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>wtf /g/ some guy buys him drums and he don't post anymore
someone e mail him n post new vids
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I'm sure his parents are gonna be happy that you guys bought Terry a drum kit.
>he don't post anymore
He's probably busy getting his chops up, and he just posted a video the other day.

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In C, it is hard to find recipes for stuff that you want to do. Libraries and frameworks like Redux that force you to employ a particular design pattern simply do not exist.

Unidirectional UI is an attempt to bring data-driven programming to the UI world.

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Who is this semen demon?
That sounds reasonable. I am glad she is learning.
His name is Ashley

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I wonder if using a larger sector cluster size would shorten the lifespan of flash drives since now the reading/writing is done in 64k chunks.
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Depends. The reason to do this, if you only write big files onto it(few extra kb/mb from index file). And if you read/write big files 64kb at the EOF doesn't matter much.
Yeah, I assume for small files the wear would be more significant. Programs in general, such as Firefox, VLC, etc.. which have many small file.
Don't worry your head about flash cycles, your drive won't end up RO anytime soon

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>people ask for my email
>give them my cock.li address
>they give me a weird look

thanks memesters of /g/
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you are welcome
>not using the nigge.rs domain

if you did that they would have found it funny
> Using you cock.li mail address in public
> Not hiding your power level
You got a lot to learn anon.

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hey /g/
i need something to draw all my notes/ideas/diagrams on, what tablet do you recommend?
i'm too lazy to search for paper to write on + a pen, and using wacom tablet for that feels weird and uncomfortable
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Don't waste your money. Just learn LaTeX. Thank me later.

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Welcome to the botnet.
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Worse than that, Google wants to bring back fascism in the west and the chinks are helping them do it
>4/5 of those are options that can be disabled in the settings
>The first one probably isn't true
Stop posting this picture, even firefox has these same options
Why does /g/ make one meme image and repost it forever?
I swear I see this shit since 2014

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Why were they unable find a woman or minority to do the VirGL work?
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Because only a VirGin was capable of getting the job done
is it a tranny?

Poorfag here. Is it a good idea to play games on PC via microSD (class 10)? I don't mean those +3gb games, but more about <1gb PC games and emulators.
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Huh? How is that cheaper than a used hhd?
So long as it's mostly read operations it should work okay-ish? But you'll probably have worse load times than with a regular HDD for certain titles.
Depends on what you plan to play. Emulating any sprite based vidya should be perfectly fine. NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, maybe some DS games shouldn't be taxing on a Micro SD card. Probably most PC games from before 2005 should be fine I guess. Why are you resorting to an SD card?

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Evil Google forked an open source project, changed its license from MIT to Apache and stripped all the copyright/attribution information.
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What's new?
>google being evil
Meh. They can buy slaves and lives with the amount of dollaroos they got.
And that's why I don't publish open source code.

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ITT: People who did nothing wrong
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Isn't this guy Jewish ? Why does he larp as a nazi
hes a mentally ill troll
>implying the Nazi's didn't have several Jewish officers

Even in regimes with the explicit goal of exterminating them, Jews still win.

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Is UEFI botnet?
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uefi has a feature called secure boot. if secure boot is enabled, you will only be allowed to boot into a signed bootloader. it's like on android smartphones. but secure boot is useless because a) it has been cracked, and b) microsoft signed some ubuntu or red hat GRUB bootloader, so we can use that to boot into any OS we want.manufacturers can make secure boot mandatory if they want, such as on "windows signature" branded computers.
yes and certain uefi enabled power supples are too..
only way to be sure is to unplug from the wall
I am french and I was forced to post in this thread by the picture.

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/g/, why haven't you written your own crypto yet?
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Because it's one of the top thing you should not do.
Whoops, typo. things*
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can i get a (you) too?

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/g/ Truths

>dark themes are for unemployed autists
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>i want to fuck my eyes
>op is a raging homosexual
white backgrounds are more suited for reading text than black backgrounds though

What the fuck is going on with uBlock Origin on Waterfox? It stopped blocking all Google ads
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comfy theme my friend
works on my machine
update the lists?

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I need macros, I need bots, I need automation. I can't micro manage.
I have some really great ideas, but lack the power and will to do it all by myself so I need constructs. I need minions to do menial tasks and pre-thought tasks for me about 100x times at once.

Is this computer any good?
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I need bumps.

how is using chatbot different from making scripts with web frontend?

am I missing something?

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