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>current year 2 0 1 7
>not using superior Qwant search engine
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Why should I use it?
better search results than ddg and it got those nice bangs too like !yt and stuff like that
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what does this have over a superior search engine

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Thoughts on pic related?
Also, advice on learning things like this as a depressed NEET that doesn't want to do anything?
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Zed Shaw is a retarded faggot. His books are dogshit and overpriced.

If you want to learn Python, get "Dive Into Python 3"
I'm reading it for free, off of its website. I don't have $30 to spend on a book.
I was under the impression that learning Python 2.7 (excuse if I'm wrong, I don't know what I'm talking about) was more useful than 3 since it works as a baseline and 3 isn't in heavy use anyway?
what is this 2009?

No bullshit like a large company's website that you contributed to in a small way.

Just a site that you built yourself or with a few mates. I want to see what you've built.
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You go first
Yeah op. You go first. I'm not gonna let you steal my design so that you can get a raise in that large company that you contributed in a small way.
I haven't made a website

What do you mean steal your design? Surely you want people to see your website. Why did you build it if not for people to use?

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Why is there ALWAYS a fucking problem with ANY linux distro?

I've been distrohopping and I cant find anything that works.

Latest issue
>Install arch / Gnome
>Cant click links on Steam
>Install propritary nvidia drivers
>Entire interface feels laggy as fuck, everything feels like its running at 5fps

Im giving up on linux. Fuck it. God damn timesink.
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You're using Nvidia and trying to fuck with steam
Welcome to the light, anon.


>Get back into reading comics
>re-download old program I remembered
>last click has hidden installer
>"lol, fuck that shit"
>close don't install
>search for alternatives
>find Sumatra
>pdfs, comics, e-books, etc
>simple lightweight program
>fast as hell
>up to date
>Windows only sadly

God damn, why have I never heard of this before? It's everything I wanted.
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SumatraPDF is great.
give it back jamal
Try Evince OP. It should do what you want.


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What's it like working at (((Google)))?

t. software engineering student
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maybe ask google.png
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Apparently it's fucking awesome.
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>hand crafted code with love <3
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>designed in commiefornia
>literal 1 line snippet of code
>loads 3rd party github plugin
>heart has rainbow logo when you hover over it

Becoming a programmer was a mistake.
>Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

>flawless os
>pretty gui
>easy to use
Daily reminder there is literally NOTHING wrong with ios and apple iphones and all whiners are android fanbabies. ALSO daily reminder now that I've said this watch as flocks of hairy obese NEETtards accuse me of being a shill. Sorry, autists, but no amount of crying will suddenly make iphone a bad phone. Furthermore simple controls does not bad phone make.
Also you CAN be an android user and still appreciate what a good phone the iphone is.
That is all.
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iOS is backwards, and horrible to use. It's literally designed to be as unconventional as possible because Apple fags won't give up on their ass backwards ideas.

Hey, let's put all our back buttons on top!
What's that? It's hard to reach with one hand, we got a perfect solution! Just double tap the home button to bring the screen down! Brilliant!
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>t. itoddler
>iOS is backwards, and horrible to use.
Maybe if you're braindead fucking retarded. How do you mess up with such a simple gui?

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This the new books thread.

Chill your favorite /g/ related book,
discover new ones and discuss them!

I'll start with the superior book for C by Kernigham and Ritchie.
After thourougly reading and doing its tasks, everyone should be able to program C after.
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As much as I like this book, the example code is way too clever for it's own good, and it's certainly not shit you want to be inflicting on new C programmers, they'll get the wrong idea and produce shit code and think it's totally normal.
Eskimo class notes > k&r.
Memes aside, which books are recommended for a well rounded CS education?
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2MB, 2000x2678px

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So if my 1080 has two PCI-E ports do I plug them both in or just one?
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> has two slots obviously to power his gpu to the max
> asks if he has to plug both pci cables in

No just stick it in the bath with water and put your PC on
dude wtf my shit electricuted.

But yeah that's what I thought just making sure cause I'm messing with over a 1500 of parts.

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/g approved certs, does anyone get certs these days?
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>does anyone get certs these days?
>does anyone get certs these days?
>does anyone get certs these days?
only those who've got nothing else to offer

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Is the Bloomberg Terminal /g/-approved?

>ackshually, it doesn't respecks my gommie/cuck license
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>Is the Bloomberg Terminal /g/-approved?

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It's time!
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>at least 50mbps

should be at least 500mbps these days
Missed the keyboard, ThinkPad, hax0r phone, trackball and enthusiastic sandnigger watch.

Literally impossible for most burgers.
>flawless sensor
>IPS monitor
>hacker phone
>dual monitor
>know """a""" """programming""" """language""" (webdev wasn't a thing in 2010)
>browser that """respects your freedom"""
>no social media
>watch when you have a phone
>mini-board """proper"""
>graphing calculator, what is wolfram
>"""home""" server
>cable management
>Been on /g/ for a year

A window into simpler times.

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Looking for a good VPS provider that I can use to set up a VPN for myself but also respects my privacy. Ideally accepts Bitcoin. Any recommendations?

>inb4 just host your own server
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I rent a dedicated server from online.net, it's grand.
DigitalOcean are very much overpriced so I would avoid them.
I like scaleway because they have arm servers.

OVH is pretty popular choice in Europe.

Get one which is closest to you.

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Why is this piece of shit so bad?
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It's made for idiots by idiots
I've never used python nor coded anything in my entire life, describe to me why I should hate this language.

Or, alternatively:
It's made for people who don't care by idiots

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