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are o rings a meme?
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Thinking about putting a metal ring on my cock
>spending money on switches just to make them feel more like a membrane
ive seen the after math of that

it isnt worth it

I want to spy on my wife. Does anyone know how to view deleted WhatsApp messages? And how about GPS tracking of her phone? Preferably without installing any software on her phone, if at all possible. She has a new model Samsung Galaxy.

If you help me with this, I will give you anything you want. Anything
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get in touch with one of the eight dozen street-shitters spying on her already
>I want to spy on my wife
Install windows 10
>I will give you anything you want. Anything
World peace?

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>Be 55
>Opposed to UBI because "People will become dependent on the gubbermint!"
>Working the same job since he left high school
>Thinks young people just need to show initiative to get a good job and house.

What do we do with these trolls come automation day?
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Gas chambers, I suppose.
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Things will sort themselves out.
Look for signs of edge in the field.
Edge intensifies.

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>be me
>be free software enthusiast
>mom wants me to finally get a job
>at interview
>"Alrighty so your resume looks good, how much experience do you have with Microsoft Windows?"
>try to explain that I mainly use GNU/Linux and avoid non-free software
>"Well okay, how much experience do you have working with Javascript?"
>Again explain that web dev languages are for Indians and that I am a superior programmer who works only in C and assembly
>"Well, I guess that's fine, do you have any experience working with Googles web frameworks and services at least? Or any mobile platforms?"
>I finally lose it, stand on top of his desk, rip my shirt off and start screaming at the top of my lungs "BOTNET BOTNET BOTNET DURRRRRRR"
Needless to say I did not get the job
why is it so hard to work as a freetard, /g/?
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Ironically having Linux experience is more valuable, at least in my field.
You mean pretty much any field. Windows experience is only relevant for small business web servers and intranets.
Why don't you go work for a networking giant like Cisco, juniper etc? Your skills are too valuable there.

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Welcome to the botnet.
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The orwellian browser ladies and gentleman!
literally who cares if you aren't doing something illegal?

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>tfw I haven't seen 11:11 in three consecutive days :^)
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>/g/ - Technology

>implying /mkg/ are more technologically relevant than digital clocks


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I'm thinking of buying this laptop (the new Zenbook Pro), but the battery is kinda small for a 4k screen (73 whrs), so I'm considering a 1080p screen instead.

My question is, is 1080p becoming outdated? Seems we're moving to higher resolutions and idk if Full HD with be enough in a couple years time. Is this a bad investment? What do you guys think?
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>new laptop
>1080p in 2017
either go for a used ThinkPad if you're poor or have excess of melanin or go for a used MBP if you're a gentleman.
1080p is fine for a god damn laptop screen
1080p is fine, especially if running retard OS that doesn't scale well

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Messing around with an old laptop and wanted a really lightweight distro. Is mint the way to go?
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What specs do you have to begin with? CPU? RAM? GPU? VRAM? something at least
Puppy GNU/Linux. My 400 MHz P3 box with 256MB RAM runs it decently.

2gbs of ram

Is this really the first computer program? And could a woman really make a such a thing? I find it all a little hard to believe.
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There's a good lecture with Grace Harper on youtube.

Here she is on Letterman just to get you started:

I watched a lecture of hers where she says the men she worked with were absolute chauvenist assholes.

It's not usual for women to be interested in computers but it happens and sometimes they are very very good at it. They usually aren't babes but you never know. I don't think women should be pressured into technology but I'm not threatened if they are into it. You sound like a twit.
My grandma was a programmer from 60's to late 90's. She's written more lines on reels than you have on your macfart pro

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Well, /g/?
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100, 70 worth of goods and 30 of cash

Sage because not technology
Was she black? Around blacks never relax.

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Remember when you thought pressing this would break the computer?
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Only a retard like you would think that would be the buttons purpose.
Nah, can't relate, I've never been such an imbecile
are you fucking retarded? what made you think that this was important enough to make a thread about it?

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Could someone generalize the blockchain for some any civil union, such as marriage
What is stopping someone from pushing every currently civil union (gas, electric, water, mortgage, and marriage) to blockchains
is it that a large real estate agency, such as mcdonalds, hasn't embraced it yet?
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To get those people interested you'd have to do some PR and get the information out there. You also have to give them a reason to give a fuck about any of this stuff also

the general public just doesn't care and general computer usage seems to be on the decrease with phones and all that
English? Do you speak it?
slight rage

This is what your average /g/ user looks like. Yes that's right, a fat, smelly, dirty, ungroomed, disgusting manlet.

Post a picture of your hand or be forever pic related.
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Lmaoing @whiteboys :O
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>shave every two days
>shave head every two weeks
>shower every day
>wash hands every hour
Your stereotypes are shit bro.
And yes I'm OCD when it comes to being clean.

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Was this the plan all along?
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>Microsoft sponsored cryptocurrency
Pretty much all banks are starting to invest in it as well. It has some interesting encryption technology called "smart contracts" which allows people to run code on the block chain. Decentralised programs that can be run on several machines all over the world, like a huge super computer.
From what I remember that has always been a thing even with normal bitcoin.
You can also store encrypted documents inside of the block-chain and basically have it stored on millions of computers with the added benefit of having the time stamp verifiable by those same computers.

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Hi guys, I am a person under surveillance and I have crucial information that really needs to become common public knowledge

Maybe for some of you this is old news.

I don't know why exactly I am under direct surveillance (I was an activist on many issues) but after 11 years of active surveillance, why doesn't matter anymore, I don't even ask why anymore

Never been a criminal, never been a drug user, regular person with a job.

Here is what I learned

If surveillance agents or contractors can enter your apartment or house usually when you are out somewhere, they will install standard audio and visual bugs, but they may also install near your bed above or below or in the walls Brainwave Monitoring Sensors

In other words they will also monitor your inner voice and dreams, this technology is real and no longer science fiction

I am not saying they do this in every case, so don't get overly paranoid.

I think in most cases they only do audio and video surveillance, but they do have the brainwave recording option if they want it.

If I was a rich man, I wouldn't bother with sites, I mean no disrespect but if I had money I would pay for billboards, newspaper adds

I would create websites, pay for marketing

I would get this information out properly

What can I say, I don't have money for that hence I am creating a thread

Please share this info with whoever you wish, it took me long time to learn this part of surveillance

No one ever harmed me physically, but they love playing mind games to get you depressed, maybe even suicidal. The whole intimidation thing.

Over long term, agents assigned to you realise money is just wasted on false threats, but they are paid to do a job and they will do it for decades if they are paid.

Taxpayer money is sort of like free money.

But it feels very personal on my end.

I bet concentration camp guard would snicker across the barb wire and tell prisoners "nothing personal bud I am just doing a job"
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Schizophrenia, ladies and gentlemen.
How I found out

I was very depressed and I was doing a little internal prayer to God at bedtime because I was suicidal

And next day they left a notepad msg on my iPhone, mocking my prayer word for word

This also happened with dreams or sometimes fantasies I would have before falling asleep

Yeah these are bad people
>billboards, newspaper adds
That's not credible. If I wanted to leak something there's Wikileaks and The Intercept.
But more than likely you just need to take your medication.

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