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>"A chromebook is basically just a browser in laptop form, students might need a laptop (macbook) with more capabilities than that"

Too bad apple sheep don't know how to unlock the true power of chromebooks by installing a Linux distro like GalliumOS, kek.
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Nah, they can't break the warranty by using an unsupported OS and they don't have time to install a different OS on tons of machines, too costly. Just get something functional and be done with it.
installing an unsupported OS doesn't void the warranty. it is trivial to reset it back to the default.
I actually like my Chromebook even in stock form. If I need more capabilities, I use my desktop PC. The Chromebook gets 10+ hours of battery life, which is totally worth it not being able to run anything.

So what do you pick, /g/?
A or B?

There is definitely a right answer to this.
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Optical fiber
They're the same.
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Get a load of this guy.

>he doesn't have a hamburger as his SSID
why even live?
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What fresh hell is this?
>he doesn't have a macOS-only limited edition animated poop emoji as his SSID
so its actually possible to use emoji's as SSID's? what OS supports actually displaying it correctly though?

why did they got rid of the headphone jack?
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To sell dongles and Airpods
You're a year late to be asking this.
Two reasons:

1. To save space on internal components and save manufacturer time for production.

2. To make more money. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is universally licensed for anyone to use. This means that Apple won't make any extra money from audio assesories like headphones if another company sells them.

The removal of the headphone jack forces any company who wants to make headphones for iPhones to either use Bluetooth or Apple's proprietary lightning port. Apple then makes money on that through royalties paid per headphones sold using that port.

Fuck Apple, but it's a genius move.

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I want to get into opencl programming because it seems pretty cool. Any good C tutorials that teach you how to use the api?
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Just learn CUDA.
Is Cuda accepted on other(not Nvidia) gpus
You don't need non-NVIDIA GPUs though.

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This fucking pos. I cant believe you idiots actually told me it would be a good replacement for my Note 7
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V20 poster here

Shut up lol
Whats bad about it?
>horrendous screen burn in
>had to factory reset multiple times due to a start up glitch
>second screen is totally useless and pushes buttons every time I take it out of my pocket
>uncomfortable to hold
Sorry m8, I hate this phone

Okay /g/, I'm looking for a tablet for:

1.) Reading academic .pdfs
2.) Writing / doing math in

Would you recommend a Surface Pro, an iPad Pro with Pencil, or something else? Something like that convertible ThinkPad Yoga with pen?

Someone told me that the Surface Pro has a glass screen, but last I saw it didn't? What's the deal with that?

I would prefer not to get the iPad Pro unless the Pencil really is superior to any other pen.
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>I wanna do math and sheit
Just sayin....
Between tablets I would say surface pro vs iPad Pro, I don't really see any other tablets being remotely competitive. I've NEVER heard anything good about Lenovo Yogas or shit
It's up to you. With surface you have the ability to use actual executable applications that most of the market uses.

With ipad you get the most enjoyable experience possible with a much lighter and aesthetically superior OS.

Either seems a promising investment in the long run.

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Post old school websites. I'll start:


Now you
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why does /g/ hate intel
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no idea anon....why they hate....
Scram frogposter
Because they come off as money grubbers and they are not the underdog .

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Current state of windows
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it's the host process for services, look in the services tab to view what services are running
>writes a virus
>names it svchost.exe
Kaspersky BTFO
That's nothing. I've got 441 tasks running on my linux install by just existing

it's all weird shit like kworker, watchdog, cpuhp, and scsi repeated a hundred times

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62446298

Recommended viewing:



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give me answer my friends
What inane things can we talk about for this thread
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How do you teach pythons?

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How would you implement shadowban on 4chan?
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I'm not a faggot who censors people
Log IPs that post on certain boards, and prevent them from posting on other boards. Have it so that their comment is posted, but only on their end.
I wouldn't because 4chan isn't dynamic.

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>Google forces me to click the forks and spatula shaped handbags as spatulas or im not aloud to post on 4chan

LITTeraly 1948
theres free versions of capcha you can host, each capcha is like 20kbs or something wtf if 4+4 chan can host its own non-botnet capcha why are we forced to be conditioned by an advertising agency everytime we post
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Enable legacy captcha, you retard
Did you know that you can't make new threads unless you use the brainwash capchas
Help Googke is censuring this thread!!

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What theme is this you fucking selfish assholes?

>inb4 it isn't Windows 10

That thing at the right of the Start button wasn't in Windows 8 or 8.1 . . .
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> using themes in win10
That shit is fucking disgusting wtf
It isn't perfect, but it is better than your fucking default blinding white backgrounds you have, unbearable.

Besides if I find it, I might customize it a bit, this is from some other anon.
just ask jordan retard

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Amazon Web Services has received provisional authority to provide the highest level of non-classified data storage and cloud computing services to the U.S. Defense Department, which is being used to control the Air Force's latest version of GPS.


This week, the Defense Department gave provisional authorization to Amazon to host its most sensitive, although unclassified, data. In a statement released Tuesday, Amazon Web Services announced it has received “provisional authorization” from the Defense Information Systems Agency, a combat support agency that “provides, operates, and assures command and control, information sharing capabilities, and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to joint warfighters, national level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of operations.” This provisional authority grants it permission to handle “Impact Level 5 workloads,” which is the department’s most sensitive unclassified data. It further states:

>[Amazon Web Services] support a variety of DoD workloads, including workloads containing sensitive controlled unclassified information and National Security Systems information. [Amazon Web Services] are already being used for a number of cutting-edge, mission-critical DoD workloads, such as the Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System, a critical navigation information system that supports global cyber protection and analysis of satellite data.

The Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System, also known as GPS OCX, controls the newest version of the Defense Department’s global positioning system satellites. The provisional authority is specific to that project.
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Hmmm... now amazon will be subject to federal rules and regulations as a government contractor. This will have some interesting implications.
Lol, Amazon is part of the deep state since forever. Great "news"

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