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Just bought Arduino.
Recommend me some kool projects I can do with this.
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credit card scanner
schtick it in your hairy ass crack
in the drawer with your raspbnerry pi


Are we in the future? I took a dick pic and the assistant said I'm taking a selfie. hmm exciting times
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asked me if I want to call 911 when I pointed it to two dogs humping
Why would I want to use it when I have eyes?
you're the kind of person who orders water in bar aren't you? Its an app built to help the blind you idiot

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In the year ~2017.6, what non-meme reason is there to run a non-Ubuntu distro?

Arch, Gentoo and such get a pass because they're minimalist, DIY-type distros but otherwise I question why you would go to the trouble.

Other distros:
> (almost always) fewer packages available
> People don't make things with not Ubuntu in mind
> 90% of all problems/solutions on the web are Ubuntu-focused
> Really very little difference, day-to-day (package manager commands is the biggest difference)

> Chose your own desktop/level of bloat or build from the ground up
> Good balance of stability and freshness of packages
> Everything made with it in mind
> Search for “blah blah problem Linux” and solutions are almost guaranteed to work
> LTS has longest support period of any distro

Also r8 my OC
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nice effort on the OC
>non-meme reason
hey OP,
you're right.
went with xubuntu after having shit months with antergos and manjapoo, arch is for people without jobs.
i have intel everything and shit still had graphics problems

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What's /g/'s demographics?

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>this many normies

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So, I was looking at some Intel slides the about their new Xeon chips.

Can someone tell me about this new AMD CPU Glue™®© technology Intel keeps mentioning? I mean, they talked about it at least three times in there 70+ slide reel release.

When can we expect Intel to come out with their own CPU Glue technology?

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>AMD CPU Glue™®© technology Intel keeps mentioning
A very nice glue.
>When can we expect Intel to come out with their own CPU Glue technology?
Tigerlake-SP will be what, late 2019/2020?
They're going to make a FrankenCPU. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3185875/hardware/future-intel-cpus-could-be-cobbled-together-using-different-parts.html
That's only to increase Intel's third party solutions and decrease costs.

You don't even have to look at the decrease costs, you won't be seeing that, their margins will.

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>$110 for 4TB with 2 years warranty

How long until we get cheaper 8TB drives?
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8TB are like $170 these days
Get real, kid.
Make that $300 or more

im going to best buy. i want a tv for my bedroom for ps4/tv. which do i get?
i'd be on my bed 6 ft away. i just want 1080p 60hz. led.
no smart or 4k shit
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Why no 4K? Invest in your (NEET) future.
At this point 4k TVs are almost at price parity with 1080p of the same size. No reason why anyone should be buying a 1080p panel when you can future proof yourself for a little more
OK can you choose a good one for $500 pls. I can't make a decision.

What is this retarded shit this femtard called a 'game' , Why can't women create games using something less retarded like CSS.
Its as if she thinks that she is making it look like women can program.
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who the fuck cares? have you made any games you resentful malcontent virgin?
I'll have you know I've made a game out of how many dirty dishes I can hide from Mommy.
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Am I maximum retard?
>cannot comprehend hash maps
I get the concept, you have an array of pairs, you hash the lefthand side of the pair to get an array index, you go there, either your array is actually an array of lists of pairs and you add to the list or it's not and you start jumping around until you find an empty spot, in the latter case if the ratio of data to spots exceeds a certain threshold you grow the array and rehash all the pairs, right?
My problem is this.
Universal double hashing.
You need to pick two hash functions randomly from some pool of hash functions that are all valid.
How do you do that? How can you just up and pick two hash functions? Where do you even get the pool from? Writing one hash function seems hard enough.
And then, not only that, but they need to be coprime to the table length.
Do they?
Because I know in linear probing and quadratic probing that's a problem. But with hashing, wouldn't the coefficient be more unpredictable / pseudorandom? So would having it be a coprime actually be unnecessary?
And even if so, once again, how do you actually choose the hash functions? How do you define a whole pool of hash functions and then just choose two out of it?
Speaking of which, I've heard you should actually pick the two hash functions from two pools defined completely differently. Is this true and why?
Also, if the coefficient is completely unpredictable, what happens if an insertion operation fails? Let's say it hasn't even tried all the spots, it just fails anyway because all the spots it did try were occupied and then it just looped back around to the first spot it tried without having tried them all. The dreaded situation with linear and quadratic probing. Seems considerably less likely with double hashing, but still possible, no?
If that happens, should you just immediately grow the table, without regard to load factor?
Also, is there some point where if the load factor gets low enough, you should shrink the table?
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>Am I maximum retard?
>You need to pick two hash functions randomly from some pool of hash functions that are all valid.
>How can you just up and pick two hash functions?

So double hashing is just putting hash tables in your hash table. When you have a single hashing function, maybe some of your data collides, and then you have a bunch of linked lists. If you take that colliding data and hash it again with a function independent of the first hash function, it will produce values that don't collide among the records that produced colliding values for the first hash function (though they may collide with other records not in the same bucket).
> How can you just up and pick two hash functions? Where do you even get the pool from?
The same hash function with random value added. It's called 'keyed hash function'. It's pretty much the same concept as salt. See SipHash on wikipedia.

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Serious question: Is there even a DE that can compete with GNOME? I don't think so, but prove me wrong.
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>dude apple lmao
Way to make it look as bland as humanly possible

It can't even do a global menu right

KDE plasma is the most complete desktop (see word 'desktop') out there. Good desktop is supposed to be modern and fully capable to perform daily tasks yet customizable for every user's needs.

There's no other desktop that does this as well as KDE does. At least at the moment.

And don't try with that gnome bullshit. Gnome extensions are buggy as hell.

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still big enough to take care about the competition
Artists do not care about status of a product, not the quality
What are you talking about? CorelDraw does still exist.

Why is hold music always such shit quality even if the call quality is fine?
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CIA Niggers don't want you to have a fine waiting experience.
Done voip systems for years and for some reason they still use some shitty 90s standard where even if you upload an mp3 or anything else, it just converts it to a sub 8KHz shitty format I've never heard of except for use in these systems. The sad part is most of them support huge external hard drives for saving calls yet won't allow you to save anything outside this format
literally 8 khz, 8 Bit, mono u-law wav

Okay boys I'm doing the thing everyone wants me to do but one thing i can't seem to wrap my head around is USE flags. I'm mid-install and I'm being told that I should only use the flags that are appropriate for my system but i have absolutely no idea which flags but for a few of them (nouveau, dvd, cdr, qt4, qt5, kde, alsa) for my system. After reading the flags archive on the website i have a decent understanding of what they all do but I'm not sure which ones i should determine now as system wide flags, and which ones i should use on a software-by-software basis.

I'm using a nomultilib profile without systemd. The machine is an old C2Q with an older nVidia GeForce 6200 SE in it and 4GB of RAM. Not sure if all of this is useful but it's what I can provide.

>pic very unrelated
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Use clover?
oy vey, I'm already half way through this OS install. is
>install gentoo
now officially
>install clover
>is install gentoo, install clover?

no, install debian like a white man

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I'm an cybersec/sysadmin guy for the past 4 years.

The pay is good but I feel I'm fed up, and nothing is interesting anymore. last year I took a Java programming course which I finished 2 motnhs ago and instantly fell in love with development.

I'm currently self-learning Android, Node.js, Python and React.js, and developing self project w/friends.

My goal is to find a developer job for a few months, then get to Uni and work as a freelancer, but I fear nobody will take me anytime soon because no experience.

Has anyone here had a career change like this and got tips?
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Depending on where you live you might get hired just if you are WILLING to learn programming. Payment won't be good at first but it will raise rapidly if you do well. Developers are extremely in demand atm - there is insane shortage.
How can you be a cybersec guy and not know how to program?
Brother, if you have a strong systems background and you can also program recruiters will throw themselves at you and you beg you to work for them. This assumes you want an SRE or devops job, though.

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Does anyone here actually use Gentoo?
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I used it for a while, but I've been using Arch for the last 6 years and I haven't looked back.
I might try it once it hits the Windows Store.
>Does anyone here actually use Gentoo?

No, it's just a meme, we tell normie to install Gentoo because we want the to have a bad time.

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