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What kind of tech youtubers do you watch /g/?
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LinusTechTips and HardwareUnboxed. Sometimes Bitwit and Paul's Hardware.
Confirmed 13 year old

Lets talk audio recorders.

I have picture related and I need to upgrade to something better, as I will record numerous live music performances (mainly vocals with piano accompaniment) in the near future.

I was considering Zoom h6 or Tascam DR-60D with 2 diaphragm microphones, but all suggestions are welcome.

What wold be the best solution for me?
Budget is flexible.

Also Audio Recorder general i guess.
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I have a DR-60D, it's fantastic paired with a good shotgun or omni. Only thing I'd recommend is keep the H1 and use it on as much as possible - it's a really great tool because it's so small and you can stick it anywhere. Getting gear close is more important that getting good gear.
Is there no way to record directly from the soundboard?

I think I will have the chance for several pieces, but unfortunately for other ones I will need to record using the mics.

I am not planning to get rid of it. Its amazing for what it does and i use it as a mic for my PC!

How does the dr60 compare to hr6 ?

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>Headphone purchase advice:
http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub (embed)

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61787325
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das it mane preach it
See though driver edition?
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Today, I had to "reverse engineer" a Java desktop application and I got my hands on the ultimate password encryption in the process, but really. I knew most Java programmers are retards, but I never expected to see something like this in an enterprise level application (distributed around different countries).:


This code generates the database password If you call getCode(0).
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public String getCode(int i)
return doGetCode(i);

I fucking hate java programmers
>a for loop has a dedicated method
rajesh, what are you doing?
This was written by either a diversity hire, or by some higher-ups nephew or son whom "needs some work experience".
Alternatively outsourcing, but that kind of code is below even pajeet tier, so I don't think so.

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Which cryptocurrency is the best one right now? I am kind of a newfag to this and one of my friends uses cloudcoin. Is Cloudcoin any good? What about other coins? Which ones are not shitty and which ones are good?
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literally /biz/ can help you
ive seen legit portfolios go from 15k to 350k in months
You'll be eaten alive. Enjoy losing all your lunch money.
Sir. Most professional coin is Esper$ at yobit exchange but selling quickly! Still can buy! Good coin for becoming rich.

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Are those all video cards????
They're coin mining riser cards.
Yes. Video cards come with tons of USB ports nowadays for all the gaming peripherals.

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How long does it take for your prime number calculator program to calculate all primes under 2 million?
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Exactly 1
mine is 50% faster than the one that is 50% faster
have a friend that made something similar, except it finds all even and odd numbers under X. Without using modulo. He threw it something like 200375 and its still calculating

Amazon fucked up my order and I had to order from another retailer, so my case will arrive in the next 2 days.

I built the cardboard case to use my new mobo and CPU. The lower box houses one HDD and one SSD, I'm always keeping an eye on the HDD's thermals but they never rise over 45°C (113 °F), that's ok right?

Is statics a real problem or a meme?
Dust shouldn't be an issue because it's only for a few days, right? The boxes are clean.
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>risks $1000+ of PC components because he can't wait 2 more days
it's not like there is any risk at all, is it?
I'm just posting to doubleproof + I thought /g/ might appreciate my glorious case.
Yea cause cardboard dust is totally great for your components...

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Hi lads, I have a Lenovo X220 with an M.2 slot, it seems to fit PHYSICALLY but I'd rather not take a risk and turn it on yet before knowing for sure
Am I doing it right or am I retarded? Can I fry something like this? Card in question is Dell 1510 (incompatible but I have a custom bios)
Google gave no results
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hackintoshes are just as gay, you prancing la la homoman.
Why not use a wifi usb stick for 10$? These things have gotten really good in the last years

I personally wouldn't try it, physical size means nothing and m.2 has many pin configurations
it's not just for hackintosh, I just think it's cool to have 2 wifi cards, makes me feel like mr hacker
they're bulkier by nature than native wifi cards- the bulge, and minus one usb port

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What would be the best way to download a list of songs in 2017?
I remember doing it with a grooveshark download at the time but grooveshark is long gone now.
I want to download this list of songs to listen on shuffle on my free time: http://www.scaruffi.com/music/songs.html

I didn't want to open a thread but /sqt/ couldn't help when I asked. proof: https://rbt.asia/g/thread/61800842/#61805222
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fucking anime board
iPhone is better let's discuss
same as in 2007, Sousleek. now get out dumb frogposter

So what the fuck? They don't allow to select an installation directory? They've just installed their botnet god knows where, leaving me without any fucking option. What a shame. I guess there are no browsers left, time to leave the Internet.
[spoiler]inb4: BRAVE VIVALDI YANDEX OPERA\another noname useless shit[/spoiler]
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thanks based privacy respecting fireshit
Dude who gives a shit
I did, since firefox positioned itself as browser for "people", browser which respects you.

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How do i stop myself from distro hopping?
I can't go 1 week without changing my distro to something else
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get a mac
Bullet in the head

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>Americans might not need a fast home Internet connection, the Federal Communications Commission suggests in a new document. Instead, mobile Internet via a smartphone might be all people need.

>Ajit Pai thinks we only need 10 down, 1up, for ALL residential internet speeds.
>10 Mbps Down(1,000kb/s) ,1Mbps Up(100kb/s)

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Fuck off back to /r/technology faggot
b-but isps have no incentive to do this to us
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>the dilapidated designated shanty city of amerifats

I use Safari on WinFag 7
How dense (retarded) am I?
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i wanna fuck that frog
Me too, anon
quite possibly the best browser available
garbage of an OS tho.

AI just gained imagination and longterm planning

Skynet when?
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Pretty impressive. Can't wait for AI to exterminate humanity like we deserve.
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>overblown headline about AI
holy crap, it's like the 80s all over again!

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