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>he spend his free time on learning text editor instead coding apps in Atom

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>implying it takes a substantial amount of time to learn Vim

if you're just editing a config, all you need to know is to go into insert mode, save, and exit. If you're too much of a brainlet to hit one extra key to change mode, you don't deserve the quick editing tools Vim has anyway
>implying atom doesn't have a vim mode
people on /g/ use vim as ide

You are ready for the massive "slightly" used GPU influx /g/
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Oooh, a twenty point drop. Scary!
I won't pay anything over $150 US for an 8GB card.x
You better do a lot of research before buying a used GPU when they are flooded onto the market.

The Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 is among the few with removable double ball bearing fans.

If the card has sleeve bearing fans then it's a no-go. If it doesn't say what kind of fans are on it then it's a no-go. If the fans aren't easy to replace then that's something to consider.

Also, make sure you are able to get a copy of the original BIOS. A modified BIOS made for mining a specific coin will probably give you all kinds of issues when you're playing games. That's a minor issue, though, the fans are the real issue with all these GPUs that have been used for mining. GPU fans on consumer cards aren't really made to go at full speed 24/7 for months on end and the fans on a lot of cards will make rattle noises and a lot of noise in general even at low speeds afterwards.

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>I get on this app called CloverOS XXXDDDD
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I hope we're all fucking dead before that
I'm CloverOS dev and >>61311201
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Found a smelly amdjeet looking for work today after AMD collapsed, thank fuck there mostly ded now. took a pic

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What if we're living inside a computer simulation?
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That doesn't change a thing if we do
We could be.
Maybe there's only me and I made u up.

Doesn't really change anything.
then i'd like to be garbage collected

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How true is this?
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I was actually just saying in another thread that I like to run forth on the ATMega328 and above because it's small enough that you can get it to do reasonable complex things at the uC level and it plays nice with things like MQTT if you want to send remote payloads of forth code.
Forth is the language of small machines, and it is Good.
I want to hack hard. I want to hack HARD.

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R8 & H8

Lets see em anon.
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and yes that is not w10
I keep it simple, the gestures easily replace most of the icons/shortcuts
get an icon pack

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Can your Kindle do that?
Android master race.
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you're my kind of guy op
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Kindle literally uses X11 though?
But can you root it? Can it play video?



>mfw for every 400 dollar Freesync panel the G-Sync equivalent is 600 dollars
Fuck you Jensen
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>using proprietary Nvidia shit
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>tfw all >60Hz monitors are either TN or awful IPS panels with backlight bleed to hell and back
There are bunch of 144hz IPS panels for pretty cheap, even at WQHD, that is... if you have AMD. If you have Nvidia you have to pay the chink tax.

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Wouldn't an old android phone with an SSH server be better than pic related, or am I just retarded?
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No it wouldn't even be equivalent. Busybox is really limited compared to any Linux shell and you would be stuck with Android.
What are you using it for?
Depends on the application. What you propose could be cost effective, but you are lacking ethernet connection (unless you use an adapter). Also the purpose of the rpi is, apart from being a cheap soc to introduce children to programming, to be able to interface with other embedded devices, through the gpio pins. From an EE and ECE viewpoint, The rpi includes interfaces like iic, serial, spi and thr gpio pins. Of course, there are better alternatives like beaglebone black, whixh offers morr peripherials, but as an entry level product is good.

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What is the best thinkpad model? Need some thoughts before I buy one.
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Macbook Pro.
Don't meme me right now. Be serious.

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Is Murica fucked? Tell me, /g/?
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Not as fucked as UK.
1. Oh boy, this bullshit again. Every 2 months when some bill is going to be passed, it's "the internet is going to die forever". Also "net neutrality" at this point is a meaningless, undefinable hippie buzzword. Remember sopa, pipa etc, and how the internet was dead then.

2. "Protesting" by jacking off and signing some gay little online form isn't going to do anything. It never does.

3. "muh privacy" is a clickbait meme started by journalists to trick you into thinking your worthless searches and "information" which have always been worthless and still are suddenly are worth fighting a faux internet war over.
Probably. Hope not, but I'm not optimistic.

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Why are there 4K HDR tv's and 4K HDR smartphones but no 4K HDR monitors?
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Nice meme
Because it's another shitty normie meme meant to sell TV's and phones to technophobes who don't understand colour accuracy.
both 4k and HDR are memes
HDR literally ruins the directors work with the movie, he decided on the lighting for each scene and HRD completely ruines it
cant imagine it would be of benefit for anything except photography and image processing

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Post anything nu-males would own/buy.
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This chair still wobbles like any other office chair. They are all garbage.
This chair is unironically very good. We use those at work, I have markus at home because it's much more affordable but it's not even close. Both markus and all those retarded gaymer chairs are shit compared to real ergo chairs.
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meme hardware
(Speaking of both brands)

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I use it for a few sites I host, mostly for personal use.

With docker container that refreshes my certificate every month it was trivial to set up.

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Better than nothing. Seriously the fact that you need to use a certificate when you only want an encrypted connection against mitm attacks (and not identity validation) is really shitty...
This so much.
I have one domain and many docker container running on different subdomains.
I like using this with auto generated certs:

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I currently work a really shitty, low paying no benefits job housepainting which I have done for the past 2 years. I've programmed C++ and python seriously for graphics projects for the past 5 years with a marginally popular git repo. I want to make tech my career and end my painting career. I figure the fastest way is to get certified in shit like A+, CCNA, etc. Is this the way to go and how hard will it be?

I cant live like this anymore, I'm over 30 and have literally nothing
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pl respond
anyone pls
>I figure the fastest way is to get certified
Certs are next to useless. And if you want to be programmer, don't go for admin certs.

Have you actually ever looked for an applied for a programming job?

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