi, which as of kernel 4.13 is staging in the mainline kernel.

I cannot find any staging drivers option in menuconfig though, it is 4.13.0, other options are there. Under Drivers - Realtek wifi drivers I only see the 8188EU and 8723AU, no 8723BS.

Where would that driver be? Or do I need to select anything in other options to show staging drivers?
Op Here.
You are the cancer of this community.

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>Hey, mister? What's a good Blu-ray Player for Windows 7 x64? VLC and none of the stuff for it seem to work. And Google hasn't been giving any good results so far. We'd prefer to play directly from the disc, but will rap if have to.
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that is an incredibly unattractive selection of children
AnyDVD HD + MPC-HC or mpv

Spotted the pedo

PowerDVD is really the only thing around anymore. For $50 though you're better off getting an actual blu ray player.

Need file explorer alternatives for windows. Any suggestions?
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Far Manager
Total Commander

Why does the iMac seem to be so premium compared to windows?

Just go into an Apple store and you’ll see what I mean. The great aesthetics, the 5k 27”display which is unrivaled by anything windows has to offer, the OS itself...

iMac really is the computing experience for the elite.
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Don't forget to sage these shill threads anon
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Oh look it's this thread again.
>seem to be so premium

Because that's the point. It's made in such a way to wow you with design and marketing tricks, but behind all that premium glazing, there are just average PC components. And it's all made in China.

So, it's the biggest scam in the tech world. It's pure marketing. They are selling "design" not computing. Little wonder that macs are the most popular PCs among gays and women.

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He destroyed the Radeon with the fucking HBMeme.
he literally said that he has a shit load of personal issues to work with and he is taking a long vacation
he even gave the dates

random /g/ anon
>he literally said that he has a shit load of personal issues to work with
>finally learning how to poo in the loo

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2017 - $4.00
2018 - $1.80
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I'm gonna throw the curve ball bet and say she's already dead.
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That's heavy

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So... what will we convince applefags to do to their new 1000 dollar toys this year?

My idea: "iPhones now can be charged with strong magnets. Simply place magnet on back of phone and move it around for a few minutes.

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> Simply place magnet on back of phone and move it around for a few minutes.
Not everybody have a strong magnet. It won't do anything to a phone.
Yeah, and we've already done microwave charging.

Rather have something original.
Maybe something with inductive charging on an electric range.
"Lose your charger? Dont worry, wireless charging works on your electric stove! Simply turn your stove to medium low, and place your device on its back on the coil. In 30 min, you have a full charge!"

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>Wake up
>Hundreds of threads about phones
What the fuck?
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Apple shat out another iTurd.
>Wake up
>Still alive
What the fuck?
>Dream technology related stuff
>Wake up
>Stuff in dreams doesn't exist
>Continue living empty life
The fuck?

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