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What's the fidget spinner of linux distros and programming languages?
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Stop posting that gay slut.
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On average, self driving car technology is faced with a lot of challenges such as more than 5 million crashes take place annually and 22 percent of them are weather-related, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reports.
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5 million crashes? How many were cause by human error? How do I statistics
Hybrid self driving will be first all cars must keep a mandatory distance from each other at a given speed. Speed of traffic can be controlled by the road operator. This will stop crashes.

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Hello, /g/oon. I'm looking at getting a new computer, but I barely know a god-damn thing about hardware.

Is link-related a good buy? Or should I build one myself if it's not too difficult
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what exactly is your budget? If you're interested in buying your own rig, then go here https://pcpartpicker.com/builds/.
at least tell us your use case and budget. If you want to build your own, i would recomend >>>/g/pcbg/
£200 budget lads, and useage will be low-CPU stuff like browsing the web and watching videos.

How hard is it to build a PC? I'm hoping the one I linked is good because I don't have the time to spend weeks learning about hardware

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Rate my PC.
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>Unironically building a PC with a pentium
>budget computer

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Do you keep all your old programs, scripts and code snippets?
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Some, I am pretty sure I have a directort full of code from 2009 forward but I'm also sure I don't have every code and script I've ever written.
m8, I lose track of files that are parts of projects that I'm actively working on
Depends on when I stored it, I still have a ton of old work on my trusty floppies, later CD-ROMs but these days i store them on my home server

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Anyone else notice that mobile computers (laptops, phones, tablets etc.) have only gotten slightly better in terms of performance in the past 4-5 years? It seems as though the industry feels no real need to innovate, the only way they try and get people to upgrade is by A: Making shit break easily/ cheap components/ anti consumer acts like no replacable battery. B: Release a shiny new coat of paint for existing technology or increase the resolution of the facebook camera or something

Take phones for example, if you take a 4 year old flagship android with a custom rom and compare it to a modern one, the performance is virtually identicle, even for those jewey games.

On the other hand, if you take a look at an industry that relies solely on performance to make sales(such as the GPU industry) there is relatively consistant and significant improvements.

What do you think /g/, is technological progress stagnant? why or why not?
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compare an iphone 5s to an iphone 7
htc one vs u11
the difference should be noticeable but i see where you are going with this
but i mean its like the same with computers and stuff isn't it?
my i7 3630qm from 2012 or so is still holding up really well
apple intentionally makes their old phones slower through updates
those phones have virtually identical speeds for everyday tasks. The thing about CPU's is until recently they haven't had any compition. Now AMD is finally getting their shit together.

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Why do people continue to the adblock despite knowing it only hides the ads, not block them?
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Same thing to me. If i dont see it and i have no way to accidentally click on it, it doesnt bother me. Enjoy your minimum wage advertising job at google, Pajeet
iirc pi-hole redirects DNS requests of domains on the blacklist to
So they are not just hidden
uBlock Origin doesn't hide ads :)

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>download mpv because /g/ says so
>gui covers bottom part of video
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Have you tried full screen?
have you tried multitasking?
You must be 18 to be here.

So /g/ I just bought the Ryzen 7 1700X, upgrading from an FX 8350. Waiting for it to ship, what should i expect?
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A Piece of shit.
A bit of scap metal made in chinklad for stupid AMD kiddies to buy
Amazing performance at an affordable price!


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What is the best APU/System-on-Chip/Mobile on the market that don't require a fan?
What is the amd equivalent of Intel J4205 ?
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E series? Ryzen Mobile is coming soon enough, that's what you're really looking for, but it's not out yet.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 :^)
right now what's the best that don't cost more than 250 dollars?


>omg men are rude I need a safe space for us womyn!
>m'lady, I agree that there are too few womyn in tech, This means our culture is rotten and must be changed
Why is it so bad for there to be changes between the two sexes? Sweden has tried to be gender neutral for decades but it has only made the "problem" worse, ie. the genders are even more stereotypical. But hey, I guess that just means that the patriarchy is stronger than anyone expected..
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Why can't 3D women be cute like 2D women?
>I didn't want this to come out as a rant about speech in a channel. It's just a feeling that women do have different needs than just plain information. That was the only intention behind; It's also the language men and women use which is different by our education.

Can somebody please explain what the fuck she's getting at?
They can be but it's harder to find.

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I'm unsure if /g/ is the right place to ask but 4chan's been solving my problems for years and I don't exactly have a lot of other options, so here I am.

Getting to the point, my parents are getting on in years and none of us have very good memories, so there's been a lot of them forgetting things, not taking their meds, ignoring their alarms and so on, and I'm not able to take care of them 24/7. It's especially a hassle since my parents get embarrassed when it's me having to call them up and remind them of everything.

Recently my dad switched his TV service to a new company and as a bonus they gave him a free device with what I think is Amazon Alexa on it, but he had a hard time getting it to work and wound up just leaving it turned off. This gave me an idea though: years ago I got my mom a PDA to help her keep track of her medicine schedule, but she never used it and wound up losing it. She doesn't keep track of things on her phone either since it's too much of a hassle. But if I found a virtual assistant for one or both of them to help them take notes and set reminders and alarms, it could help them keep things in order.

So /g/, which of the virtual assistants on the market are probably the best to look into for them?
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In particular I need something that is...

1: Cheap - even if I had my parents pitch in to buy this, none of us are on a good budget. My parents both lost their jobs and are on disability now, and I'm stuck with a job that doesn't pay particularly well and no other options available. Plus my parents are klutzes when it comes to technology and keep dropping, sitting on or misplacing their phones, Kindles, etc. Realistically I'm probably going to have to repurchase this a few times, so something affordable is a must.

2: Easy to use - my parents know how to use their phones, but using any more than the alarm functions on them (which they tend to ignore) is beyond them, and as mentioned they couldn't figure out the Alexa device. They need something they can use to set alarms for them and, preferably, actually tell them what those alarms are for, record things like shopping lists, and so on, preferably without too much of a hassle in doing so.

3: Durable. Remember the bit about klutzes above? I've heard that Apple's Siri is one of the best virtual assistants available if only due to it being the oldest and best established, but I've also heard that it only comes on extremely fragile and expensive iPhones, and I definitely can't afford to replace that every time they sneeze at it or knock it off a table.

The most convenient option of course would be to find some sort of guide to help them figure out Alexa, but I don't actually know how useful that VA is to begin with. If they're being given out for free like that one was I don't have high hopes, but I know nothing of the market for these right now.

Hopefully this isn't too off-topic for the board, but I'm unsure where else to ask.
Flash CM and Google Assistant on the cheapest Android tablet you can find. Or pirate Windows 10 and use Cortana.
you need something like the amazon echo
I don't know if it has all this capability since I've never used it but, you want something that's always on, always listening and able to speak up with reminders and shit.

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Installing Firefox...

>Download setup, click on it, click on install, done
>few seconds

>Download dmg, click on it, drag Firefox icon to Applications, done
>few seconds

>Open terminal, type in *packagemanager install firefox*
>proceed to download several hundred megabytes of dependencies I never asked for

...really makes you think
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This is why I don't use linux.
>install linux (gentoo)
>no drivers
>audio popping? Wtf.
>kernel panic installing usb drivers
>google firefox
>download totally-not-a-virus.exe
>just works

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So I'm currently using Cox internet with 100 Mb/s speeds with decent latency and usually have no issues with the speed I do receive. However, I'm concerned that some of the video streaming going on in my house is maxing my bandwidth even with my router's QoS profile set up.

The prospect of newer and faster internet is very appealing to me. I'm interested in getting the Century Link 1Gb/s fiber that's available in my Las Vegas neighborhood for like 15 dollars more, but I see tons of shit reviews for Century Link. Granted, the bad reviews are probably over their shit-tier 40Mb/s and under internet that would probably deserve those reviews. Does anyone have Century Link fiber service and can recommend it? I'm just hesitant since Century Link always seemed like a shittier B-service for poor people and now they offer a gigabit connection, which is supposed to be a quality thing now.
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How does video streaming saturate a 100 Mbps link, unless you are streaming 16K panoramic video? I have a 7 Mbps line and everyone can stream video at the same time without problem.
>Granted, the bad reviews are probably over their shit-tier 40Mb/s and under internet that would probably deserve those reviews
Expect 40Mb/s, or less unless you live in that one super secret neighborhood that nobody knows about.
>But it's a better 40 Mb/s fiber over copper anon
>why do you need 975Mb/s anon?
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I've recently upgraded my wireless connection and have had some of my games drop out recently. I'm thinking during primetime and during initial video buffering it could be doing it for a short time.

I do have the gigabit connection available. There's fiber ran to my house already from CL's neighborhood install, just no ONT. CL's website even gives me the option for gigabit if I enter my address. For 15 more dollars it would seem to be too good of a deal and I'm wondering if their peering agreements are ass or something like that.

I'm considering buying a Google Home Wifi Mesh kit.

I'm comparing it to the kit from Luma and the TP-Link Deco M5.

My house has three floors so I want to put one on each floor. I want a kit that I can do a hardwired back haul. So that rules out things like Amplifi HD, since its Mesh points are just wireless.

/g/ What do you use for Mesh?

Inb4 botnet. I use Chrome, have a Nexus phone and use all the other Google products, so they own me already. Just want to know if this is the best Mesh kit to consider.
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>so they own me already
This is the saddest thing I've read all week. A true sign of a defeat of someone who has said I don't care about privacy, I enjoy being a slave to the system. You can still accept rms into your heart before it's too late anon.
>They already own me

You mean Google is my slave?

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