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>came up with an idea for a website that could get a shit ton of hits
>know nothing about coding

Are any of you guys coders that would be interested in working on a potentially huge website and splitting the revenue?

Basically, it's a multiplayer browser game and it involves meme culture. I think it's a website that could end up being a flavor-of-the-month hit like agar.io or it could even have more longevity than that. I asked around and found one coder but we are both looking to expand the team.

This could potentially earn money through ad revenue as well as other means and I would pay the team using the revenue.

Knowledge in the following or anything similar would be helpful: node.js, PHP, game mechanics, and UXI.

If you want to know more, let me know. If you want to know about the concept, pls drop a way to contact you and I'll hit you up.
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I'll make the logo.
>If you want to know more, let me know.
What's the logo going to be?
I think I'll have the logo part down
Probably the name in green with a neat looking font

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I am running AdNauseam + a java script that automates Google searches. Ive been doing this for a few days and my results are pic related.
If the costs per click are accurate I myself have cost advertisers over 1,000 USD. Even if they are not this method is heavily diluting whatever metrics Google thinks they have on me. If we all do this we can seriously damage Google's credibility for data collection and they may have to issue more refunds.

Related Links:

The script just runs 1 search at a time slowly so as to not trip any google alarms, ive been running mine for 2 days straight now just leaving my PC on 24/7.
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>a java script
Do not expect /pol/ cross-boarders to know any terminology
are you fucking serious now

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windoes server.jpg
20KB, 752x423px
Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars on this piece of shit when Linux solutions are literally free and more secure?
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because it integrates with everything else perfectly and no one in their right mind uses a 'free' version of linux in production that is actually important
pretty much what >>62341693 said

nobody is going to trust something like linux which is free when they feel more secure paying for windows - even if it's the exact opposite of what they are paying for

face it, loonix isn't really wanted by anyone and the only reason I ever use it is because it's forced with certain applications


many government systems are run by Accenture/Avenade which are Microsoft partners, Avenade is actually owned by Microsoft

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I am making a bitcoin exchange, and I need to use the most reliable database possible, so every write will take effect immediately (C in cap theorem) and it needs to be fast.

I have heard of ScyllaDB/Cassandra. They're fast, but they don't have the reliabillity/consistency. Would this be acceptable as a db, or would something like mongo or hbase be better?
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postgres, there is no reason to ever use anything else
too slow. need it to run on shitty slow servers
CAP is a meme unless you shard, and in anything financial you always want consistency. Unless you want to die of a thousand cent losses.

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So? That can bee good for some people, and for otgers get the s8+
That's actually a good thing. I don't want to cary a fucking brick in my pocket.
>phone shit
fuck off

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What are some good laptops that
>have no touchscreen shit
>have no gayming 3 inch thick body
>look decent
>are made between 2015 and the present day
>are under 1000$

Pic absolutely not related
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Thinkpad x1 or buy a x220 and max it out. You aren't going to find a decent laptop for under 1000 dollars.
*decent recent laptop
Anything with a dedicated gpu is gonna be hot as balls with poor battery life. I have a Lenovo y40-80 with a modified heatsink, redone paste and pads, cut half the back case out around the fans, and undervolt the CPU. Still can't get the gpu below 80 and the couch below 75.

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/g/ I need a mid tower case and I don't know where to start.
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is that the way to go ?
Depends on your price range. I have the S340 and I like it a lot.

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for fags:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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Should I get this?

SCXP 041
The dial is nice and clean but the case is fucking ugly.
File: 1400270993667.png (695KB, 617x878px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who are some watch manufacturers who don't go full jew on replacement parts?

>Firefox 57 Will Hide Search Bar and Use a Uni-Bar Approach, Like Chrome
>Last year, Mozilla announced plans to drop its proprietary PDF and Flash plugin implementations and use the ones developed by the Chrome team

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>"Chromifying" Firefox

Yep, that's all Firefox in 2017 is, some shit Chrome ripp off.
>SJW version of Chrome
A SJW version of a SJW browser?
>bra is clearly too big on the only skinny chick

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Can you use any generic cable for your gaming PC's PSU?
I have an 850W PSU that I lost the cable for, but I also have another cheap non-gaming PC ($300 for whole thing) and was about to just use its cable.
But idk if it's a shittier cable that will catch on fire or fuck up my other PC parts that need a lot of power.
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Yes you can
Yes. They are standardised and all of the cables are basically the same.
>I'm too retarded to read labels on cables and perform elementary school level math
>the post

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Does anyone have any good recommendations for starting out with python? Learning with games, books, ect.?
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Learn C instead
What are the benefits of C?
post some learning materials to learn c with. I prefer more practical exercises.

So Intel's coffeelake won't run on z270 boards despite being the 1151 socket, I spent 200$ on my board too
Guess I'm hopping on the Ryzen train


Ryzen 2 when?
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>Ryzen 2 when?
Late 2018.
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>Don't want to buy another board
>Guess I'll buy another board
In all fairness if OP buys an AMD board now it's guaranteed to last a lot longer than a brand new Coffee Lake board.

"Ooh anon, come here and show us your amazing coding skills! We love men who can program!"
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I-I'm sorry I've got my work to do!
*Runs to his cubicle nervously*
poo in the loos are so ugly and disgusting.
Say it again Willie

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Retro Thinkpad will be garbage edition

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Previous thread:


Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook, GETAC's,Toughbooks).
If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).
>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN HP Elitebook (2570p, 8770W, 2170p), Dell Latitude/Precision (E6430, E6440, E7440) and P, T, X, and W SERIES if you want the Real Business Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable

Recommended original IBM design models:
T60, T61, X60, X61, 860, Transnote, PC110
Why ThinkPad? (also applies to other business laptops)
>Used machines are plentiful and cheap.
>Excellent keyboards - tactile feel and quiet.
>Great durability: chassis uses a magnesium rollcage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels.
>Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models.
>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop.
>Easy to repair, upgrade and maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model. Spare parts are easy and cheap to obtain.
>The best trackpoint (that red thing in the middle of the keyboard). Great for those who type a lot or hate swiping their fingers all over a touchpad.
>Excellent GNU/Linux & *BSD support.
Used ThinkPad Buyers Guide:

New guides by xsauc:

ThinkWiki - Info on ThinkPads and running GNU/Linux on them:

ThinkPad service guides w/ tutorial videos:

ThinkPad wallpaper collection:
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Is 77 degrees celsius a normal temperature for an X220 under ~90% load? I re-pasted the CPU.
Anyone here have the w530?

Is it really too heavy?
File: 125465467756.jpg (17KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you run your finger around the soft rim trackpoint

File: Wallpaper_Engine.jpg (103KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are /g/'s thoughts on Wallpaper Engine?
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What the fuck is wallpaper engine
It's not a video game, retard.

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