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Does anyone know if i can get any lowrisc mini boards (like the pi)? And if where?
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why not just buy the pi anon?
too popular
not free enough
Pi sucks ,ARM is boring, their license is shit.

Hey guys, I was just wondering, how do I achieve maximum privacy on an android device? (pic unrelated)
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in terms of just software, buy a replicant supported phone (meaning like a samsung galaxy s2)

in general, if you use a smartphone you're fucked
privacy from what
Tear it apart, physically destroy gsm and wifi chips, install everything thru sd cards|

I'm thinking of turning my HP Stream or my Thinkpad T430 into a combination home seedbox and mediabox, where I download torrents and then just directly output them to my TV.

Which is the ideal Linux distribution for this, and if you're going to insist on the Gentoo meme, which package suite is ideal?
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Windows with utorrent and mpc-hc with all the plugins
But don't do this. Running windows is not great.
I fucking hate Windows don't insult me. Please don't make me cave and just usu Ubuntu or some similarly normietastic distribution.
Just use Xubuntu or something else that's Debian based.

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>there are "people" on /g/ not using one email address for one account only

When did /g/ become so shit?
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classic meme, friend.
When did you find that picture?

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So Best Buy is selling iPhone SEs for $120 with a new contract on Sprint, and I've been thinking about changing my carrier for a while.

How is the iPhone SE?

I'd be coming from a Galaxy S6. I'm fucking tired of it because the battery life is absolute halal. It was either a Moto G5 Plus or an iPhone SE. I like smaller displays, but I'm worried it's TOO small.

Anyone have an iPhone SE can comment on how much they like it?
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It's alright.
The only thing I don't like that wasn't readily apparent before I bought it, is that the edges on the back form a hard right angle, which feels like it's cutting into your hand if you grip it too hard. But it's an easily avoidable problem, or if it really bothers you, just get a case with more rounded edges.
Other than that it pretty much suits my needs and meets all expectations. At the $120 price point nothing else can compete.
Do you find the 4 inch screen terrible to view any content on, like funposting on 4chains?

I admittedly use my phone a fair amount for viewing content and reading shit. I'm a little worried about investing in it and the experience being too insufferable because of the screen size.
No, but I am probably biased since the only smartphones I have had before it were a 3.8 inch android phone and a 3.5 inch blackberry classic, so it is actually a slight upgrade for me.
to be honest I never understood the point of really big screen phones.whenever someone hands me theirs, it seems so pointless. my eyes can only focus on 1.5 to 2 inches of the screen (vertically), what is the point of having a huge screen when I can just scroll to see more text? I guess it makes typing a bit easier and watching videos a little more immersive, but using a phone for either of those is always going to be hugely inferior to a tablet or laptop even if the screen is 6.5 inches, so I'd rather use one of those than my phone if I have to type a lot of text or watch a long video.

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Does anyone know good tutorials for someone new to both android studio and Kotlin? All of the official ones that I can find are for Java.
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The best kotlin tutorial is the Java tutorial that you convert into kotlin by yourself.

Or just be a stupid nigger and copy paste it into Android studio: it'll translate the code to kotlin for you.
If Kotlin is so similar to Java that it can be converted, what's the point of using one over the other? I'm sure I'm over simplifying, but I'm interested to hear the benefits (in terms someone more experienced with c but less with oop can understand).
android development tutorials focus on the framework. which should be the same (as it is with csharp/mono or C++ NDK)

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How do we fix it?
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Fire the pajeet
Give it back to ATI
Sell it to Samsung or anyone else

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What shred of the past do you still use anon?
How old is it?
What does it do?
Why do you still use it?

I still use AutoCAD 2005, when it comes down to it, it does pretty much everything i need for a 2D drafting program and shelling out another 3-4 grand for the newer versions isnt worth it, 2005 also has a much cleaner UI and its very pleasant to use compared to 2009 or 2014, which ive also used.
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>What shred of the past do you still use anon?
Cow Say
>How old is it?
>What does it do?
Cow say
>Why do you still use it?
I love it
up until last year I still used GetRight occasionally. I remember having my mom send them a check in the mail back in the mid 90s to get a registration code.

Last thread was a bit slow, let's have another one

What are you tinkering with /g/oblins?
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Monitoring this thread
I'd like to do something with Arduinos to fight boredom but dunno what to do, all the usual things in most tutorials don't look interesting at all.
what is that?

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all right /g/, let's write a program, one statement at the time.
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#include <iostream>
int main(){ return 1; }
int nigger() {

Is he and his husbando our guys, /g/?
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Yes he is /g/'s daddy
Who the hell are they?
I would say yes. I wish they were my surrogate gay fathers.

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imagine (((licensing))) your wife from Micro$oft under a non-exclusive, royalty free license, that Micro$oft can revoke AT ANY TIME.

is there any doubt that proprietary software is the biggest cuck we all have to buy into?
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Maybe if I could achieve a sexy wife licensed, I could think about it.
A licensed wife is better then no girl in my life

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since /wsr/ doesn't help....
I can't get it to turn on, replaced cmos, changed ram, changed cpu, what else should I try?
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Does it POST?
Which fans spin up?
Tried a different PSU?
Your ram is in the wrong slot.
sounds to me like a dead board

any warranty left on that ancient relic?

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My nephew did something that really pissed me off and I wanna fuck his computer up. I want it to still run but I want it to run so horribly it would run minecraft at minimum settings at 12 fps.
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install linux

no, really
If the BIOS has the options, you can downclock the CPU and disable cores.
Underclock, remove drivers, tiny pagefile

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Well, shit. How do I fix this?
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install Gentoo

you dont have to anything... it will still work as it ... that part isnt required for it to work electrically

just be more carefull with it now

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