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Who else is enjoying their new leaf blower?
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The 100 or so people worldwide who got one.
fake nudes
How could you possibly have fun with one of those oversized hair dryers?

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This is outstanding overclock for an 18 core chip, I just wonder what the power consumption is stock and overclocked.

He hit 4.8 GHz on the same chip. It's golden silicon. Expect actual retail samples to vary significantly.
Temperatures are actually good. What did he cool it with? I'm impressed, if only the price was a little bit lower but this is HEDT so I shouldn't be surprised.

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>5 years since they announced "Gigabit Fibe" FTTH internet
>only deployed to a handful of newly constructed condos in Toronto so far
>99% of house-dwellers can't get it even in Toronto
>Bell has deployed it to a couple new subdivisions just so that they can claim it's available not just in condos
>meanwhile record profits despite losing subscribers due to "lower than expected capital expenditure"

Why is this allowed?
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Governments are too stupid to figure out how to deal with telecom monopolies. Why do you think the mama bell breakup just resulted in the same geographic monopolies in the states?
>too stupid

You mean govt officials are ready to sell out public interest for a cushy job at the companies they're supposed to be regulating, and there aren't enough ethics laws to go after them due to these laws potentially infringing on "muh freedumbs."
gotta move to nova scotia, senpai. we've got Aliant and have had fiber for YEARS.

>be me
>in july
>have a degree in web dev
>talk to a company(I know the owner)
>guy said he needs a fully functional website
>with accounts auto emailing PMing payment system order and mailing the whole 9 yards
>says he needs it in under a month
>guy has a crt and a custom ibm keyboard with rgb
>guy is the "gay retro gaymer that wears stockings and has toys on his desk from /g/"
>Get the website done in 15 days
>everything works fine
>spent day in and out working on it
>He said the sooner I get it done the more he would pay me
>I told him a base price of 500$(I was being nice)
>came too him and gave him the logins and shit
>and told him that his bill was 1250$
>had told him before that its was 50$ a day to working on it.
>he gets all mad and says I'm trying to cheat him
>tell him that he would have paid a lot more for a freelancer
>He says he wont even pay me
>get fucking pissed
>told him infront of his employes that he can go fuck himself with his gay retro cancer gaymer setup
>went on a rant in his store talking to the employes about how he just got me to do free work
>take him to court
>sued him for 50,000$
>paid the rest of my loans off and have 500$ left
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>had told him before that its was 50$ a day to working on it.
So he had all the reason to assume you're retarded
Look I was doing him a favor.
He was just starting out.
But I won in the end
Great blog, where should I donate?

PS- your thread is shit and i unironically hope you die soon. Pipe yourself into /dev/null

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guys i'm actually using firefox but everyone knows that its shit with telemetry.. can u recommend me any browser googlefree please
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If you don't want Google, you can try Firefox. Next best thing.
Compile it without telemetry
Everytime I install Firefox at some point I get memory leak while using it. Use Chrome nigga.

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Is it worth it?
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Like I said earlier,
It's cheap as fuck
There is nothing wrong with that AR but you barely have any space. Try 1600x* at least.

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To guarantee that all students have a basic knowledge of calculus, especially about the analysis of elementary real functions in one variable and the usage of finite and infinite series in computer science.
-Sequences and their limits
-Finite and infinite series and their applications in computer science
-Real functions in one variable
-Elementary functions and their properties
-Derivatives and integration of real functions
-Applications of real functions in one variable in computer science

Am I wrong for underestimating this calculus class because it says basic calculus?
Do you think it will be hard and is it calculus1?
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Learn it and make my apps
y-yes sir
This sounds pretty typical for a Calc I class. You'll do more integration in Calc II, then you'll do 3D integration in Calc III.

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My S6's screen died a few months ago. I have some... Important pics saved in private mode. Without getting another display and fixing it, is there any way to retrieve the files in private mode?
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Op here. I was thinking about connecting it and trying to browse through files on my pc but I don't think you can access the files if they're saved in private mode. Maybe a micro USB to HDMI adapter and using an external display?

Bad luck and whats private mod
Samsung MHL adapter to HDMI should work.

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Helping someone get files off their shitty laptop. Their windows won't boot and they don't have a repair disc and they want their files. If I take out the hard drive and plug it into a computer with a USB adaptor can I pull the files then put the hard drive back in and and restore?
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/g/ is not your personal tech support forum, retard
Yeah ok lick my dick you dumb nigger

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About to install pic related into my pc. According to this video, i can unplug my current HDD where Windows 7 is installed and plug in the new SSD.
install windows 7 on the SSD then later plug back in the HDD and use it as my file storage
is this correct ?
Also it's 8pm and im not able to buy a 2,5 to 3,5 bracket but im desperate to install it, should i use double tapes like he did on the video ?
im also not sure if i have 2 extra sata cables to connect both, i have to clean my desk open the case and look at it !
pls assist me ! im afraid doing it alone lol
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forgot Video Link

Just clone it and set the trim correctly.
>inb4 Poorfag oem win 7 copy

I have the same drive and that's what I did. Then I trimmed out all the junk. I you don't set windows correctly for the ssd you will trash it.

>lurk more newfag
i do have an oem win 7 lol
i bought this dell pc yeaaars ago but all the hardware even case everything is new from last year
only the hdd is the old part....i will try my luck with the registration if not i will buy a new win7 key

just realized that i don't have a 2nd sata cable
also i have no fucking clue where the power connector ( cable ) is in this pc....

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Tell me /g/, how can you take this seriously?
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Tux is cute ^_^
Better than a gay blowfish.
How the fuck is 4 color blocks or the silhouette of an apple any better?

Why does this thing take forever to load. Whenever I restart my pc I can't do shit until this network is ready doing whatever it is doing and that takes up to 2 minutes or more. Can't open programs,games etc etc. Any solutions to this?
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buy an ssd
Install Gentoo.

I am on a ssd

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(((oh oh))).png
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This is the future that Democrats want.
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>4chan becoming inaccessible
>a bad thing
Fuck off newfriend
It's funny because it's true
I would be fine with this if it meant stormcucks stopped infesting every inch of the internet with their retarded racist shilling.

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Need a new laptop for college soon (Software Development). What's a good laptop to get for around €300-450?
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Laptops are for cucks
Just get a gayman pc
just get an X220T from ebay

You can get one for $200 and then splice in better parts if you need.

>make bombs
>market it as a phone
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not an argument

Sent From My iPhone
>t. iToddler
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What brand of fire extinguisher do you carry with you when you operate an iPhone?

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