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iphone x.png
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>Want to watch full screen video on my iPhone X
>Can't properly enjoy it because curved display meme

What the fuck?
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> Buying and owning a phone before it comes out

We get it. It's a piece of shit.

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I got my thinkpad t430 a few weeks ago and this spot suddenly appeared, after i had taken it to college with me. I wonder if it is a dead pixel or dust. The spot appears to be not fully black but a little but brownish on bright colors.
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looks like it has been stained in some way.
looks like dust. dead pixels should look black since they are permanently off.
cum stain from previous owner..

>KDE users will defend this absolute shit tier UI design
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>not just swapping that for another display manager
Step it up, OP
>implying you can't change it

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So, are they even trying to get the features they had in Opera 12 back, or are they just another chrome skin?
Did anything ever come out of that leaked opera sauce code?
I hope they get their ass into gear because I'm fed up with using Firefox.
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vivaldi is breddy gud, ditched sorosfox for it.
I don't give a shit about your meme politics, cockbreath. I just want a usable browser that doesn't use 30% CPU.
just try it, for me it was noticeably snappier.

is this a good time to buy ? anything else just as good for the price?
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what about sony x compact?
humpy dumpy

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Just bought myself a T420. What antivirus should I install? Also, general software recommendations if anyone has any.
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Not being a retard is the antivirus I use.
Gnu+linux and edited hosts file
Yeah you know I realized as I was making this thread that I can't recall a time when my antivirus has saved me from doing something stupid. It's literally only ever been a hindrance to me. I might just go without desu.

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Is there any good virtual phone number service?
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i dont know
can you repeat the question
you're not the boss of me now

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I must have missed the part where the British had a role in ARPANET.

Or are they that out of touch with reality?
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And here's the speech for anyone who needs a good kek:

They're lying. They claim Tim Berners-Lee was responsible for the Internet as a whole instead of the WWW.

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Competing with Vega 56? This reminds me of when AMD announced the RX 550 and NVidia had the GT 1030 released not long after.
They should drop the price
>1070 Ti

Fuck off with this bullshit naming scheme

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I have a free 100 GB partition I want to install Ubuntu on in dual boot with Windows 10.
I already have tried Oracle VM VirtualBox but Ubuntu runs too slow and I don't want to install lighter distributions.
I found this guide:
Do I fuck up if I select C:\ as Drive?
I want to be sure I don't overwrite anything on it since the free 100 GB partition is named G.
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Why would you do anything with C

Don't do anything with C

C has Windows on it, right?

Ubuntu shouldn;t even know Windows is there

Ubuntu should only be concerned about G and any swap partitions or whatever it wants to create in G

As far as Ubuntu is concerned C should be like an external disk
Fiona Barron is hot af
>Why would you do anything with C
I'm following the guide I posted.
Have a quick look to it.
How else do I install Ubuntu without CD or USB?

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JavaScript challenge.

var a = m(m(m()));
var b = m()()();
console.log(a === b);

Write a function m such that the above code outputs "true".
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Gonna try
var m = function () { return m; }
not doing your homework for you
wow fuk u cant help /g/ter?

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I am that greedy RedHat developer, who urges you to use PulseAudio and systemd. I love breaking the POSIX principle to force my sinister plans to take over the world.

The Open Source community is full of assholes, and I probably more than most others am one of their most favourite targets.
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neck yourself faggot
Linux is not UNIX you neckbeard faggot. It's right in the fucking name.
Linux is just a kernel, you rather meant GNU.

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Which 4 of these classes should I take?
>Digital Systems Design
seems like VHDL modeling, automata specs and similar
>Java and mobile platforms
Seems like Android shit and later on Java ME and Java card, seems easy
>Computer graphics
Probably learning on OpenGL, I wanna take this
>Dynamic programming
Python, wanna take this as well
>Content Management Systems
yea, no thanks
>Business intelligence
Will probably make wanna kill myself because it's on oracle
>Information Systems Integration
no fucking cluesomething about realtime business systems, bpm and stuff
>Computer forensics
So will take graphics and python, 2 more left
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What's your major?
nvm figured it out
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software engineering

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Wiki is down!
Can anyone recommend me a general laptop in the 400 - 500 euro category? Build quality is fairly important, specs and battery life less so. Some light games, browsing and watching movies.
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/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
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Im only asking for a friend

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This is like a clingy ex-gf begging you to take her back after she got covered in somebody else's salty nutella.
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>windows is a service
I have never, ever seen that message, I turn my system off every night so they just install when they need to.
Proly op is just retarded

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