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How do you guys feel about lenovo work stations?
Im a college student who wants a new desktop (im using one from 2006 currently), and I was thinking about getting one of these cheap workstations and running debian on it. It's cheap and can get the job done, but will it last me the next 3 years as far as the build quality?
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Anything would be better than a computer from 2006
No kidding. It has 3GB ram and starts to lock up when u have more than 5 tabs open.
Its crashed multiple times and has problems streaming 720 videos on youtube.
But I cant complain, I got it for free from my dad when he built himself a new one.
Yes op do it lenovo desktops are tanks you'll end up bored of it and upgrading before it ever dies on you. I used to work in a large corp with hundreds of them. 3 years ha it'll last you 10+.

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What is the best Linux Antivirus guys?

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you're mom
linux IS antivirus
Common sense(TM)

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>Vega will be cheap
>RX 470/480/570/580 will be cheaper
>2nd hand mining GPUs will flood ebay and craiglist
>High wattage PSUs are back too
>including 1000w-1600w EVGA PSUs 80+ Platinum/Titanium

Budget and Value builds INCOMING
Prepare your wallets
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I wish this was true.
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>2nd hand mining GPUs
oh boy, can't wait to get a used GPU that has been run 24/7 for months on end

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Share you desktops? ik mines windows 10 but still give er a rate, I also like seeing all of the riced out arch linux desktops as well!
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any1 wanna show off their ricers?
bump for some juicy desktops

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oh shit you guys complete forgot about my thread
so gonna try to pick some interesting comments from the last one to ask more questions about it
>my friend also says he has $40,000 of clicks but didn't receive the money
gave me a good kek
>Clicking on adverts if you don't buy the product is illegal.
>you are retarded for using chrome
Using chromium, not ideal but at least something
>Yes, it is fake history. Which hides your real history.
How is it fake? Let's say we have bigdickpoppas.com and youtube.com both using Google's AdSense, you clicked on the ad from bigdickpoppas.com at 12:42 and then you clicked an ad from youtube.com at 12:45 - AdSense tracks that and boom they have already have history from you browsing those two sites since you [well the extension] have clicked the actual ad - how does that fucking hide your "real" history?
>How is clicking on ads supposed to stop them?
The only people getting "hurt" by this I could see so far are the actual advertisers, but it won't hurt someone like google

im going to only ask once more because I'm still missing something, how is AdNauseam actually helpful for the user?
please no shillpasta thank you with the "jewish propaganda" bs
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ah fuck i meant "please no shillpasta with the "jewish propaganda" bs thank you"
im tired
If you are asking about obfuscation, AdNauseam obfuscate your clicks on adverts, not the sites you visited. Simply, it hides your two clicks by making many other clicks, on any other sites, on any other adverts and at any other times. Now they have a million clicks from you and because they don't know which one is real (only two out of the million is you), they cannot track you anymore, or rather, their tracking will become useless.
not worth wasting my time with it, i already use add block, haven seen an add in years.

I remember in the 90s, Japan were the leaders and trendsetters in consumer tech. But for the last 15 years, American and South Korean firms dominate sectors once monopolized by Japanese legacy companies like Sony. Even Japanese game developers are going through a slump. Theyve also missed the PC and Smartphone wave. Is there hope for Japan?
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hashahashhaah fucku you white piggu dog. we are proudo nihonji. fucku your microsof and apples iphoon x. Sony ando Nintendoru will fuk all yoru white women inside the butto.
In the 80's money flowed through Japan like water so they just tried a whole bunch of crazy shit and made premium products because the middle class could afford it.

S.Korea is winding down from a similar boom.
They're busy fucking destroying us in the automobile industry. They've almost completely won. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru... they're dominating auto tech and no one has even batted an eye. Tesla is nothing to the massive amount of Camrys and Accords these motherfuckers are selling.

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Hey /g/

Just made a clean install of WIndows XP Gold Edition on my old computer.

What antivirus do you guys recommend? I'm using this comptuer exclusively for secure online banking & purchases
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Talk about a suicide run, OP
Was XP the most virus prone OS?
I swear I got more viruses on XP than any other OS I've used.

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What did apple mean by this?
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it's for imitating Android users.
They mean that you're nothing for them. Just a piece of shit
>niggas be talkin' shit

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Noob question
Is direct rendering active?
Why do the most recent windows builds lock up my entire computer for 5 seconds any time I try to load a video or stream using youtube-dl?

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Just got a helpdesk job, what am I in for?

No I'm not a Pajeet before anyone asks. Pic unrelated.
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Try to emulate the accent regardless to troll people at random.
Follow the call code and suck some dick with a smile. It's not personal. Thank the customers and say sorry like you mean it. And I repeat it's not personal.
try not to get angry

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What would Steve Jobs think of this?
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It's big. And it's black. So I guess he'd like it.
he'd have made them redesign the entire damn thing until the cameras, speakers and whatever else at the top is completely integrated into the display or into the bezel around the side.
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He would have made the black bar bigger just for fun and then tell people they need to buy it, which they then would. People thought that guy was a golden god no matter how shitty the products were.

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Why is it always so shitty? I have three things I usually need to do -- that I would guess are common for most consumers: import MKVs, put images in without resizing them, and match a project's settings and output to some source material. Yet there's not a single editor on the market that can do all of these.
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Is that a dragon dildo?
sounds like it's time to make your own, or modify an open source program, my friend
Just import the .h264/avc or .avi?

Does cpu running at 100 when everything seems fine mean the CPU is bad?
I've done a clean install of windows 10, cleaned the sink, fan, reapplied thermal paste, reseated the ram, reseated the gpu, turned the CPU fan up, increased draw, reset bios,, updated bios, updated drivers, disabled superfetch. CPU still hits 100, disk is hitting 100 too if I'm trying to play a game.
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Cheap build, I might just replace it all when I get some money.
A6 5400k
8gb of ram
Rx 460
500w evga psu
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have you reset the bios?
Yeah, I reset it first, then updated, then reset again. No good.
It happened all of a sudden too, one day it worked and the next it started fucking up.

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Whats the best graphics card + cpu combo to play games like doom, rise of the tomb raider etc. at 1080p high maybe ultra setting at 60+ fps?
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6600k + 1060

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would it be a bad idea to get a 1080p 144hz monitor?
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Yes because any monitor you'll look at after upgrading to 144hz will look like poop
well i mean its the same idea with 30 to 60 so any other reasons?
i have one, its good. Since I said that, you must now buy one too :)

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