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What DE does /g/ use?
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unity for some time, now xfce
Cinnamon or Budgie

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For unknown reasons irfanview 4.44 can no longer properly display video files properly. It only shows the top right quarter of the file super zoomed up despite no changes being made to settings that I am aware of. I have already googled the issue and I cant find any solutions. pic related.
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>using Infranview to display video files
Creators update ain't done till irfan won't run.
-Bill Gates.
Why would you use Irfanview to view video files, It's only good for images

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Some of you use snapchat, some of you don't. Is there any way to track an ip address if an user is on their home internet connection rather than data? If so what method would you suggest?
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What's updoc?
not much, you?

Daily reminder that "free" software is political correctness.
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>trusting Chinese
>trusting (((stallman)))
/g/ BTFO once again

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for fucks sakes guys i just want to build the computer
A thread died for this OP

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Radio Autism General - /rag/


>WebSDR (Netherlands)

>Normie-tier FAQ

Feel free to ask any questions here or in discord.
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Can you hook up ota to a scanner?
If you're talking about an amplifier, idk, I'm sure there are much better amplifiers out there. You'll want something with really low noise.
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Hard to believe Mozilla devs are this stupid.
>durrr let's break local network webuis because they don't have certs
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>hurr durr let's allow non-ssl uis because it's uncomfortable, don't care about malware injection now.
Enjoy your rust.

>local network webuis

No such thing. It's just a webui. Where it exists is irrelevant. It needs a cert if you're trying to send HTTPS traffic to it. Fix your shit.

come at me niggers
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>2 hours uptime
What even is the point?
>not gentoo
[email protected]

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>encrypting disks on Linux
>you got to put a filesystem on top of a LVM logical volume on top of a LVM physical volume on top of a LUKS volume which is in turn a logical partition within an extended partition

>encrypting disks on Windows (with either Bitlocker or Veracrypt)
>you just encrypt the partition

The absolute state of Linux in 2017, ladies and gentlemen. You literally have no life if you use this toy OS as your daily driver. Fair game if you're paid to deal with this nightmare, but willingly and unironically using it in your daily life is clearly a sign of mental illness.
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>encrypting disks on Windows
>all your shit goes to their servers once you log in and connect to the network
>no proof: the post
Why are you comparing a process used to manually achieve an encrypted partition on GNU/Linux to the process by which you use a piece of software to automatically achieve (superficially) comparable results?

Do you even understand how disk encryption on Microsoft Windows beyond using third party software?

Do you realize that it is incredibly easy to automate the encryption process on GNU/Linux?

Do you even know the difference between file encryption and disk encryption? Did you even realize that there was a distinction?

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And he used Rust.


What do you think? After all those Project Zero bugs (like https://bugs.chromium.org/p/project-zero/issues/detail?id=1252) it was about time, but it's embarrassing that some random third-party could do it and Microsoft couldn't.
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man how I wish I was that clever. good on him.
wew lads!

funny we have all these anti rust shills

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Welcome to the botnet.
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Then use incognito mode you fucking tin foil hat wearing cuck.
This isn't a tinfoil hat theory. There's solid proof.

This is why I use chromium.

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Devuan sucks. The packages are old, and upgrade to ascii (testing) DOES NOT WORK!

Fix it or flush it.
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Install OpenBSD.
>The packages are old
Perfectly understandable. I respect your opinion and--
>upgrade to ascii (testing) DOES NOT WORK!
Oh. You're just retarded
Install TempleOS

Like for business, lots of photoshop, word, powerpoint...
It's cheap, looks good, great grade on notebookcheck. Is it worth buying it ?
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Buy it if you want Commies to watch your daily activity 24/7
is linux usable on those? i tried some ubuntu derivative on a cherry trail and it sucked (no backlight, wrong touch, other issues)

Can we all agree that Windows 10 is the WORST operating system Microsoft has ever came up with, even more terrible than the cancerous Vista, the crashy Win 98 and the trainwreck Win 8 combined?

What do you plan to do once Win 7 expires?
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>What do you plan to do once Win 7 expires?
keep using it
Windows 10 has video games, which makes it better than cucknix
Win10 and it's fiasco has made it pretty guaranteed that people won't leave 7.

remember how hard it was for them to get people off of XP? It is going to be a lot harder this time.

In which order will they fall, and why?
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>$200B """"""cash""""""" in jew tax dodge havens
>only $5B actual cash to run operations
>$100B+ and growing debt to pay for operations
>$100B+ in dodged taxes that governments ALWAYS collect on

Literally history's biggest bubble waiting to pop.
Facebook, Microsoft, Apple. Google won't fall, they're literally half the fucking internet now.
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