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>only /g/ autists hate the iPhone

>muurrrrrrr durrrrrr my android is better because i can install custom ROM's on it and customize it!!!

mfw when you need to install custom ROM's to make your phone performance / battery better because it's shit at stock.

>iPhone has much better security
iPhone's UI is the best ever, you won't find a phone thats so easy to use, and you don't have to spend 4 hours a week customizing the layout of your apps to be able to use it efficently.
>much better developed applications, everything runs much smoother
>default apps are all useful unlike Androids
>all default apps like clock, calender are shit
>mfw when android doesn't even have a weather app

please try to prove to me why android is in any way better than an iphone (unless you bring up the S8's features, that's a great phone but i hate the OS). I don't give a fuck about customizing your phone. I don't care about custom ROM's. What advantage do they even give you?

>mfw when /g/ autists try to make a meme out of apple "iToys" - when in reality all their doing with their phone is installing fucking gentoo/roms on it, and playing around with the customization rather than using it for actual moves AKA A FUCKING TOY.

>Nexus 6P user
>Previous phones in order (Google Pixel, Samsung S4, Samsung S3, iPhone 4, iPhone 2G)
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case proven
>mfw when
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3MB, 1280x720px

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Sometimes I don't have an image saved and I find it on google images.
I don't care where it comes from so long as it's not one of those retarded watermark images from me.me that adds COMMENT TEXT to the bottom and destroys the image.
>being this autistic
>stupid frogposter
>complains about filenames
>did not bother to rename his own pepe when he saved it

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>OS used by Sony, Apple, etc
Linux Mint, (((Majaro))) and Ubuntu
>used by /g/ fags like pic
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Yes yes, Linux is for mentally ill toothless crackheads, Windows is for professionals with jobs, and MacOS is for intelligent people who want the benefits of both systems with none of the negatives.
OP's wife
>Used by BBC bulls.
>intelligent people
you wasted an almost funny comment

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is it good yet?
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It's always been good.
#Hillary2016. I'm with her.

>every time you post on 4chan, Google is using you as a pajeet
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No, because im a good goy.
How much longer will 4chan support recaptcha v1?

>he didn't build his own version of Overchan with support for their own chans
seriously, what does clover have over overchan??
the only thing at all ive noticed is that new threads/comments pop out instead of just a full-screen thing
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It has a nicer name and logo
>build his own version
>implying anyone on neo-/g/ is capable of doing that
Where is the grid view? Clover has one.

This quote is really bothering me ! I tried learning programming as a nice hobby but I just cannot shake the feeling I'm not meant to be doing this now. It was so fun when I first started now I'm slowly starting to lose my motivation because of this quote

I can barely even concentrate on programming anymore should I just give up or keep trying
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"if a quote can make you stop doing something, stop doing it, also quote this"
There's a reason so many senior programmers move on to managerial positions/similar, and program only hobby projects, if at all.
get a book, read it even if you don't get it, do the damn exercises included. then do stuff and reread the book

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For everything about monitors.

I'll start: what do you think about pic related (Dell U2518D)?

It costs the same as the U2515H and has the fake HDR, but still...buy or not?
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what program is that?

An interpretation of a generic photoshop, because that image comes from dell's pressroom and it's marketing for the monitor.

It's like when insurance companies uses fake generic cars without logos.
Is this a good monitor? It has all the features I want


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When will we get OLED monitors?
Everything else is so fucking shit.
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OLED is the epitome of "planned obsolescence."
va panel > ips due to contrast alone
we've had superior technology for 30+ years

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Can anyone help with this ARG? We've tried everything.
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>op is a game
no op is a faggot
Checked. OP is indeed a faggot.
Confirmed, OP is a faggot.

>you have to connect to the internet to squeeze fucking juice
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Embedded shills on suicide watch
Internet of Things
Juicero is to the tech world what Tesla is to the car world

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Daily reminder that you're not a true GNU/Linux user if you don't own a Tux Droid (tm)
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1. Is this thing real?
2. Where do you get one?
well maybe second hand
looks satanic

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Archfags laughed when Manjaro forgot to renew their SSL certificate but it looks like the S U P E R I O R Arch developers can't even do something so simple themselves
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how retarded are you OP?
See this is funny, and regular arch user can spot what's wrong with this in ~3 seconds
Nice shill attempt, manjaro shill
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There's no way this isn't b8

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>Works perfectly
>The top apps, the best apps
>Perfectly tuned by Apple, no jailbreaking required
>The best battery life in a phone
>The best support on a phone
>The prestige of an iPhone
>5 year support cycle, not even Android custom ROMs can compete
Can LineageOS even compete?
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+1, and fuck 1+
>>Works perfectly
Subjective to use case
>>The top apps, the best apps
Once again subjective
>>Perfectly tuned by Apple, no jailbreaking required
If you're happy within Apple's walled garden, then sure. Same could be said for Android and rooting
>>The best battery life in a phone
Lol bo
>>The best support on a phone
Support for what? You mean the 32-bit apps no longer having a place on the market? You mean IOS updates that have broken or bricked phones?
>>The prestige of an iPhone
Poor people who feel their $1000 device impresses others. There's a reason iPhone is the number one financed phone.
>>5 year support cycle, not even Android custom ROMs can compete
Lol no. Try 2 years at a Max before the phone becomes slow and laggy all while battery life takes a shit. assuming you didn't drop and break the fragile phone of course. How do you think Apple gets people to constantly buy the latest and greatest?
>Can LineageOS even compete?
Who cares? Custom ROMs are for fags anyway. Stock ROM with encrypted storage and a mandatory start up password is best.

LG V20 masterrace

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>/g/ hates Powershell now

What happened? Did we get overrun by poojeets?
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> windows
> horrible syntax
> slow
> shit
/g/ always hated powershell

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