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I'm having problems with pic related. it is my best pc but it has been overheating for awhile. My only idea for a solution is to get a new heatsink. but I have no money and the other pc I have has a huge heatsink that only fits itself. can you help?
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other pc
Throw it all in the trash and start over.
Clean it out of all dust, replace the cooling fans with higher CFM ones, replace the cpu cooling fan and use Artic Sliver thermal compound. Should fix the problem

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Opera 12.15.png
94KB, 1154x811px
Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirrored at https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto)
Patches: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-patches
Issue Tracker: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-issues/issues
IRC Channel: #openopera on crowley.anonnet.org:6697 (via a SSL connection)
Webchat: http://site.anonnet.org/webirc/openopera
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WV9s9uw
Forum: http://forum.timsky.ru
Custom 32-bit Build (with Patches applied): https://u.teknik.io/wLUu9.zip
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I don't think milleniafags can realize the topic.

They are fapping on botnetted browsers right now.

:+1: op

how is this going ?

any easter eggs in presto ?

totally forgot this leaked desu
Its going slowly but surely. There have been some features added and bugs fixed. You can see the list of them by going to http://forum.timsky.ru/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=138.

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Alright /g/, post you best stallmans.
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My go-to fappe video
this guy has such a nice voice. i keep listening to him on the background while i shitpost on my windows.

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Okay /g/, can someone explain me to the limits of using a phone camera as a microscope without the use of an external lens? With external lens attachments, you can get increased zoom (among reduced image and light distortions?), but I am wondering about the utility of the camera by itself. Could you see up to 1 micrometer, with a 23mp camera?
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yes, after koding every stupid girl should amputate the little cousins while spelunking thru an iphone.
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Bumping, also what would the limits of a camera phone with an IR sensor be? As in, could they differentiate between objects only a few micrometers apart in height?

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Yesterday I did this post >>61854612
But today I tested again with the same printer but on ubuntu mate 17.10. and this time instead of gutenprint i used epson's driver.
I got much better results. still not the same as windows but i can't complain on that since neither windows nor linux is making use of color management.
And I found tutorials on how to do this on linux. So i'm confident i'll get even better print quality in both operating systems

so next time you want to print on linux just remember to use an updated distro, make sure your printer's driver is installed, and perhaps avoid gutenprint
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I forgot to mention.
Left is Linux. Windows is Right
And like before both prints were done using gimp 2.8

do you seriously think you're employable without emojis and a code of conduct on your github?
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actually emojis are a really smart way to make reading commits easier since it let's anyone be able to see what it's about at a glance
>b-but emojis are for children and millenials
grow up anon, if we have a Unicode standard with easily accecible pictures that represent ideas in a more accecible way than words can, why the fuck wouldnt you use it?
emoji are the scum of unicode

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What would phones look like today if the iPhone flopped or never existed?

Pic unrelated
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There would be many phone designs the same way that there were prior to the iPhone.

Also, removable batteries and expandable storage would still be standard.

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>Does anyone know whether or not electrical tape affects ribbon cables negatively?

>how do i wrap a ribbon cable in the tape without messing up the whole circuit?

>also can elecrical tape just be placed on top of a motherboard
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Yeah I guess those are funny questions
yeah of course. it's called electrical tape because it conducts electricity.
1. No.
2. Wrap the ribbon cabe wherever there is exposed wire, making sure to cover the exposed parts completely.
3. While you probably could, it wouldn't be recommended.

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*blocks your path*
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whoa did you just buy youtube??
Are you retarded? You click purchased to see all apps you have downloaded.

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total newbie to wix. how do I make this entire box clickable?
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see >>51971506 summer

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This was a great phone.
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yeah, for ants
yep galaxy s2 was great
This was the greatest phone.

Reminder that Microsoft paid 5 billion dollars to kill Nokia's phones that ran full blown GNU/Linux OSes before they killed Microsoft's dream of a more locked down future.

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I need some help /g , first time here btw , i have win 10 phone , and i cant repruduce .webm vídeos from 4chan it says invalid source
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Install gentoo

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/g/, how do I get started working on engines/emulators?

Projects like OpenMW are the coolest shit, and I wish I could help contribute. After seeing FreeSO end their TS1 mobile port because of legal worries (despite it being legal) and closing the source of their progress, I really want to have the skills to do things similar to that even if I never actually do.

I love the idea of being able to pull a ROM from some old kids toy like those digivices or tamagotchi and be able to build an emulator around it. But I have no idea where to even begin. I've always wanted to gamedev but this is even better.

Aside from knowing C, what should I learn? Is this one of those situations where if I don't know how to do it, I shouldn't be trying to do it?
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Just do it!
You NEED learn assembly for the architecture you're targeting. Otherwise you can't emulate the processor.
(you don't have to write in it, just read it along with the raw binaries)

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Is there a 28-32" smart tv that I can plug a USB drive / external HDD into and it will just play .avi /.mkv / .mp4?
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Simply fuck off.
literally all of them

and if the format is unsupported by a roku/chromecast thing and that's it

what the fuck is this question

Wow, settle down.

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What's the most secure browser?
Actually I'm using firefox nightly but I think that developers collect my browsing data

I'm thinking of switching to GNU IceCat

Also why is everyone against TOR? isn't it save
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browser.cache.disk.enable set to false
browser.cache.offline.enable set to false
browser.cache.disk.capacity set to 0
browser.cache.offline.capacity set to 0
browser.safebrowsing.updateURL - remove address
browser.safebrowsing.reportURL - remove address
browser.safebrowsing.enabled - set to false
browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled - set to false
geo.enabled set to false
network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy - set to 1
network.http.sendRefererHeader - set to 1
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled set to false
dom.battery.enabled set to false
browser.send_pings set to false
webgl.disabled set to true
media.peerconnection.enabled set to false
loop.enabled set to false
geo.wifi.uri - replace address with " "
datareporting.healthreport.service.enabled set to false
datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled set to false
toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled set to false
network.prefetch-next set to false
browser.search.suggest.enabled set to false
toolkit.telemetry.enabled set to false
toolkit.telemetry.unified set to false
datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled set to false
browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled set to false
browser.send_pings.require_same_host - set to true
network.captive-portal-service.enabled - set to false
services.sync.prefs.sync.browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled - set to false
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Many thanks, anon!
How fucked is Waterfox now that George Soros is watching be shitpost?

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