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why do people keep buying these? I understand why the technologically daft media producer would buy it, but why does the average consumer keep buying these overpriced scam machines?
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They are gay and like to suck dicks because of how much of faggots they are.
They look good, and the DE looks good. Most people would agree with that here

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how hard is it to watch pirated shit on a chromecast
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If you have to ask, it's far beyond your non-existent skill.
i just don't want to google
Pirated shit is easy, streaming shit isn't super easy but the content is all shit-tier hardcoded subs or covered in watermarks for Turkish android apps

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What went wrong?
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I had a windows phone and it was way better than Android or IOS. It had no apps which is what killed it. It's a shame because it didn't lag like Android and wasn't full of Apple nonsense.
>have no apps
>main competition is offered for free
>still insist on charging OEMs for licences
the company was led by an utter mong
Newest release of windows phone 10 crashes multiple times a day

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>using any text editor other than gedit
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>using abandonware
>still can have a maintainer any time

What is the "retard strength" of the tech world?
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haskell's expressiveness
I think this is a good contender

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How the fuck does this work?? I found this webm in some other thread but never figured out how this works.

What kind of magic is this? Special 3D or IR camera or something??
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Literally all ARKit demos you see online were filmed with an iPhone 6s or 7, so a bog-standard smartphone camera will suffice. The magic lies in the software.
Use real units
>using french shit
I'm not a coward

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i hate this shit!!.jpg
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/g/ memes you fell for

>you can get a programmer job without a CS degree in 2017
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but you can
show em your personal projects and knowledge and shit
Sure you can. Just don't be arrogant about it.

If you actually "fell" for anything on this board I don't feel sorry for you. Fag.

Say something nice about it
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Better than java.
it distracts Pajeets from better languages, thereby keeping my salary high
its not ruby

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Im still at 54 and remember hearing here that 55 is shit or something
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>tfw on firefox 2.0.0
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>Not using Palemoon or Waterfox

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Why aren't you using Lynx right now?
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I'm too busy using the superior pic related.
>ITT basement dwellers
is there any text browser that can display javascript at least? i wonder if is possible to show html5 on a fucking text browser

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So, my college implemented this system where you have to take tests online with a special browser that locks your computer, records through your webcam and mic and you have to show your surroundings every test, your id, dress properly...in your room. I'm pretty upset and I actually feel like my privacy is being violated, since they won't allow to just take these tests in a classroom. How fucked up is this? What do you guys think. And I have to do it on MY personal computer, that's sweet.
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>he bought a mic and a webcam
You idiot
Fake and gay

Why don't you name the browser they are making you use and what school you go to. Dumb larper suck my cock

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous Thread: >>62050247
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I don't think it's possible to enjoy programming.
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What does /dpt/ use to listen to online radios on their mobile device? ServeStream can't into metadata
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First for C. I am currently creating a uniform cost search algorithm so I can find an optimal solution for something. C is pretty hard but I am getting better at it.

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How accurate is this?
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95% accurate
Where's netrunner?
overall it is kinda accurate.
doesn't deserve to be in excellent tier. doesn't deserve most of the shilling it gets here.
it's OK, i guess. modern and everything, but the business model is cancer and it doesn't do anything on a particularly amazing level.
why recommend this at all? it's realigned chrome with the only thing going for it is the godly font rendering. it still calls home to Google and the customization is nonexistent.

if only Dooble/qute had 4chan-x working with them, I would be satisfied with those forever

My SD card fucked up in the middle of some file transfer and is unusable, I've tried running chkdsk but I get that the file system is RAW and it's not compatible.

Anyone knows of a free tool that allows me to recover it? I tried some EaseUS tool but the trial only allows seeing what's in there but not recovering and other tools or the latest cracked version of this that I've been able to find either don't recognize it, like Recuva, or don't show as many files as EaseUS's.
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No one gives a fuck. Stop creating these shitty threads because you're too retarded to use a computer and too jewish to buy software which you're not smart enough to pirate.
make a dd image of the stick with windd, mount image with osfmount and deepscan with recuva
You can generally bruteforce your data back. Bits are either 1 or 0 so you can usually restore up to a terabyte in a few hours
Just run
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/[your disk] bs=4096

When its finished you will get a percentage of the data recovered. Generally it will be 90%+

So /g/, what have you accomplished in terms of technology recently? For I have been:

- Studying and learning the seven layers of the OSI model.
- Started programming in C after trying to get VS to work on windows.
- Installed Manjaro with xfce on my main setup.
- Got my old Sharp 6500-PC to work and read personal documents from 1992
- Replaced every google/proprietary app with free or open source alternatives.
- And just today acquired a BTC 78XX keyboard.
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Working on a feature for the ouroboros application, even if no one else uses it I can still use it for myself. This is my first time developing for an open source application. It's also my first time diving into Android development. It's also inspired me to work on other open source projects as well
>- Started programming in C after trying to get VS to work on windows.
>- Replaced every google/proprietary app with free or open source alternatives.
What is this ouroboros app? Give me a link and I will definitely check it out. And it's good to hear that your first venture into android programming, is so rich.
Yes and your point being?

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