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So I've never used last.fm but as I was looking into starting recently I heard about libre.fm as a foss sort of alternative.

How good is it as an alternative? Are there any major features missing and is it even worth using? I'm concerned with privacy and all and I don't like the idea of sending any data to a company with a shitty privacy policy but if I use a foss scrobbler I think I can at least be sure that only data of my music listening can be sent so should I even worry about last.fm?

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if you just want some basic listening statistics, libre.fm is good. It's kinda lacking everywhere else, especially in the recommendations department.

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What is it good for? Hipster points?
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Yes, a language with hygienic macros that targets the best VM for handling massive concurrency is 100% hipster bullshit.

You shouldn't need /g/'s advice on the matter, its technical merits should be enough to decide if it's worth your time. And if you don't understand them, then it's not for you anyway.
immutable + hotswap + REPL put it miles ahead of competitor.
Debugging code was never that easy before.
it's very good if you have real time or heavy loads, otherwise the result won't really matter

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How much longer do we have before our governments literally enslave us all and replace us with robots?
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14 seconds

Enjoy them
But Anon I can't masturbate in 14 seconds
try harder

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I'd like to move System Reserved to 0. Is it enough to just straight-clone it to the beginning of 0? Or is some config necessary to let Windows know the new location of the partition? How can you test if it's working?

Boot sector has been previously rebuilt on 0.

All Google results are about retards giving up and/removing the partition.
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Why? Is something not working?

Might want to use Bitlocker in the future

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I need some advice on purchasing a laptop. I need it primarily for excel/word processing/skype and I'd like to be able to stream hd Netflix/hbo without it shitting the bed. My last three laptops were an hp where the fan stopped working and the battery died. An Asus where the screen died and bevel snapped. And lastly a Lenovo where first the charging port snapped off and then the motherboard got fried somehow. I had windows 10 on my Lenovo, with the forced updates that would roll back my drivers and reinstall Cortana, along with a plethora of other annoying bugs, I'm pretty much done with windows, but I need something durable. I'm leaning towards a Macbook pro 2016 or maybe an XPS 13. Any recommendations?
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I recommend killing yourself.
I was in the same boat but I hate Apple

XPS 13 is working out good so far except for adaptive brightness but you can't have everything
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Fake news?
Maybe file caching?
C-fags btfo

>programmer for 5+ years
>get job in start up
>senior dev is lazy fuck who sits on Reddit all day
>have to pick uphis projects because he thinks he is House MD and feels too smart to do those jobs
>hes working on one project
>im working on 3 plus support
>rest of team constantly ask me for help with their projects but wont help me with the workload
>get told i need to expand my skill set and study from home
>they dont know im working 2 jobs just in order to pay my fucking rent

You hanging in their /g/?
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>>they dont know im working 2 jobs just in order to pay my fucking rent
move out of the fucking valley or find roommates
I don't understand why faggots do this kind of shit
adjust the fucking salary offer for the price of living in the area, otherwise you are always going to get fucked like this
Honestly, dont take a job that doesnt pay sufficiently.
>tfw making 10.50 an hour part time and can live on my own and still have a little bit of money to spend because I don't live in a shity meme blue state

How THE FUCK do you watch a simple 3D video in THREE DEE on this fucking thing. All I WANT is for ONE EYE to display the left half of the video, and the oTHER to display the OTHER half, why is this SO DIFFICULT
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What kind of porn are you watching, anon?
>what is google
ok, find the solution on google and make me feel stupid then. Direct display, no virtual tv screen shit with aliasing everywhere.

Someone please explain the constant upload/download ?
Protip: only does this at home wifi network
Tits w/ timestamp for info with sauce
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>Tits w/ timestamp for info with sauce
>On a blue board

Kill yourself.
you're not going to deliver, but a probable cause is that you set some apps to only use wifi to update/refresh.

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hard mode: no torrents/video/music related.
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Nano, or vim
vim with spf13

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What are some decent Usenet channels?
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>not knowing what a newsgroup is

Get the fuck out.
>taking the bait

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> Fell for the nightly meme
> It's maxing out my CPU with six tabs open
Why did you lie to me /g/?
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its just beta
Yep. Already laggy browser + extra features! (bugs)
probably because ur using a jewtel dualcore, upgrade to ryzen for the proper firefox nightly experience.

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What was the longest you ever spent trying to fix broken code only to realize it was something stupid like a syntax error?
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ok so I was working on android rat (remote access tool) and I was trying to figure out after saving the users in a hasmap based on imei using listview, I slept on it and realized I can make a second list that will replicate that will only store the IMEI, while the UI list will have user info.. so when I received the index number (lets say 4th users) it would use the index of 4 on the second list (which stored the imei) and retrieve info and diagnostic options.
oh this took 3 days to solve, also I didn't sleep on it, that was another problem. I figured it out when I was in my medieval history class in college.
>my medieval history class

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How do I into hackintosh?
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get on grindr

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Show me your storage
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Not you, you brown child diddler
I have a 256gb ssd installed at the moment...ran out of money after building my current machine, things picked up though and I have a 1tb drive sitting on my desk, waiting for a second 256 ssd to be delivered on Wednesday then I'll install them both, along with another 4gb ram to take me to 8. Also thinking of buying an external drive next month for backups but not sure whether I should go with a USB drive or go all out and get some sort of nas. Bit more homework required on that front.

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