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In the windows if i want more bass i go here, but in linux? how do?
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>bass boost
>not having system-wide equalizer
I'd adjust it on my hardware
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top lel

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I haven't had a Facebook in probably 7 years. I am just wondering /g/'s opinion on it's relevance in the world of business and networking.

I realize the ethical implications of it's data-mining endeavors, but you can present a reputable identity. This is not only good for keeping up with like-minded individuals, colleagues, professors, etc in your field, but also for presenting yourself to potential mates.

I'm also afraid that a lack of footprint during a background check, such as not having a Facebook for example, could make a potential employer concerned that you may be hiding something.

TL;DR: Is Facebook necessary in helping get girls/jobs/research opportunities/scholarships/etc.
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I have neither a Facebook nor a LinkedIn account. It's never mattered. People don't care as long as you aren't weird in person.
To add to my post, I am a socially awkward individual, not very charismatic. Not a great speaker. Another thought was that perhaps a Facebook identity could make up for this as well?
Facebook is good for arranging events and having sex with women you went to high school with. It serves no purpose in the business world.

Intel is kill confirmed?
Have they sorted out x299 problems?
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If it's still not soldered and still costs twice as much as Threadripper, answer's no.
who the fuck at intel thought it would be a good idea to replace the solder with shitty tim even on their HEDT lineup.
its almost like they want to be known as the housefire company.
(((Cost effective)))

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Now that sjws have taken over all tech companies what are you doing as a white male? You will not find a job in the future.
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Google must be destroyed.
>implying I work in tech
white males need to be kept out of companies like google and microsoft because they are dangerous to civilized society and their existence should not be perpetuated

kikes are shooting themselves in the foot desu

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As long as Linus Jewish Tips is alive we are going to have this massive influx of degeneracy and 16 year old gamers
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Not really, they would be here anyway.
I don't care. It just means more available hardware on the second-hand market for me to buy.
Or you know, you could realise that every time you make a thread complaining about him, you're giving him views and therefore more money.

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Consider the following. Windows is the best operating system. Since the earliest versions, starting at about version 3, it has consistently outclassed all other operating systems in terms of performance, ease of use, software compatibility and hardware support. This is no coincidence - people don't choose to use Windows because they are not aware of alternatives, they choose to use Windows because it's the best option, it always was, ever since the early nineties. While other systems were focusing on aesthetics or features no one would use 2 years later, Microsoft kept one thing in mind for Windows, and that was usability. Usability is the game changer. What do other systems have to offer? Sure macOS is pretty, but is it usable? Sure Linux has some nifty features, but is it usable? The answer is sadly no, and this is why Windows has and will remain the only real driving force in the OS market. Windows is simply great.
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Holy shit... I'll have to bleach my eyes now from all the shit I just read.
I agree with you OP
This is a thread for love and not for hate

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Are there ANY IEM's out there which are high quality but not bulky looking or have to be wired around your whole ear? I have this expensive music player with full FLAC audio just sitting there gathering dust because every time I try to find a pair of earphones I like I give up after searching for something I know i'll be happy with after a few hours.

The closest I can find to something of those specifications is Grado GR8e's but I just can't condone $430 for them.
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Any from Shure.

>have to be wired around your whole ear

Philips she3590bk.
I have a pair they are microscopic,paired with a good player and convolver they age pretty good.
If you are into placebo than buy whatever the most expensive thing is.

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computer pic.jpg
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fast, amazing screen, UNIX based, OS is excellent, customer service is the best on the market.
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One time I was on an airplane and saw a guy in the aisle across from me using one of these.
It made me so god damn angry but there was nothing I could do about it.
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Fucking shills these days. At least do something creative with it man.

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Last thread: >>61789446
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first lol
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Is there any meaning to this?
My PC boots for a fraction of a second and then turns off. I've tried an external power button, it isn't wedged on. I've tried removing everything bar boot drive/mobo/CPU power, same deal. Different power cable and different port on the wall, same deal. Anything else left to try or has my PSU finally given up the ghost? It started happening one day after I hadn't swapped parts in months, so I'm fairly sure I didn't break it.

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No new video for more than three days. What happened?
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what happened to terry? why doesnt he stream anynore
Jewgle banned him, because they hate god and his prophet programmer.

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New RMS appreciation thread.

Join us now, share your rare stallmans and celebrate software freedom.
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If you like people who eat shit from their feet, and are has-beens then sure I'll dump my memes.
Von is better
Yeah fuck yourself /g/

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I don't get it /g/, if the internet was doing fine for years without net neutrality why is there a sudden need for it? Why keep another law when you can get rid of the laws that enable monopolies?
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>smartphones enticing the jews
What do you mean?
smartphones are the current trend among the investors
and because of the nature of mass users, the probabilities of dumb users are huge, meaning potential gains
this situation was impossible in all those years because it wasn't a mass market for entertainment/chat/waste of time

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who don't use KDE-CONNECT
What's your excuse, /g/?

What are the competitors / equivalents to this? It works flawlessly for me but I'm just curious.
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I dont know what it is and what profit I'd get out of it
it has a very high potential, i dont think there is a better competitor for this in linux, it is very well integrated, but it lacks more features and control of the android side, like being able of answering messages from like whatsapp (not very reliable from now, have had songs that i transfered being corrupt)
the sshfs feature is a good quick mtp alternative
thanks for the info, very useful
I use it :)

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>the state of apple
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this thread again
>this damage control again
that's why you buy a replacement mouse for 299$ so you can use it while the other one is charging!

t. a long time linux user wanting to give windows 10 a try. since pro and home has telemetry and compulsory windows store applications, I want to pirate the enterprise n version. are there any safe activators for it? if so, how do I know there is no botnet being installed on my system (except for the windows itself)?
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>t, a long time linux user wanting to give windows 10 a try
i think you are supposed to pirate windows 7 and then microsoft will upgrade you two non-pirated windows 10 for free
You don't, ya dummy.

Stick to linux

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