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What distro should I install in my old machine
no gentoo because shit cpu

no templeos because it's not 64 bitsystem stats: https://pastebin.com/iLQenFGe
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Trash it, buy a raspberry pi, install RISC OS on it and collect on those sweet coding bounties: https://www.riscosopen.org/bounty
anything with LXDE or plain openbox, give a try to bunsenlabs
The more esoteric the better

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Will Ubuntu make Gnome great again?
It sounds like Ubuntu are taking steps to make Gnome3 less shit
Hopefully we'll no longer have to rely on shitty javascript hacks to make Gnome3 even somewhat usable
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I love the way GNOME looks, but hate its behaviors. I finally gave up and decided to make KDE look like GNOME and just move on.
Extensibility is fine, but the base product should be worth using too.

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>I heard you niggas wanted faster browser, don't worry we will disable all your extensions and make new tab a new process like chrome.
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gimme some epin memes mozzarella
When will add-ons be usable again ?
Now add a fucking task manager while you are at it.

So how much more do you fags need before you realize that the only point of encryption is to protect criminals like terrorists and child molesters, and stop believing the encryptard rhetoric that we need to put up with this crap due to ever elusive "identity thieves"?
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Why brown man has boobs on chest but beard on face?
You just love posting this for the 100th time, don't you.
Unlike you encryptard shills who keep posting it because you're paid by NAMBLA/ISIS, we don't get paid for posting it. So yeah, we post it out of love.

I am trying to get a cheap (around $100) used tablet for textbooks. It has to have an 8" or 10" 4:3 or similar aspect ratio high-definition screen. What's my best option? I'm thinking an Asus Zenpad 8 but am also considering an iPad 3rd gen
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amazon fire hd 8 2017
dont get the hd8 the hd8 is garbage get the hd7
dont get the hd7 the hd7 is garbage get the hd6

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Can I uninstall my stable Firefox now that I'm comfortably using Nightly? Will it break Nightly?

Google didn't help with jack shit, thanks for answering, and please sage for courtesy.
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Just because your question is beyond stupid doesn't mean you can't post it in /sqt/
What will you do if Nightly stops working or there's a serious security issue?
go to /sqt/ and ask if if Tyrone will give back my passwords

I didn't think this was a stupid question.

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there's nothing wrong with dragon mascots
Furry Degenerates ruined dragon mascots for everyone
wtf i love msi now

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What's a good replacement for android? I wanna get off this train.
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None, if you want a SJW-free phone then get a phone with an unlocked bootloader that supports lineage OS and don't install gapps.

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>new email notification
>its just some penny steam card being sold
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>about phones
>not /g/

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Looking for an recipe manager app that functions like this:

Can download and fill random recipes from internet (excludes food.com, includes paprika and myfitnesspal)

Separates the ingredient from the quantity so that the quantity can be converted to metric (excludes paprika, includes myfitnesspal)

Contain the URL and the steps (excludes myfitnesspal)

preferably one that doesn't require a subscription.
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Sounds like something you could do in excel, just write a script
Or I could download an app.
or you could use google instead of asking dumb questions here

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Software engineering
Computer science

Which is best for crypto-related jobs?
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maths + computer science
Math. Cryptography is all math.

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When did this become so shit?
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When was it ever good? NoScript 4 life.
It hasn't
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i wanna make the switch to a better browser from chrome to something like firefox or waterfox. But I use Google for almost everything else (search engine, gmail, drive) and id rather not swtich that stuff, is it too late for me?
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Yes, you are fully integrated into the botnet.
You'll have to change your identity or hack into all the databases and delete your profile and data.
What's the image all about?
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what do you mean

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What are hackers/hacking actually like?
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like this

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Where does 4chan stores the filters?
I thought it was in the cookies, but it's not there
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mit csinálsz fent ilyen korán ánon?
How you doing old timer?

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