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just got xiaomi smartphone, what type of tape do i need to block the fingerprint scanner from ever recording my fingerprint.
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best waifu

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I want to set up a personal cloud. Best way to go about it?
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turn on file sharing
Install a hypervisor, setup hyper converged storage, proceed from there. But if you're so dumb that you have to ask this, you're too dumb to actually implement and too poor to afford the hardware
Have an extra computer
Install Nextcloud on whatever OS
Leave that computer turned on all the time

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Hey /g/, I forgot my password on my iPhone 7 Plus and it won't detect my fingerprint. How do I get into it?
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give it back jamal
Return it, Jerome.
Return to apple store with warranty papers

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>give friend mumble server info address is blah.blah.com port whatever
>friend adds http:// before mumble server address
>anon its not working

why does this keep happening? ive literally had 3 people do this
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Normal people don't understand protocols and ports.
>what do you mean it's not a website?
>.com means website, doesn't it?
Did you send them it on Steam?

Pretty sure Steam silently edits the messages you send on the recipient's side but not your side to add "http://" before anything that looks like it could be a URL. I've had this same problem before. Maybe some other software does this too.

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where did the future go so wrong?

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all those fucking white people. disgusting. no diversity. oppression against people of color.
for the most part, most of those "predictions," "ideas," actually came true. the "network" computer they were talking about is essentially the modern day "cloud." the "bebox" with its mind blowing "two processors" and the talking about multi(cpu)core systems obviously came true. the "pilot" is the the smartphone and tablets of today.
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video was dope, enjoyed the nostalgia.

however, computing today is pretty much the fully realized version of all these products. I have a Steam Link in my living room that streams my computer to my television without any hiccups and the Alexa with the screen is basically the fully realized version of that phone/computer

p much agree with >>61853937

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Does anyone know an application that allows two people to share their screens sanctimoniously?My buddy and I are working on a project and for ease of understanding I want to broadcast my main monitor to his 2nd monitor and vise versa
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simultaneously* how the fuck did i do that..
>share their screens sanctimoniously
that's called a desktop thread

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Forth is the most micro computer system there is, I think we'd all agree, but does it offer you the most bang for your buck?

Here's what you get for 500 kilobytes of disk space or less:

1. A shell

2. A programming language much like a micro lisp

3. An operating system

The forth experts tell me their smallest forth bases (as in no code written on it yet) are around 8 kilobytes. Can you say the same of any other language?

Take c for example. Sure c produces small code but you have to have the massive gcc and gnu make and awk and all this other stuff to compile c code. Even lua or apl or basic can not really produce systems as small or efficient.
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learn forth in five seconds or be a noob forever

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>think of a great domain name for whatever personal project I'm working on at the time
>go to godaddy or google domains
>it's available
>PREMIUM 25,000$
REEEEEE how do we stop the eternal domain name registrar?
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it's too late
godaddy squats domains if you don't register after a certain amount under several shady companies owned by them
Suggest better domain shops for the same price then

Considering stopping my phone subscription to increase my personal privacy. I have phone calls twice a day max. Maybe ill get a prepaid phone since some services need your phone number for example the bank.

Im i doing good?
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>Im i doing good?
Enjoy becoming another recluse and a weirdo.... just like that autistic manchild whose pic you posted.
ps: Hope English is like your 3rd language.
Fuck off pajeet.
im already a weirdo, so it doesn't really matter hmm

oh and fuck u

>Google, AWS, and MS Azure all go down
>No Silicon valley services
>no botnet

Literally when
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when best korea nukes cali
Hurry up kim
you do know that AWS is spread out globally right?

What are the best places to learn coding on the internet?

I'm willing to spend 200-300 dollars a month if it helps me get a better job.

Pic related.
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if you spend any money other than your internet subscription to learn coding you are getting ripped off

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>He is using stock rom on his phone
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Fuck yeah. Moto-novo did plenty fine with theirs. I think the rootkit really smooths out the experience.
There is no excuse unless you use : Nexus, Motorola or One plus. Those are the unique nom-sucking stock rom manufacturers

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gets its ass handed to it by TR and cant even beat kaby lake in gaming .....
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Wait for the 12+ cores that will almost certianly not be enormous housefires that suck more power than an OCed 7900X.
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If anything it should prove to be a good week long comedy

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Well, /g/? Which one?
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clearly the keyboard
if you ever use any of the other two you must seppuku immediately
>you must sudoku
sorry senpai
I will sudoku immediately
Though I am more of a fan of kakuro

Is ProtonVPN any good? I tried NordVPN and it was so fucking slow.
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Use one of the following:
> AirVPN
> Perfect Privacy

These score best in terms of privacy and speed. PP is a bit expensive though.
its fast yes, they have a some Secure Core servers. (just a chain of 2 servers) If one get compromised, you should be Ok in theory
VPNs use encryption so depending on your hardware you might be hitting a hardware bottleneck before the VPN server/network is bottlenecking you.

I use private internet access. With no VPN I get 940/940mbps on speedtest. With my VPN turned on I get ~400mbps due to my cpu bottleneck.

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