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Name a better music player than Rocket Player. Ya can't huh? Shame.
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>not open source

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How smart is /g/?
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>snot-nosed runt posting his 3rd grade math homework
fucking STATE of /g/
Who has homework in the summer?

Not super tech savy anon here. Just curious is there a way to detect if your work is monitoring/keylogging/etc your cell and/or laptop when your not connected to their network (at home). Don't have anything to hide persay but I do use these devices to journal and document my work encounters to cover my own ass and it would render doing so useless if it wasn't private. Sorry for being a "help me please i'm too lazy to google". Thanks in advance.
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If it is plugged in to the wall, it can be hacked.
- Kevin Mitnick or something
you're better off asking yourself what do I absolutely need to save on this machine than ways to prevent someone from accessing it.
Open cmd box.

Type: netstat -ano

Don't freak out.

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which one is better?
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Its been a while but I recall trying to find a dd-wrt supported router gave me cancer. I'd imagine it didnt get any better.
Anything with communist symbols should be avoided.

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>watching a recent UK show
>no more than 25% of people in the segment were Anglo
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woah technology!
wrong board dumb honkey
Is the BBC the most cucked organization in all of the british isles?

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Should Donald Trump ban Trans people from the internet? Why or why not?
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That way he will get impeached and Pence can break out the jumper cables.
install gentoo
Cant we just ban all americans from the internet? You guys create all these retarded trends in the first place.

Redox OS
>designed to with security in mind
>microkernel design similar to minix
>written with rust+assembly
>open source
>mit license
Why haven't you tried this yet /g/?
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Gentoo Redox when?
lol, meme os
Looks like I can practically do fuck all with it.

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If you self hosted all your own services, google's botnet would be useless.
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I cant host because of my connection desu
You can self host may services, even with a dynamic connection and slow speed. Maybe IRC for your friends? Ditch google any way you can, friend.
why not park your car in the same room too?

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Soo Im making a budget gaming pc
and this is what I have

>Mobo H81M-E33
>cpu I3 4170
>500w Power supply
>Case Rosewill Dual Fan Micro atx
>2 hdds a 500gb and a 250gb
>a random optical disk drive i found
>Gpu zotac gtx 750ti 2gb ddr5

any thoughts about this build /g/ ?
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>he lists his parts that he already has and asks for advice
Where is your memory you dumbfuck, i spent 5 minutes making a pcpartpicker list for you
Saging for your dumb shit OP
shut up anon and its 8gbs of ddr3

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What does /g/ think of Hue lights?
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Useful, but botnet.
are you sure none of them run on free open source software? I mean, if not this particular brand, maybe some other one does

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why the fr*ck doesn't this work

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can you please just post the strace or something so I don't have to compile and run this. also please use sprunge.us or ix.io or some other pastebin that make less prominent a display of aidsmenship

There is no stack trace

1. the regex compiles
2. the regex runs without error
3. the regex appears to be written correctly

regex_t tok_subspace;
// Supposed to match on any string of digits inside of brackets
if ((r = regcomp(&tok_subspace, "\\{\\d+\\}",REG_EXTENDED))){
// No errors
char errbuf[1024];
regerror(r, &tok_subspace, errbuf, sizeof(errbuf));
printf("tok_subspace error: %s\n", errbuf);
return 1;

match.rm_so = 0;
match.rm_eo = 0;
// Doesn't match for "{1}" or "123"
// No errors
int x = regexec(&tok_subspace,token_buff,1,&match,0);

It is just supposed to match digits between brackets ("{" and "}")

I have tried a bunch of different ways and tested them on regexr.com

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i need to hire a programmer to develop some desktop applications for me really simple
preferably in c sharp budget 500 usd
probably like 4 hours work
i had more success hiring from here than odesk and hireafreelancer
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>4 hours work

yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Explain how much work there is to be done and tell me your hourly rate, I'll tell you how many hours that requires.
ok drop me an email or add me on skype
[email protected]
or skype me at selfie4cam

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So I have an idea for mounting power strips for my battlestation.

If I used posterboard and gorilla glue for mounting the power strips onto my desk, would the glue damage the wood and not come off easily if I wanted to move it around later? The posterboard is so I don't have to glue the power strip directly onto the wood.
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Velcro or 3mdual lock you faggot
You would not get that glue off without damaging the wood.
>(((Gorilla Glue)))

You too good for Scotch tape?


post your rules files please. And answer any questions if possible.

I don't know shit about network but I'm trying to protect me.

Can iptables be of any help in protecting my desktop?

Apparently I can't just block every port in INPUT and OUTPUT chains because browsers use random ports to create connections..

So all I can do is, for example, allow in INPUT only connections where the source port is like 80 or 443, but nothing stops an attacker from using those ports to attack me, right?
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>Can iptables be of any help in protecting my desktop?
>allow in INPUT only connections where the source port is like 80 or 443

Why are you running a public webserver on your desktop?
I'm not. is iptables only usefull for webservers?

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Call me an autist, but really want to know what book is under the c book. that's all. Thanks /g/entlemen.
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Hard to say but that layout is typical of Addison Wesley's stuff they did for Apple in the '90s.

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