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alright, let me start with this, I tried angular2, it sucks, even angular 1.x is way better for any shit, is not like even I like 1.x version, but cmon, is better.

I mean, I was, like, in this new job, let me tell you my story:

>3 months to do a CRUD?, alright,
>SPA? no problem,
>is SOA arquitecture? cool,
>Scrum Enterprise?? uhhhh ok (fuck scrum, at least enterprise)

in this company, it was the most fucked up restrictive and Suffocating environment...you cannot have your phone at hand, alright, maybe I'm exaggerating, you can get into facebook or twitter, no problem, they are just a bunch of memes and crap, no youtube...well, no music, ok, but cmon, I can get even into hotmail, gmail, not even stackoverflow, what the fuck!!!

anyway, they told we are going to work in angular 2, ok, until I start to learn it and working on it, fuck, I was, seriously? 30 files for just bring a json in a list form??? fuck no, you have to run git-node-npm, whatever that crap is that, because visual studio is just for the API (seriously??? cmon... I was like, what is this shit).

And then I started to get involved in real problems, if you want to call it like that, because angular is so fucked up that even a hello world is extremely overcomplicated.

I'm watching docs, and videos and stuff, and it just a retarded logic, angular2 got serious problems with everything:

>angular interpreter "angular-html" because its logic is so fucked up that needs its own standard, not that all the thousands of web browsers could understand anyway.
>typescript is better than javascript? fuck no
>ng..ng..ng..all that kind of logic in html is just garbage.
>etc etc etc

so, what do you think about Single Page Application?? is it worth try angular 2 or do you think React or Knockout are better (is not that I like them anyway, but I found them more useful and less confunsing)

Or is it just me, or nowdays, fancy developers make stupid frameworks just to make thinks overcomplicated??
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Do you have previous experience with ES6?
>Or is it just me, or nowdays, fancy developers make stupid frameworks just to make thinks overcomplicated??

I "think" you mean things right??
yeah, lambdas and that, is not that javascript could get better, but the way ts is made, just for doing some limbo-POO, is not good at all.

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>Pretty fast
>Information from DuckDuckGo in the search bar.
>Built-in ad and tracker blocking
>Open Source
>Looks good
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>Salary: "competitive"
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That's still way more info than most job listings that don't mention the salary at all.
Why must we have this exact thread every day? Fuck you whoever you are.
This is not a technology thread. Saged and reported.

What are some nice office chairs for home? I remember somebody talked about a cool and expensive chair that appeared in an anime movie, but I don't know the name or the brand.
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akracing onyx+.jpg
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ITT: Post the piece of tech that has improved your quality of life the most
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My life is still shit tbqh
But I guess something's better than nothing

PS I'd rather just die than use a googlethingy like that
fuck this thing always fucking disconnecting randomly and reloading playlists and fucking up playback. it was great when i bought it but google has seriously fucked it up since
wat is this

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First commentor's comment will be the name of the PC I'm going to build soon.

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>naming computers

fucking virgin faggot
He probably meant a hostname

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Why does Currysoft software still use their own meme encodings like Windows-1252 by default instead of just using Utf-8?
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1. Because fuck you
2. "Our standard is better"
3. interoperability with windows subsystems
4. Because why not?

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Will it be able to solve current energy issues? Medical diagnoses? Forensics?

What will it do with AI?

Space tech?
Financial sectors?
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Please educate yourself first.
They are light years away from actual usage.
actual years?10 20 30?

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Would you buy a ThinkPad phone?
What is the current ThinkPad of phones?
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>old, cheap smartphone that still can do anything and has a lot of cheap replacement parts
Galaxy S2.
One plus one, Samsung Galaxy S2 to S4 or Xiaomi Mi3
I'm also thinking on some Motorola. Probably Motorola moto g 2014, or moto x.
Ultimately I would pick one plus 3t in a few years. It is now 300€. In 2 years you can expect it being selled at 200€. 3400 battery. Good 1080p Amoled display. Great camera. Good design. Great community support. 4g lte. Nfc, snapdragon 821, 6gb ram lpddr4.

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What really grinds your gears, /g/?
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her not talking to me
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i feel so lonely, i want a big and manly boyfriend

also ive been trying to learn how to write iptables configs, but i cant quite figure it out and im pissed. the syntax is stupid

Linux noob here. I've been playing around with some linux distros on Virtualbox and I seem to have settled on Ubuntu MATE as my favorite. It has everything I want and nothing I don't, and is pretty customizable to boot.

That being said I really prefer the square style windows from LXDE. I fucking LOVE the "system crash" window style (pic related. It's what you see on the terminal there) but when I install OpenBox on MATE I get some problems. For some reason it overrides all of my hotkeys, and I can't figure out where I can rewrite them. Why does a windows manager effect hotkeys exactly? Isn't that a desktop environment type of thing? Also I sometimes get this error that it can't find Debian menu xml or some shit. Either way I don't want to deal with it.

Is there a way to get the systemcrash window theme on MATE without installing Openbox?

I just don't like the rounded window borders at all.

I know I'm probably spending too much time ricing when I should be programming but I've learned a lot so far just through breaking shit and having to use the command line to fix it.

If anyone has ideas on how to get a more old school look while still having the features and customization of MATE (the system monitor, customizable hotkeys, customizable terminal, single icon menu mainly)
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Conky or lemonbar and tmux
Should I stick with MATE as my DE?
maybe I should stop worrying about having too many programs as right now I'm running this on Virtualbox but eventually I'm going to get a thinkpad to run linux on.

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Is it true that a better modem/router can't improve sync speeds on shitty ADSL2+ connections?

I'm 53 dB syncing at 3424 Kbps downstream. Is there really nothing I can personally do to make this less terrible? Some people claim x modem/router increases sync speeds but fucking NO ONE has compiled proper tests and comparisons.
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Your line speed is only going to get as fast as teh signal to your last mile.You can get any number of modems and they will all be the same if you have 3424 to your door
So a different, more modern modem cannot sync at a higher rate? Seeing as I'm only pulling ~360 KB/s any increase would be welcome to me. I was looking at the FRITZ!Box 7490, there are people online who say they saw notable increases with it but no one has any charted comparisons.

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With your current internet, how long would it take you to download a 400GB torrent with 15 seeders?
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It would take a long time to calculate the time that it take for net to download that torrents.
I have a 200gig limit for 5 months? That allows other members to download stuff
150 day

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Window Sex Perience
Enjoy no more ReFS
>create and play
>and play
>creator update is a stuttery piece of shit
>still not fixed in insider builds
I'll upgrade to a dual boot windows 7/Gnu plus linux.

I'm a programmer
I've been programming since the day I was born, and I'll be programming until the day I die.
I make more money programming than a successful Tel-Avivian stripper stripping.
People call me an elitist, but I don't care.
Programming is beautiful, and much better than friends.
Programming is much more important than friends.
Friends will criticise you for who you are.
Friends will die eventually and once they finally do they won't matter anymore because they'll be dead.
Code however does not die
Code stays with you.
Despite your unbelievably discusting attitude.
Despite your suicidal tendencies.
Despite your incest fetish.
Despite the fact you think Hitler did nothing wrong.
Your code stays with you.
It always does.
Even if you don't want it to
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>Despite your suicidal tendencies.
more like impostor syndrome and endless frustration

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