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Hello /g/... umm... do you know any good girly voice morph programs?
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change pitch
change formant
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What went so right?
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firefox is shit
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here's a hint:
Senior Vice President Mark Mayo leads the Firefox project.
>Senior Vice President Mark Mayo

sounds alright by me, why should i not like this guy?

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Rez Infinite is out on PC, get it now good goy. All text is a WIP.

>Current state of hardware/software, and what we're getting in the near future

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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does the screendoor effect and glare/godrays drive anyone else crazy?
Only in primarily dark environments like virtual desktop or audioshield. I never notice godrays otherwise
Super dark enviroments where there is also pure white

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I'm getting my pc soon and i've meet a difficult question atleast for me should I get the 1060 6gb with a i5-7400k
Or the 1060 3gb and a i5-7500k
any suggestions?
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gpu for games
The 3gb 1060 sucks ass
Well the only thing worth doing on a gpu is gaming, so pick wisely.

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Oh hey guys how accurate do you think this xkcd comic is?
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It doesn't take dictionary hacks into account, just bruteforce.
Die in a fire you piece of shit.

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ITT: We construct a HTTP/1.1 request one word at a time

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How is the labor market requirement in your country about the office?

I'm a engineerfag and all the companies always requires "advanced office package" (word, excel...).
They don't put nothing about libreoffice.

So if it was up to you, what would you choose?

A - Personal (distro + libreoffice)

B - Professional (windows + office)

And, Is there any way to install office on linux distro?
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My office uses Microsoft office suite. The engineers don't use any of it afaik.

I think corporate US uses office products because that's what the business users learn in school and it's pretty ubiquitous.

I've heard the macro and advance functions that office has isn't supported or ported to the libre office stuff. But I really have no idea. I haven't used Microsoft office since high school.
Microsoft. There's just too much shit in office that libreoffice can't copy over.
No serious business uses Libre, they use Office because of it's Windows integration and network collaboration capabilities. Also opensource software tends to be unpopular in corporate environments because there's nobody to hold liable when shit goes wrong, and security liabilities are a big deal.

>backlight bleed

Is it just a fact of life for all IPS displays?

Do Macbooks do this too?
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It's called an LCD. It's working normally.

If you want better VQ, get a CRT.
>Do Macbooks do this too?

lol no, neither do apple cinema displays
Yes, it exists on all IPS monitors, but it's different for every panel. The amount on this picture is pretty extreme and it can be almost invisible unless you look at it really hard in a completely dark room.

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How do we filter out the political threads?
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Fuck off shill
by emigrating to a place where jannies actually do their job

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Hi does anyone know much about routers and that sort of thing my house got hit by lightening the other day and for some reason ever since it knocked the fuses out my broadband hasn't been working can someone help me get it sorted
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Gonna dump some pictures of the other parts and wires I think someone in my family has messed with the wires trying to sort it out
the power light isnt even showing on the second one.

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Ryzen + Vega thinkpads when?
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probably never
those will most likely stay intel and if its a model with dedicated gpu it will be nvidia
sad but true
Vega is a housefire so no.

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What are some cool programs and websites that only /g/ knows about?
Or just cool websites & programs in general
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Cool website(be careful, contains hackers!): 4chan.org/g
Cool program: Gold XP 2016

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heh.. nothing personnel kiddo..
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it checks if your shit software is compatible with MS, and reports to MS if it isn't, and probably why it isn't. It's literally a feature designed to improve the OS.
people would take your fear mongering more seriously if you actually focused on invasive shit, and not on things that literally every software company does

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By far the best search engine selection I've ever seen.

Chrome and Firecucks cucks BTFO
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Does brave actually have add-ons now?
Last time I checked Brave couldn't even make a tab into a new window. Can it do it now?

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I want to hurt Google as much as possible, but unfortunately Chrome is the best browser.

What can I do? If I use Chromium, do Google still get data and stuff from that that helps them?

Basically how do I hurt Google as much as possible while still using the best alternative solutions?
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new firefox is literally chrome but faster dumbfuck
>good browser
Pick one goy
Just waitâ„¢ until Firefox 57, where thay have that quantum shit that makes browsing with a lot of tabs faster, but take away legacy addons. Stupid SJWFox

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