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zotac mini.jpg
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Any ideas on when this little guy comes out?
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probably before vega
I thought Zotac was pretty good? Theyre owned by the same parent company as Sapphire.

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When is this going to be a thing?
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never, but I'd love for square screens to become a thing
Never because it's an engineering nightmare. It could be done with flexible screens and whatnot, but it would be a fragile and overheating piece of shit with surfacebook tier repairability. Cracked screen? Too bad, phone is brick. Sit on it when it's not latched shut? Phone is brick. Also, it would have no room for any standard ports so it would either be entirely portless (relying on wireless charging and data transfer entirely, a terrible idea) or use garbage and fragile proprietary connectors.
it wont because it's a stupid idea

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why doesn't someone make an app that connects people that are looking to buy/sell small amount? I live in a city where it's decriminalized. seems like an option and would pay for an app like this
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USe craigslist
How about you just take better care of your health, you (summer) degenerate.

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I've copied the ISO image of Tails on to my USB, but for some reason I can't access the Boot menu on my Windows 10 computer. When I boot, I mash F11 (The MSI bootkey) but nothing happens. Any potential fixes /g/? Because I'm going crazy.
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you have to create a bootable usb drive,
you cant just drop the iso on your drive
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but also accessing the boot menu is dependent on your motherboard.... not the OS installed on a drive
>you cant just drop the iso on your drive
But i did that with debian a million times. Works flawlessly. You're retarded maybe.

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download (2).jpg
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Are VPN legal?

What VPN let you post on 4chan?

No banned post pls.
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none such thing

It's not really illegal but it's easy to be caught doing illegal things on the other end of a vpn. The only ones not banned are new ones so you should make your own.
anon VPN are illegal don't do bcuz you cold get track by FBI I Kno bcuz I almos got cought

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Say hi to him!!
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>that keyboard
Why, just why.
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Fuck off shill.

>700€ outdated ARM shit
x86 in anything mobile with good battery life
hold up

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images (6).jpg
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>tfw you were not part of the internet culture in the early mid 2000s.

Why live, /g/?
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it was also shit
but it doesn't seem that way because you weren't there.
you didnt play runescape?
>tfw you were on the internet in the late 90s and early 00s but still managed to miss out on all the early internet phenomena

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busting the ram cartel when
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upboated reddit!!!

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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I am looking for a Tor Browser option that I used a few months ago. I can't remember the name, but it had some pre-configurations that locked things down. Please don't let me down!
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tor browser onion icon gives the pre-configs m8.
all configuration options are documented on this page: http://dogshith5ciwa5ua.onion/

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What are expensive headphones good for? I have Sennheiser HD 558s, which seem to be fine for listening to music and playing games, but it seems like everyone has to have HD 600s or better. What would I notice as different if I had professional studio headphones in my day to day use?
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Have you ever listened to them?
Nothing, it's idiots trying to justify their purchase and diminishing returns past 200$.
a certain degree of realism in the sound product that may startle you and amuse you

sorry about your Coby(TM) brand cans

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on air?
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Intel owner's house.jpg
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Sure, assuming you live in Antarctica.
plis no bully dis is serious question

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I hate all of you /g/aymen.

>pic related, superior products that no PeeSee can ever match.
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A clean desk is the sign of an empty mind.
Biographies are the poor man's non-fiction book.
And yourself, judging by that photo.

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Wtf. uTorrent is so fucking bloated. 2.2.1 for lyf
those prices too
double lmao
What the fuck were they thinking exactly? They've just proven their conflict of interest now, nobody with more than five braincells will torrent a game using this p.o.s. client now.

>Linux reaches an all time high desktop market share of 2.36% according to netmarketshare.com

Is this the reason we're being under a constant Microsoft Pajeet and Rasheed astroturf attack lately? Telling us how much it's ok for us to participate in our own surveillance?
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That chart is bullshit
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>desktop market share
literally who cares

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After 15 minutes games that take up a lot of the disk cause the ps3 to turn off, blink yellow for .5 seconds and then endlessly blink red.

I have cleaned the inside of the unit, but still the same games don't work but others do.

I've watched people blow dry their fat PS3's with a towell wrapped around them but that will mess up the circuit boards, even if it does fix the shitty tin soldering.

Any solution to this other than melting its insides?
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I fixed my old 360 with a 10 dollar heatgun and new thermal paste with some screws and standoffs replacing the shitty x clips

Towel trick is a meme.

You probably don't even need to reflow, just remove the heatsinks and apply new paste.

This guy is probably right. This sounds a lot like a heating problem, especially since it works again later.

Clean out the inside, make sure all the fans work, and put in some new paste. Also stop keeping your PS3 on the floor. It gets dusty and clogs up.
the ps3 is so old I guarantee your issue is the same as mine. your cpu is probably shitting the bed and any big games crashes the console. I have a launch 60gb model and if I play any big titles i get a ton of screen tearing because the gpu is fried. repasting/reflow wont fix it.

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