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So let's say that 4chan is officially dead, how long would it take for the entirety of 4chan to create the substitute for this cancerous imageboard?

Remember how quick Nyah came up?
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there are already other imageboards newfag
hundreds already exist newfriend
It would be more about which one won the fight for the userbase/was prepared enough to seize the opportunity.

I'm sure some new hats would throw themselves in the ring too though, so who knows?

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Do you think 3d printers will be able to do home wiring in the future?

3D printers changing between different materials is a thing already.

I feel like there are better options than having electricians do grunt work like this.

If we make commie tier apartment blocks maybe we could have giant PCBs inside walls or something.
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well yeah, we're already talking about printing homes, so, the obvious next thing is to just print all components
printing copper sounds like most inefficient way to lay copper.
I'm sure they'll be able to eventually, but I don't know that it'll be cheaper to have them do it as opposed to a tradesman during my lifetime (I'm in my mid-30s). When a house is being built, before drywall goes up, it's basically easier than flipping burgers to run electrical and ethernet.


Should Ars be shut down for daring to criticize President of the United States of America Donald Trump?
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I'll shut down your Arse with my dick.

Have you or do you know anyone who has ever accidentally bought a computer with Linux pre-installed?
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That's like a jew giving his gold away
Yes I've met some.
Yeah I've known some. It used to be kind of common with the Asus Eee PC, as I recall.

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A Very serious question here, what would happen if you have a phone with wireless charging built in and you put it on the wireless charger and you plug the phone into the wall as well at the same time? What exactly would happen? Not in any specific cases what in general would happen? Battery gets hot and explode? Phone completely die?
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Battery wouldn't just explode it would violently detonate throwing hot shrapnel in every direction due to the voltage velodensity. House wiring would be fried in the process too.
What other answer did I expect from 4chan
I suppose the phone blocks the microusb charging port while it is being wireless charged, but i wonder what would happen if it didn't, from an electrical circuit point of view

I was given a single hint (posted below) and an image that indicated the answer (a code) was posted "somewhere" on the internet.

Here's the hint: KmhndW9jZWxmZmFydHNyaWZydW9oZ3VvYyo=

I thought it looked like the query part of a URL, but I've found nothing in the last 2 hours. I can post the image I got as a hint as well if needed. I could use any help offered.
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I've also tried viewing the image and page source but to no avail so far
>p-please play my ARG
>Mommy was too busy

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Rate my setup /g/
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iz diz gnome 0.7?
Window Maker 0.95.7, it comes with Slackware
there's always a desktop thread on /wg/ if you want to speak and share your setup. Here is a big no no

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assuming 100% efficient 800w pull
24/7 run time average 4.33 weeks per month
747.44 hours per month running.
take that times 1500w and you get 1,121.160 kw/h
where i am it is ~$0.16 per kw/h
that means running a rig 24/7 will run you $179.39 per month
*take a mental break here i know some of you have short attention spans

as it stands, a founders edition 1080ti will have a 947.18 mHash/s rate
its price is around $800 now ballpark estimate.
double it because you will be using two.

using this link
and using above hash rate x2 at 1500w
you will still profit mining ethereum at $4,472.54 per month

if you factor the cost of this example rig
your first month profit is $994.81

that's a 53.68k job to maintain this pc assuming perfectly stable or average market.

the exact wattage used is a ballpark guess and is actually lower due to efficiency and the fact that not all of it is used by the hardware.
also factor replacement of graphics cards and cost for cooling equipment to preserve the 1080ti's
your electric bill rates may vary

minus initial costs, there is literally no good reason you are not at least chasing half that money right fucking now.

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Get a mining contract instead of this crazyness
such a contract is risky given the amount of scams out there.
this seems like alot but really this is meant to be a cost vs profit breakdown.
literally, you just build your own mining rig and let it run 24/7. not much "craziness" about it.
the fuck you need an i7 for an ETH mining rig?

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Holy shit. I come to this board to escape and be a part of something, but you've all taken this too far and I can't bare the toll it's taking on me mentally and physically.
I am so distressed its brought me to tears almost every day.
I close my laptop and literally pace around my room until it ends. When I return; I close the tab, taking great care not to look at what's below. You guys spam your fucking ThinkPads and desktop builds like they're something to admire or strive for. Every day I would feel guilt and shame come over me after I used Windows, I didn't even want to. I just have needs. Since I discovered macOS I can honestly say things have changed. I feel real emotion while using my computer, and I sincerely respect it as a machine. Macs are authentic and radiant to their core so its no wonder you won't make threads for them. You goddamn neanderthals, go ahead and post another Linux thread or flavor-of-the-month GPU. It won't ever bother me again, I do not need you and I won't participate in this.
I only take advice from Craig Federighi now, and I use macOS exclusively. I can honestly say for the first time in my life: I am truly happy. I am finally free. I will never forgive a single one of you for what you've done to this board and if I see even one negative comment to or about Apple, I swear to God I will report you and delete the thread immediately. Macs are absolutely exquisite and I really hope to see their marketshare continue to grow going forward.
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Today marks the 26th anniversary of the worlds most successful, free and open source kernel.

Linux runs my Desktop
Linux runs my Laptops
Linux runs my Phones
Linux runs my Router
Linux runs my TV
Linux runs my Server
Linux runs the world --the true universal OS, the /ourOS/

Microsoft, a company which was at war with open-source is now one of the biggest contributors to Linux, they have their own Linux distro, they ported .NET runtime, they ported their latest text editor and their CEO suggested that an open source windows is a definite possibility. Microsoft has recently brought a gold-membership card from the Linux foundation.

Google uses Linux for the most popular OS in the world, they have multiple Linux distros, their servers run entirely on Linux and they are a major Linux contributor as well.

As of April this year, Linux is the most popular kernel, both in market-share and in usage.
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Happy birthday, Programming Penguin.
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Happy birthday!
>I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu)


Discussion on FPGA dev boards

Does anyone have any personal experience with these, looking for advice or recommendations before buying one

Taking a class on VHDL (as well as personal projects) and looking to buy one for my own education

Xilinx vs Altera? Problems with IDE for either etc?
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bump for CE faggots
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listen people, those digits demand atleast sympathy bumps
I've only used one in my Digital Design class. It was a Xilinx and it was pretty good.

I was thinking of buying one for personal project. Maybe try to make a bitcoin miner. I know it'll be horrible inefficient and my old GPU would probably do a better job, But it would be a cool thing to try to optimise :^)

From what I understand Xilinx is really the high end industry standard, There are other brands but they always seem to fill a niche.

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Is there a way to block ads from appearing in any browser based application, even if you aren't able to install something like ublock?

I'm asking because I use reeder for my rss on my phone and on my Mac, and the Mac client has a webpage view option. Only problem is that I'm not able to block ads within the in-app browser, and it's really a pain. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?
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block ads with dns or hosts
This devs could enable plugins so easly but some how they wont, it makes you think
Doesn't this just make the ad fail to load, rather than completely blocking the element?

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if you had to get locked into a single botnet for the rest of your days which would you pick
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Amazon for its cloud computing . Google for the services. And Microsoft for OS.

Probably Google. At least they support some open source projects
Probably Apple. I had a bad experience with Microsoft's Azure and Visual Studios, so really want to stay away from them
in already in three of those unless apple starts being good again illl never be in apple

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If I plug my computer into both electric sockets will I get more performance?
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quadruple performance. performance scales square with power :^)
Yes, duh
No, but if you plug your dick in you will.

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Someone explain to me how this is an acceptable result on a 50/20 fiber connection in off peak times??
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Your country has shit infrastructure.

Even during peak hours its hard for me to get below 900mbps.
In the last 3 weeks, a lot of people have been connected to our so called best internet in the world and the internet is basically unusable between 4pm to 1030pm every day.

I can agree that our infrastructure is shit but the country has already spent over 50 billion dollars installing this so called world class internet and only 1/4 of the country is connected
Well a lot of that is shitty planning, and the fact you decided to save money by going with copper last mile infrastructure. Should've done full FTTP and be done with it. The half assing of the last mile is really what's going to hurt in the long term.

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