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Guts/Speccy thread!

Post 'em!
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Price: €19
Data: 20GB
Call: Unlimited
SMS: Unlimited
Provider: Vodafone NL
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I still use Lebara and I pay 5€ for 500 MB. I think it's time to switch from a prepaid.
~17€ for 2GB + 400 minutes/SMS + Mobile ID contract.
Telia Eesti.
O, shit. Change provider rn!

Ewl pricy

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>student girlfriend needs laptop with decent specs to run 3d modelling software
Sends me this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/devices/surface-book/tech-specs

What are your thoughts on the tablet meme?
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Source on pic?
Any modern Intel laptop (i5/i7) can run 3d modelling software to the point that you need it for uni.
Sure, full scale renders take ages, but you're still productive.
This. I learned 3D modelling in a classroom with Celeron 2 shitboxes. That was agony, but any more modern computer can fit the bill for a student. Any university worth its salt should have something thought out for doing more intensive renders.

Someone who I've done a few freelance gigs for before asked me to help monitor his office employees.

So I need a way to monitor all traffic on a wireless router going in and out. It would be even better if I can actually see screenshots or whatever text people are writing.

Additionally, it would be nice if it was stupid simple to read out what's going on. I should be able to handle most installs below actually creating a server for it. I have direct physical access to the office's router so it would nice if I could install directly on there and not have to worry about installing onto local machines every time someone upgrades.

Even more annoying, this guy wants it to be hidden from his employees, so no pop ups saying they're being watched or antiviruses catching it and telling them something is going on.

Any ideas?

At the moment I'm looking at Surveilstar, but I'm not totally confident on setting up a server for that. I was told Wireshark is alright, but I can't seem to find out if it's what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the help.
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Just clone yourself and get you and your clone bros to stand behind them and watch over their shoulders.
>this guy wants it to be hidden from his employees
pretty sure that's illegal in most places. idk if you're a Yuro or a Burger, given the hour, but in Yurostan there was just a big court ruling that an employee was unlawfully fired due to too-intrusive monitoring. In Burgonia employers have pretty much free reign to monitor what employees do on company time with company equipment, but I believe that they must be informed that this is being done. You also have state-level laws to worry about.

Anyway the way you would go about this depends on what kinds of things he wants done. If he just wants employees not going to facebook and shit then do it at the DNS server. Log queries, and/or use a blocklist so that websites he doesn't like won't be resolved. (pfSense and pfBlocker can do this pretty easily)

If he wants screengrabs from them then you have to fuck with the machines. At the very least to enable some kind of remote-desktop protocol, and you'll probably need software installed on them regardless. Also bear in mind that if the users are local administrators on their machines they can, if they're savvy, detect and get around the monitoring no matter what you do.
yeh but wait theres no way to monitor what they do or write when theyre on https with tls, right?
as I understand the only way to overcome it would be stripping ssl, but then youre fugd with hsts...which could maybee be reset and bypassed with fake ntp packets?? right?

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Everyone knows that USB 3.1 Gen 1 is the exact same speed as 3.0, 5 gbps, but Gen 2 is twice that.

But USB 3.1 Gen 2 is 10 gbps

So, where are the hubs? Why are there no Gen 2 USB 3.1 hubs anywhere on Amazon?
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its new
No it's not. It's been out since 2015.

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Okay, so i was looking through some very old boxes and I stumbled upon a Galaxy Note 2, I run an iPhone 6+ 128GB currently and I would like to know the usability of the Galaxy Note 2 in 2017. Is it a good phone to be my 2nd daily driver even though its been 5 years since its official release? Any info would be appreciated.
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this is not yahoo
Give it back Deshawn

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Poo poo pee pee
Nice rebit maymay :ddd

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because people are smarter then you
They are using yarn.
Tutorial on internet say is good !!!

"The author of this software is David M. Gay."
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dem open source bois
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And? Android is literally by gays for gays. Nickname for Android is Gaydroid inside of Google because so many gay ppl work on it. Stay mad, homophobe.
Literally >>>/middleschool/.

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>Bought an hdd right before flood.
>Received a free RMA hdd in error during flood pricing
>Bought 16gb ddr3 kit on clearance right before inflation.
>Bought a new gpu right before ethereum frenzy.
>Ran into I.T as they were junking old equipment letting me keep whatever I wanted.
Who else here /lucky/?
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>Bought 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM
>Completely unaffected as people are dumping the shit for DDR4 ECC
>Bought Fury before ether boom
Feels good, man
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>Bought Vega 64 on launch at the height of mining bump
>Been robbed 3 times
>Bought RAM at the most inflated point
>House fire wrecked all of my stuff, insurance refused to pay out

Is this like that movie with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson?
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Lol hahahaha dumb frogposter deserved it UwU

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What am i looking at here?
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what happened to lainchan.jp? i've seen people talking about that yesterday but i failed to understand what exactly happened.
Some stupid underage drama happened, i don't know exactly what but that's it

Maybe there's 1 chance in 20 that someone here knows what to do with this (maybe there's a setting in about:config or something).

When I start a download in Firefox it starts downloading in the background as soon as I click the link, or right click and "Save link as..". See green line on bandwidth meter at bottom mid-right of desktop screencap... I haven't clicked "OK" to save the debian iso and it's already downloading at over 4.5MB/s.

How do I disable this behaviour so it won't rape my bandwidth before I've decided where (and whether) to save something?
(mostly for connecting to the internet through my phone where bandwidth is sort of expensive)
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That's a useful feature of Firefox but I don't know how to disable it.
Did some checking around, it looks like there are no ways to disable it. Look for the term "firefox pre downloading".
Most of the answers will point you to pair Firefox with a download manager.
you already have decided to download it if you have the "save or open" dialog open

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How does /g/ feel about the Mackie CR3 and CR4? Earlet here and just wanna know how these stack up against the competition in comparison with other speakers in its price range.
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Ask /hpg/
Didn't consider that because it's about headphones, but I did it anyway.

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So. If gentoo page will be hacked, will /g/ call it a shitty distro and stop telling people to install gentoo?
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What if Windows' page gets hacked?
On that note. I got hacked while running Firefox on Gentoo. Never again with that piece of shit distro.

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ITT: Processors which provide nothing more than excessive heat and guaranteed housefires, whilst having poor single core performance.
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Love the single core performance bit at the end, or else the guranteed 7900x posts would come up. AMD no longer has the housefire, Intel does
>15% less single core than a 7900X
>35% more multicore
>uses less power


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